Wake Me Up

Title: Wake Me Up
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Series: Dark Horse, Book 1
Fandom: Many but primarily Teen Wolf, wearing the Sentinel black dress… and the Stargate overcoat
Relationship(s): Again many but I would consider this a Sterek story
Content Rating: Mature, to be safe
Warnings: Alternate Hale House Fire, Werewolves to Sentinels, No Werewolves, Violence, Hospitals, Planetary Invasion and War
Notes: This is a massive fusion with a good dozen fandoms at least popping in but this is primarily a Teen Wolf story wearing the Sentinel little black dress… And a Stargate overcoat. Needless to say, respect for cannon is not something you will find here. For any of the fandoms, really.
Betas: MyRedTurtle, Thandi M and Melody B
Summary: When the Hale House fire rocks the Sentinel/Guide Community on a global scale will the world recover in time to face their next big threat?

2014.11.Soul mates

My first! November 2014 – Soulmate Challenge


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