Rough Trade Banners by FanArts_Series

If you don’t know what Rough Trade is, let me tell you, it’s a gift. It is a site run by Keira Marcos. On this site, she and her merry band of moderators run thrice-yearly writing challenges with themes and wordcount goals. It’s great creative exercise and it’s a safe place because reader questions and demands are not allowed. So go, I encourage you to go and join and explore her space but don’t be an asshat about it because the ban-hammer is strong with this one.



2014.11.Soul mates

My first! November 2014 – Soulmate Challenge



2014.12. RT follow up

Follow up/Sequel to November 2014




April 2015 – Historical Challenge (Unfinished)




April 2015 – Immortal Challenge (Unfinished)




July 2015 – Little Black Dress Challenge – Entry 1




July 2015 – Little Black Dress Challenge – Entry 2 (Unfinished)




July 2015 – Little Black Dress Challenge – Entry 3 (Unfinished)



I didn’t participate in the November 2015 Rough Trade Time Travel Challenge. My April 2016 RT banners were made by Chestnut_NOLA.


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