Exhale – Snippet

Merry Smutmas!! This is my gift to the Minion Horde for Christmas. It is a very, very rough draft. I honest to god just finished writing it but I’m a open-gifts-at-midnight kinda girl so that’s right on time. It is a BDSM AU, there is fun spanking and Eggsy is a submissive. If any of this bothers you, please just move right along.

: Exhale
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: Kinsgman with a visit from BBC Sherlock
Relationship: Eggsy Unwin/Harry Hart
Content Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, anal fingering, anal sex, kink negotiation, spanking
Note: Yes, this is inspired by Keira Marcos’s Ties That Bind. Yes, she is aware of it. If you haven’t read it, you really, really should because it’s amazing.
Summary: BDSM AU – Harry and Eggsy’s second meeting is considerably kinkier than it was in the movie.

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The last thing Harry J. Hart wants three hours after returning from Argentina with James’s body is a phone call.

He’s honestly not sure if it’s better or worse that he hadn’t even gotten to sleep yet.

He listens to what DI Lestrade has to say, thanks him and promises to be at the station within the hour before hanging up. Then, without the slightest hint of remorse, he calls the only person that could possibly be responsible for this.

“Since when have I been Gary Unwin’s secondary social guardian?” He asks as soon as Merlin picks up the phone.

“Since Lee asked you to and you agreed?” Merlin sounds groggy. Harry must have woken the poor bastard up. Oops.

“And when were you going to tell me?”

“Tell you? You agreed. You signed the paperwork.”

Right. And telling Merlin that you don’t read what he puts in front of you to sign is a very bad idea. That’s how Bors ended up donating 20% of his income to the International Submissives’ Rights Fund for five years.

“He’s been arrested.” Harry says instead. “I need everything on his current status, his living conditions, his primary guardian and the trouble he’s in. Before I make it down to the station, if you would.”

“Of course, sir.” Merlin says, all business as usual.

By the time Harry is dressed and climbing into a Kingsman cab, Merlin is filling his glasses’ feed with everything he might need to know about one Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin.

His mother Michelle accepted a new collar a year after Lee’s death from a horrifically ignorant new dom. A small time crook with his fingers in a number of illegal activities and the leader of a band of even smaller time delinquents that call themselves a ‘dog pack.’

The asshole rejected the scholarship Harry had arranged to find Eggsy but, thanks to Harry’s silent patronage and his coach’s willful stubbornness, the boy was able to continue his gymnastics training despite Mr. Baker. Eggsy grew into a World Champion-level gymnast and was twice rejected by the UK Olympic Committee due to his submissive dynamic before giving up his dream. Eggsy had then focused all of his enormous potential on becoming Marine like his father -another opportunity Harry arranged, only to give that up when his mother got pregnant and called him home. No doubt seeking to rekindle the relationship that flagged in his pursuit of Olympic gold.

The last year and a half of the boy’s life reads like a Lifetime special. A sub, trapped by his mother’s poor life choices, forced into a life of small time crime and bullied by his step father’s dogs. It’s no wonder the boy struck back at Mr. Baker’s Rottweiler in human guise. And now Harry’s sweeping in right on cue, Eggsy’s knight in shining pinstripes here to save the day.

Only no television special could imagine a Knight quite like Harry. Mr. Baker definitely couldn’t imagine such a creature, otherwise he never would have left Eggsy to rot leaving the police to contact his stepson’s secondary guardian. A decision the man won’t live to regret if Harry finds the slightest proof of the things he is reading in between the lines of Eggsy’s file.

The station is everything BBC has taught him to expect, if a little dirtier and more crowded. There is more activity than he would have expected considering the time of night. He asks after DI Lestrade and quickly finds himself confronted by his underling Sergeant Sally Donovan.

It never fails to amuse Harry the way people with even the slightest bit of authority react to him. He’s never quite sure if it’s his obvious dominance or his inherent knowledge that their so-called authority can’t actually touch him but it always seem to put people like Sergeant Donovan off. Leaving them wrong footed, knowing it, and hating it.

DI Lestrade is a surprising exception but just a handful of moments in the man’s company show that he has no fucks to give about anything other than catching the person behind Eggsy, who he is fairly sure is the person behind ‘Rotti’ and his group of dogs in regards to a number of things like narcotics, racketeering, and solicitation.

How terribly convenient.

Since Eggsy’s not speaking, Harry takes the liberty of announcing his suspicions in regards to one Dean Anthony Baker to the Detective Inspector and promising the DI the evidence he has collected over Merlin’s grumbling in his ear.

In the forty five minutes it takes for Kay to arrive with an attaché case full of Kingsman-provided evidence, Harry negotiates Lestrade down from 18 months incarceration to a traffic fine, damages, and private punishment between Harry and Eggsy.

Harry manages not to roll his eyes as the Detective Inspector warns him to keep Eggsy close for the next 48 hours because, if the evidence doesn’t pan out, they will be re-evaluating his charges. As if such a threat were anything short of extortion.

Sergeant Donovan walks a handcuffed Eggsy out to them.

Eggsy, perhaps predictably considering all other factors, ignores the detective and his sergeant in favor of studying Harry.

“Who the fuck are you?” Eggsy asks, right over Sergeant Donovan.

“Harry Hart. A friend of your father’s.” Harry answers, glancing down to the medal he can see hanging around the boy’s neck.

A number of emotions flicker across the boys face before it settles right back on insolence as he turns to the coppers. “Can we go now?”

There’s no real reason for the police to keep them so they make it out to the cab silently. Eggsy walks a half step behind Harry, as if the dominant actually has his submission, the entire time.

Whether it’s something his step-father trained into him or perhaps something he read about or even just Eggsy’s natural inclination, Harry doesn’t know. He doesn’t ask. He knows himself well enough to understand that if the worst proves to be true, he’ll start plotting a murder he can’t complete because he just gave his victim over to the Met and it will drive him crazy.

The driver that brought him to the station is, of course, waiting at the curb we they get there. Once the door is closed Eddie leaves the curb, heading in the direction of Harry’s house without instruction, causing Eggsy to raise an eyebrow at them both. Harry’s just too wrung out to come up with a plausible explanation, the boy will understand soon enough.

And Eddie is taking a roundabout way home so the boy’s probably about to get more evidence to consider via a surprise from Merlin anyway. The HUD on Harry’s glasses did seem to be taking the boy’s measurements before. Might as well just see what conclusion the boy comes to. He’ll call it a test.

“You gave me this medal, yeah?” Eggsy asks, holding the pink and gold round up for Harry’s view.

“Yes, I did. Your father saved my life.”

“Was you in the Army? Like an officer?”

“Not quite.” Harry answers with a small smile.

“So where was you posted, Iraq or something?”

“Sorry, Eggsy. Classified.”

Eggsy nods, accepting it. “But my dad saved your life, yeah?”

“The day your father died, I missed something.” Even after all these years his failure makes him.. tired. “And if it weren’t for his courage, my mistake would have cost the lives of every man present. Your father was a brave man. A good man. So I owe him.

“Because I owe him I’m going to offer you a job tomorrow. I think you’ll be a good fit, just like your father would have been a good fit, for my company.”

“Your company? What’s your company?”

“I work for Kingsman.”

“Ain’t that some really posh shop? Makes suits or something?”

“That’s right. I’m a tailor.”

“A tailor?” Eggsy repeats doubtfully. He gives Harry a once over and repeats. “A tailor?”

“That’s right.” Harry agrees and stops.

Eggsy waits for him to continue and when he doesn’t huffs and leans back, stubbornly looking out the window and away from Harry.

When they pull up to his house and climb out there is a tenseness in Eggsy’s posture that sets Harry’s teeth on edge.

Harry skips the tour, leading Eggsy up to the guest bedroom where sure enough there is a folded pile of sleep clothes with what would have to be Eggsy’s preferred toiletries sitting on the bed.

“Shower. Sleep. We’ll talk after breakfast.” Harry makes to quit the room but Eggsy speaks up.

“Sir, I would rather take my punishment now.” Eggsy frowns a bit. “If I can.”


“For the car? Getting arrested?”

“My dear boy, I am not going to punish you for striking back at your bullies.” Harry shakes his head and sighs at Eggsy’s confusion. “If tonight was anyone’s fault it was your step-father’s. When he signed on as your social guardian, he promised to protect you, not to become your biggest bully.

“Anyone left with no other means to be safe will strike out eventually, no matter their dynamic. As far as I can tell, you held out for a year and a half. Your patience is to be commended. Even if you should have never had to use it in such a way. ”

Eggsy’s frown, if anything intensifies. “So, no spanking?”

“No spanking.” The boy looks almost disappointed and if that doesn’t say everything about how horribly he’s been mishandled Harry doesn’t know what does. “Perhaps, if you’re good and stay here and sleep, there can be a fun spanking in the morning after breakfast. ”

Eggsy’s entire body perks up at that. “Not tonight?” The imp pushes.

“No, it’s a little too close to your ‘rescue’ for any sort of sex between us. You don’t owe anyone for that and you don’t have to pay me for it. Do you understand?”

The boy’s body language is confused. No, he’s at war with himself. “I read it could be like that.” There’s an unspoken ‘but I didn’t believe it’ at the end of that statement.

“It’s like that with any dominate worth your time, Eggsy. Now, Shower. We’ll talk after breakfast.”


Of course Eggsy comes to breakfast barefoot and topless.

The pajama bottoms are light gray and made of a pet-able warm cotton much like Knight-candidates are given, telling Harry that Merlin has not only figured him out but that the quartermaster approves of Harry’s choice. The burgundy dressing gown framing the lad’s well defined chest and stomach is a direct copy of the one Harry is currently wearing because the wizard is a vile, vile tease.

Surprisingly, the Imp doesn’t push during breakfast. He even goes so far as to close the dressing gown when he sits at the table. Eggsy asks questions about the dishes he doesn’t recognize before accepting whatever Harry decides to serve him and then asks more questions to clarify the use of unfamiliar eating utensils. His attention whenever Harry speaks is singular and flattering. He’s obviously trying to please Harry and is being just so earnest about it that Harry is pleased to let him.

Once breakfast is concluded and they have everything put away, Harry seats them both back at the dining room table. “Before we begin negotiations,” Harry starts. “I told you I want to offer you a job. This has nothing to do with what we will do together privately but, should we both agree to my plans for the day, it would be inappropriate for me to bring it up after we have begun.”

“Okay?” Eggsy asks hesitantly, eyes a little wide.

“My Company recently lost a-,” Harry almost uses the word ‘agent’ but manages to catch himself, “Member.

“We hold auditions for a replacement. Training. A job interview, if you will. One that generally lasts a year.”

“For like the army? Or special ops?” Eggsy asks frowning. “No, a spy?”

“What makes you say that, Eggsy?”

“The army? Well, you fit as fuck, bruv. And you move like you’re hunting. Even here, in your robe and slippers, always hunting. You was with my dad in combat that got him killed and he was a Marine. A good one ’cause I got a buncha medals of his. But you have to be better because you survived and he didn’t, yeah?

“There’s the cab. You didn’t call it, you didn’t give it an address, and you didn’t pay for the ride. So either you’re really close with your cabbie or there is something else going on which means there’s maybe something else going on with the entire shop since the taxi had your shop symbols on it and in it.

Then,” The sub stresses. “We get here and on the bed is clothing in my size and all the soaps and stuff I prefer to use. I don’t shop online, bruv, and I don’t pay with credit card. Someone did something sneaky, so spy. Ex-military spy, I think.”

“You would make a wonderful Kingsman.” Harry doesn’t even bother to try not to grin at the boy, he’s just too proud. “But this is a serious choice to make. It will change your entire life and there is no going back from this. It can be quite dangerous, as your father found out first hand.”

The submissive swallows hard and nods.

“Any questions?”

“What am I going to tell my mum?”

“As far as she knows you are still in police custody. If it comes to that we can have her informed that you’ve taken a deal that includes military service or a work camp to cover your absence.” Harry waits to see if Eggsy has anymore questions but the boy just shakes his head. “Alright. I would like your answer by lunch tomorrow. That gives you more than 24 hours to think about it. If you come up with anymore questions about the position or the interview you may ask me at anytime.”

“Of course, sir.” Eggsy nods, subdued.

“I have questions for you and then we will discuss my plans for our day.”

“Yes, sir.” The boy’s posture changes to something more like seated attention.

“How much have you explored your dynamic?”

The boy hesitates. “Not much, sir.”

“But you enjoy pain? You asked for a spanking.”

“Yes, sir.”

“If I asked you what your pain threshold is, do you know what I mean?”

The boy shakes his head, frowning.

“Can you orgasm without pain?”

“I have, once, but it wasn’t easy.”

“Very well. How have you been spanked that you’ve enjoyed?”

“…not the paddle, sir.”

“Bare-handed, then?”

Eggsy nods.

“Have you been strapped?”

“Only officially.”

“Caned?” The boy shakes his head.

“Whipped?” Another head shake.

“Electricity?” Harry actually rather enjoys that one but for him it’s more about his partner’s reactions than the pain.

Eggsy, unsurprisingly, shakes his head.

“Blood-play?” Eggsy looks confused so he expands. “Cutting? Temporary piercings?”

The boy flushes. “I enjoy it but I ain’t allowed to do it alone.”

“Quite right.” Harry agrees. Cutting yourself is just, no. “Bondage?”

“Not a fan of handcuffs, sir.”

Harry snorts, no he imagines not. “Body or Domestic Service?”

The boy shakes his head again.

“Anal sex?”

The way the boy flushes and his eyes dilate is a big yes. Yes, please.”

“Giving or receiving?”

“Both,” The boy answers instantly. “But receiving, mostly.”

“Exhibition? Do you like being watched? Or Recorded?”

Eggsy gave him the little puppy frown that he had already received so many times during the conversation and says, “As long as I know about it.”

“What about voyeurism? Do you like to watch people take their pleasure together? To hear the sounds?”

The boy squirms a bit as he answers in the positive. Poor boy’s been kink-shamed. How terrible.

“Alright.” Harry mentally adjusts his mental image for the day. “For my part, I am not a sadist to compliment your masochism but I can and will indulge you. I require a level of submission that is not healthy for most subs to maintain long term, this is why I do not collar and I do not allow repeaters often.”

“What about a slave-dynamic?” Eggsy asks quite astutely.

“Such rarely attract my attention. And you are neither a slave nor a pet.”

“No,” Eggsy agrees.

“I want you to spend the day in submission to me, from now until breakfast tomorrow.

“You will get your spanking and I will fuck you. You will spend the day nude, unless you get cold. Then you will tell me and I will allow you to wear my dressing gown. You will be plugged when I am not in you and I will be in you several times today. You will kneel at my feet when I order you to, sit where I order you to, and entertain yourself as I order you to. You will speak to no one other than me without my permission. You will not leave my house. You will eat what I feed you. You will bathe with me, you will dress me, and you will sleep in my bed.

“Do you object to any of this?”

“I’ve never dressed anyone.” Eggsy tells him. “Other than-. Not anyone. I-”

“You will be allowed to ask questions. All things considered I would prefer you to ask questions. And you will use your safeword anytime you feel any concern about the direction our activities take. Do you understand?”

Eggsy frowns at him but nods.

“What is your safeword?”

“Ain’t you supposed to give me one?”

“I can,” Harry agrees. “Has anyone ever given you one you prefer?” Eggsy’s hesitation is worrisome. “Has anyone given you a safeword ever?”

Eggsy shakes his head.

“Your safeword is ‘umbrella’. What is your safeword?”


“Good lad. Anything else?”

“I would like to suck you, sir.” The boy says it like Harry might object.

“Then you shall. On my order.”

“Of course, sir.”

“Anything else?”

“No, sir.”

“And you understand and accept that this will be a one-time arrangement?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Can you handle that? Can you maintain the necessary emotional distance?”

Eggsy almost looks offended. “Yes, sir.”

“Very well. Are you ready to begin?”

“Yes, sir.”

“We will retire to my bedroom. Follow me.” Harry leaves the kitchen without checking on his boy, after all the lad has already agreed to follow his orders. And he can hear the boy following him anyway.

Once they are in his room, Harry orders Eggsy to “Strip. Fold your clothes neatly and leave them on that chair,” and settles onto his bed to watch the boy comply.

Eggsy is quite lovely. His body is trim and strong but not overly worked. He’s obviously taken care with his grooming because his body hair is non-existent save for the small patch at the base of his cock. His hair should really be a shade or two lighter to make the most of his eyes and complexion and he would look amazing with his nipples pierced. But still, lovely.

Harry could really see the boy with either a Consort’s fleur de lis or perhaps the nine-pointed star of a Courtesan. He could probably make a few calls and start the process but. But. The boy was born to be a Kingsman and he can’t be a Kingsman and a Consort or a Courtesan. Subs of such rank are too famous to be successful agents, too recognizable, too memorable.

Perhaps if the boy says no to Kingsman training?

Either way the boy deserves the opportunity to get out of London and learn about himself.

Eggsy stands at ease and nude before Harry. The boy’s cut cock is already on board with the proceedings, it’s head glistening just a bit and pointing straight at Harry, and his face is not just neutral, it’s clear. Like he absolutely trusts Harry to have his way with him so that they both enjoy it. It makes the boy breathtaking.

“Lay on the bed. On your stomach. Legs spread but comfortable.” Harry orders and goes to his toy trunk. He throws his dressing gown over Eggsy’s clothes and pulls out two rather simple things from his trunk. One of them he leaves on the bedside table, the other he takes to the bed with him along with a bottle of lube.

Harry moves to the end of the bed and takes in the view between Eggsy’s legs. He grasps the boy’s ankles firmly and pulls his legs apart just a little bit more causing him to shudder and just sort of melt. “That’s right, good lad.”

He crawls up the bed so that he’s kneeling between Eggsy’s thighs. “I’m going to stretch your hole with my fingers, then I will plug you. You do not have permission to come. If anything feels wrong, use your safeword. Otherwise, feel free to beg.”

An idea strikes him and he blinks the pattern to start his glasses recording. “I’m going to record this and play it back when you suck me later. What do you say?”

“Please, sir.” The sub answers as Harry sinks his hands under the boy’s hips and pulls him so that his cock and balls are pressed against Harry’s knees and his ass is presented so nicely. “Whatever you want, sir.”

Harry takes a moment to look the sub over, his hands massaging the boy’s ass. He pulls a pillow from the head of the bed and shoves it under the lad’s stomach to ease the angle on his spine but the imp’s hands are still going everywhere.

“Hands under your chest. Right over left, palms down.”

He waits as the boy wiggles to obey and then rewards him by knuckling his perineum with one hand while his other reaches for the lube.

The boy’s head falls forward with a little moan, the absolute picture of submission.

Both hands to open the lube and then both hands are back on the sub’s ass, one pulling almost harshly on a butt cheek while the other explores Eggsy’s cleft. He passes over the boy’s hole once, twice, a third time and the sub groans when he finally sinks the first finger home. Harry takes his time, using every trick he knows to drive the boy mad. Their dynamics aren’t very compatible but this is something they’ll both enjoy so it’s the best chance he has for building a satisfying connection between them.

When he can feel the boy’s still-mounting excitement in his own bones, Harry knows he’s done his job and he slides the plug into position.

“Stand.” Harry orders as he backs out from between the lad’s legs, standing himself.

Eggsy whimpers but obeys.

“Shake out. How do you feel?” They’d been in position for quite some time, circulation is a real concern. “Is the plug comfortable? Any tingling in your extremities?”

The lad takes several deep breathes and shakes various limbs like, well, like a gymnast about to take on a difficult apparatus at competition. He answers Harry’s questions, somehow even more focused on the dom than he was at breakfast, as if Harry is the only thing in his world.

Harry holds up a leather strap with heavy silver buttons. “Do you know what this is?”

“A cock ring, sir?”

“Correct. Do you know how to put it on?”

“I’ve only seen pictures, sir.”

“Very well.” Harry sits on the edge of the bed, his legs slightly open. “I will put it on you. Come here.” The imp walks right in between Harry’s knees and the dom gets to work. When Harry is satisfied with the placement and the fit, he explains the toy to Eggsy. “As long as you relax and allow it, you can orgasm while wearing this but you won’t ejaculate – which you have my permission to do as long as you are wearing this. Never allow one to remain on you for longer than 20 minutes to a half hour, for your own safety.”

Harry leans back to examine the boy, he is a vision dressed only in a plug and cock ring.

“Over my knee,” Harry orders. “Ass to my right.”

The boy steps back so that Harry can close his legs and then moves to his right. The sub’s cock rubs all over the leg of Harry’s pajama bottoms as he kneels, leaving sticky-wet spots in its wake. Harry helps the lad get comfortable laying across his thighs but the lad doesn’t really get comfortable.

There’s a tension running through -growing within- the lad’s frame that wasn’t there moments ago.

Normally Harry would run his hands along the boy’s back and torso to soothe but that.. feels wrong. Acting on instinct, he settles his right arm firmly across the middle of Eggsy’s back to give the boy an anchor and slides his other hand into the imp’s hair. Rather than stroke, though, he clamps his fingers together as close as he can get to the roots and tugs. Harry makes sure to keep the force as even as he can but still firm. He doesn’t want the boy to lose any hair, after all, he just wants to pull him back into the moment.

The boy goes still at the first tug. Like time itself is holding its breath.

So of course Harry does it again.

This time he moves his hand to where Eggsy’s hair is longer and thicker and makes a fist in it. He pulls more harshly than before and Eggsy starts breathing again, inhaling roughly.

Harry moves his hand and does it again on the other side. Just a touch more roughly.

Eggsy comes back to him eagerly, all but clinging to Harry’s thighs with a little moan as that sexual energy between them starts flowing again.

“This is a fun spanking, Eggsy,” Harry reminds, continuing to work his hand in Eggsy’s hair, changing location and severity of the pull with each grip. “I’m going to start out slow to warm you up and if at any point it gets too rough for you just use your safeword. Alright? You can always use your safeword.”

The boy nods, carelessly pulling his hair in Harry’s fist.

“Relax. If you’re tense this will just be pain. This should feel good for you. You know it should because you want it. You asked for it. So relax.” And the boy does, wonderfully. “I want three deep breathes and then we are going to begin. Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright. One.”

On the first exhale, Harry stops pulling on Eggsy’s hair.

On the second exhale, Harry switches his arms so that his left is anchoring Eggsy and his right is free to move.

On the third exhale, Harry gives Eggsy his first swat. It’s little more than a caress and draws a tiny giggle from the submissive. The next swat turns that giggle into a gasp and the one after grows the gasp into a moan. The fourth one is about as hard as Harry is willing to go in a prolonged spanking and Eggsy can’t seem to stay still any more.

Eggsy’s reactions tells Harry several things. Particularly that Eggsy’s pain threshold is pretty normal -based off of the arguable very limited sample he’s acquired so far- and that Eggsy can come from just pain.

It doesn’t take long before Harry’s legs are supporting the majority of Eggsy’s weight. The imp has one hand gripping Harry’s ankle and the other knotted in the top sheet as he tries, sometimes remembers, not to rut up against Harry’s thigh. He doesn’t remember much, Harry can feel the wetness starting to soak through his pajama bottoms.

Harry brings Eggsy to what he’s sure is the edge of an orgasm once before bringing him back down with instructions to breathe and pulling the land’s hair until his breathing is more normal and the trembling recedes.

The second time he works the boy up it goes much faster.

“Come, Eggsy!” Harry orders but the imp shakes his head! He refuses to obey!

Harry pauses, allowing Eggsy a moment to use his safeword but the lad doesn’t. He’s not the wrong kind of uncomfortable. He’s not upset. He’s being a little shit. A challenge.

Harry smirks, he should have expected it.

“Eggsy.” Harry growls, his voice going it’s low and dangerous best. “Your pleasure is mine and you. Will. Come!” And he swats the lad for all that he’s worth.

Eggsy keens and his entire body goes rigid. Harry can feel the sub’s cock jerk against his thigh.

Harry man-handles the lad properly into the middle of the bed.

He puts the boy on his back, surprising himself. He doesn’t normally fuck a one-timer face to face but with Eggsy he finds that he wants to. He’s not getting inappropriately attached or anything, he’s sure of that. It’s just that the boy’s face is so wonderfully expressive. He’s not traditionally expressive but any Kingsman worth his salt could read Eggsy and Harry is, quite simply, the best.

When the lad’s back hits the sheets, he does his best to focus on Harry and they spend a moment just looking at each other and breathing before Harry orders, “Grip the sides of the bed and do not let go.”

The boys arms shoot out into a position vaguely reminiscent of an iron cross. He isn’t tall enough to reach the edges of Harry’s big bed so he sinks his hands into the sheets and digs in desperately.

Harry stretches up along his sub’s body to grab a condom from his bedside table. He feels Eggsy’s nose along his collarbone and turns to kiss the sub before settling back on his haunches between the lad’s thighs. Condom, a little more lube, and Harry is easing the plug out of Eggsy’s ass. Tension eases out of the sub’s frame and his shoulders settle more firmly onto the bed, allowing him to extend his reach just a touch.

Harry grips Eggsy’s hips, tilts them, and begins the slow, torturous slide home. Eggsy groans and his whole body jerks in what looks to be a second dry orgasm and the dom can’t find it in himself to be fussed. He’s actually rather proud of himself and of them together. He did say the boy he could come as long as he had the cock ring on and it is on, after all.

He pumps his hips a few times, shifting around until the boy’s shout tells him he’s found what he’s looking for, the lad’s prostate. Then he pops the button on the cock ring, releasing Eggsy, and throws the ring out of the way.

Harry sets a hard pace and Eggsy takes every inch of it, begging for more.

He scrapes his nails down the boy’s body from hips to knees. “Come for me, Eggsy.”

Eggsy hisses out a long “Yes,” and comes all over himself.

“That’s a good lad.” Harry says even though the sub probably can’t hear him as he comes himself, still buried deep in the lad’s body.




A/N: So I think this is going to become a thing? I have more that I want to do in this part and I might make it a series that re-evaluates the Kingsman training process from a BDSM point of view. This is me so endgame will be MerWin, of course. No promises on delivery date.


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