Title: Sateda
Series: Guide Search
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Pairing: Rodney McKay/Tyre
Summary: A series of mind games, what-ifs and roads not taken from other projects I am working on. All in the same universe. It’ll be fun!

Rodney-Tyre by Marlislash

Rodney McKay/Tyre (Stargate: Atlantis)

Rodney isn’t sure when he noticed Tyre. Noticed him, noticed him. Like really noticed him. He’d always known the guy was physically there. For as long as Rodney could remember he’d had a Tyre-shaped shadow.

People said they were best friends but, really, how would Rodney know? He doesn’t have many friends. He doesn’t have patience for most people. Most of the ones he might be willing to give a chance aren’t stupid enough to try to get past Tyre.

Until John Sheppard.

John Sheppard the bonded guide from Earth.

The guy could do some really sexy things with numbers. In his head, no less! And Tyre had just let Shep slip right past him. Too busy making calf-eyes at the guy’s sentinel.

Not that Ronon Dex wasn’t worth a look or three. Even if the guy is as much a seal as Rodney is. Maybe “Seal” is a title? An aquatic mammal an honorific? How stupid.

Fury and fear, both completely foreign to him clench in Rodney’s gut.

Sheppard cuts himself off mid-sentence and snaps his attention to the door. Within seconds Tyre and Dex burst into the room carrying enough weapons to end a war.

“Five Hive ships have been spotted. Coming this way.” The alien’s husky, sexed-out voice doesn’t make taking the blow any easier.

Instinctively Rodney reaches out to Tyre with more than just his hand. As soon as Tyre grasps his physical hand and pulls him close it snaps into place.

A bond. Built on a lifetime of trust and friendship. Now and forever.

Just like in the sandbox as kids they stand together; Rodney and Tyre, Guardians of Sateda.

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