Art for Oathbound by Myztic Myan Moon

Contains SPOILERS!! You have been warned






DP by Zabi

Daily Prophet front page after Harry runs away



WW July by Zabi

Witch Weekly Cover





Dramione Art




Dramione 2

Dramione Banner







Gaia-Bilius by Zabi




OB 1 by OB

Oathbound Nameplate 1



OB 2 by Zabi

Oathbound Nameplate 2



the Bones

The Boneses



Maximus Crane by Zabi

Maximus Crane



the good guys

The Good Guys



Harry and the Round table by Zabi

Harry and the Round Table


Same verse but for my “Ten Years Later” tale


Durmstrang Stiles by Zabi Dee

Durmstrang Stiles Stilinski



Hufflepuff Derek Hale by Zabi Dee

Hufflepuff Derek Hale



Beaubatons Allison Argent by Zabi Dee

Beauxbatons Allison Argent



Sterek by Zabi Dee

Sterek Art



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