From the Blog…

Title: From the Blog…
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: BBC Sherlock living in a Kingsman world
Relationship: Johnlock with mention of Mystrade
Content Rating: PG
Warnings: V-Day was successful, A/B/O mutation
Summary: Dr. Watson explains the changes the world has gone through on his blog


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From the Blog of Dr. John H. Watson:


You’ve Survived the End of the World, Congratulations


It has come to my attention that not everyone knows what happened to the world six weeks ago today. Without a centralised news source, many are relying on scurrilous rumor and rampant conspiracy theory to explain the sudden outbreak of violence that ended a great many lives so suddenly. I am here to explain it to you today. The violence, the fever, the head explosions. All of it. Everything the Consulting Detective has proven true and/or theorised.

Let’s start with the facts:


1.) Richmond Valentine-

  • Multi-billionaire
  • Computer and technological genius
  • Founder/owner/operator of Valentine Corporations
  • Philanthropist that revitalized and made green electrical grids around the globe
  • Philanthropist that “made clean, running water a human right”
  • Philanthropist that gave the world free internet and phone calls

Before V-Day, Richmond Valentine was, unquestionably, a great man. He was a man that literally made or broke careers and nations every day. Everyone knows that.

What many do not know is that he was not content with his contributions to humanity and the planet, he wanted to do more. He wanted to save the planet. Or at least that’s how he justified his plan to kill the vast majority of the human race.

According to the findings of one Sherlock Holmes, the records of the Royal Family themselves, and the recent very Marvel-esque file dump from Valentine’s servers onto the internet, we have confirmed that, per Valentine:

When you get a virus, you get a fever. That’s the human body raising its core temperature to kill the virus. Planet Earth works the same way: Global warming is the fever, Mankind is the virus. We are making our planet sick! A cull is our only hope. If we do not reduce our population ourselves, there’s only two ways this can go: The host kills the virus, or the virus kills the host. Either way the result is the same: The virus dies.

Now, regardless of how you may feel about that statement, it is comprised of horrible assumptions and pseudoscience based off of beliefs that have absolutely no foundation in actual fact.

Personally, I feel -personal feelings here, guys- the above statement is a mad man’s justification for genocide. A cull or a cleansing or a holocaust, whatever you want to call it, is always for the good of all, to protect something or someone and whether you’re shooting people, walking them through gas chamber “showers”, or using technology you invented to get them to kill each other, it’s murder. Period.


Back to the facts.


2.) V-Day/The V-Wave

V-Day is what Richmond Valentine himself named the Day of Unspeakable Violence. He called it this in his files, he called it this in the one and only personal interview he gave before his death (video clip here), and it showed up on all our phones as the signal went out.

And by “our” I mean all of us with Valentine’s free SIM cards. Yes, I had one of them.

The V-Wave was the signal that, again quoting from the Valentine Documents, “In simple terms, it’s a neurological wave that triggers the centers of aggression and switches off inhibitors. For global distribution, the wave will be transmitted via the V-Sat Network to every V-SIM on the planet.”

We don’t know how the signal worked exactly, that information was purged before his server was dumped onto the internet, but this simple overview accurately describes what we experienced -an incredible and sustained surge of aggression with no inhibitors to counter it. But every person was affected a little differently.

Some have reported an increase in territoriality and the need to protect something, anything from a specific table to a child they may or may not have even previously known, to the death.

Many formed temporary packs of two to three that worked together to take down those around them.

Some completely lost the ability to tell friend from foe and still have yet to recover.

Whatever you experienced -whatever you are still experiencing- as a result of V-Day I urge you, as a doctor, to seek help. Talking to a professional will help you heal mentally. Just be open with your doctor. I assure you that you will not be judged. No matter how peaceful we may look every single one of us alive today did horrible things to be here and we’ll get through it together.

For those in the UK, contact information for professional mental health services can be found here.


3.) The Head Explosions

I know I’m doing things a bit out of order but I want to cover all we know to be true before diving into the theories. So.

It was a nightmare to wake up two weeks ago and learn that the majority of leaders around the world were headless. Many of us assumed the worst and holed up for days. I can assure you this was an act of revenge, there has been a confession, and there cannot be a repeat performance.

Two weeks ago, approximately one month after V-Day, Richmond Valentine was assassinated in the middle of a live television interview with an American TV personality who claimed to be a doctor but had none of the temperament or empathy for it.

To avenge his death, his lover and the head of his security, a woman known only as Gazelle, triggered devices implanted into the neck of those Valentine “favoured” AKA the ones that knew of and agreed to his plan before it happened. The so-called Favoured were implanted to, as far as they knew, protect them from the effects V-Wave when it came. However, the implants had a secondary purpose and that was to maintain the security of the plan. If one of the Favoured started to speak out, boom, head explosion.

This is what happened to our headless leaders.

I have been asked not to release the name of Valentine’s assassin. However, I can tell you he is dead. He was one in fact of the Favoured but it has been confirmed that he was implanted under duress.

This brings us to the next fact-point.


4.) The Favoured

As we have already established, the Favoured were the ones that knew of and agreed to Valentine’s plan before it happened and were implanted for a number of reasons all relating to security. However. Not all of them were implanted voluntarily.

You remember the 600-odd celebrities and world leaders that went missing?

Valentine had them. According to Gazelle’s confession, they were holding the Captives until they agreed with the plan or until the world needed them post V-Day. The Captives were also used as leverage to force the submission of their families to the V-Day plan, like our own now-King Harry and the wife of Valentine’s assassin.

Unfortunately, the majority of Valentine’s Captives died from the Fever, locked away alone in their little mountain cells without even the supplies necessary to care for themselves. This I can personally confirm as I was one of the doctors that the strike force -comprised of MI-6, some military, and various private concerns- took with them to free the Captives.

Many of us are not taking the Captives seriously as leaders because “they just don’t know”.

They know. Believe me, they know. Their personal Valentine-provided hell was just different from ours, more lonely, but they have gone through it too.


5.) The Fever

After the V-Wave released us from its clutches, we all staggered home or some other safe place, exhausted and bloody, crawled into bed and stayed there for several days.

The length of the Fever varied from person to person. Here in the UK, the shortest recorded Fever was just two days while the longest was approximately eight. The average, so far as we have been able to ascertain, was between three and five days.

Reported symptoms were pretty uniform across the board:

  • Increased body temperature
  • Headache
  • Excessive sweating
  • Chills
  • Muscle and/or general aches
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Physical weakness
  • Feeling of tightness in the patient’s skin, though the affected areas varied

Some had extremely sensitive and volatile rash in very personal places. Others had cramps so severe that walking or even standing up straight was completely out of the question. Interestingly, the split seems to be approximately 60/40 and anyone that had the rash did not get the cramps or vice versa.

I can tell you that I had the cramps and I have his permission to inform you that the Detective experienced the rash.

We all woke up feeling a little different. Looking a little different. The Fever changed our bodies. We have several theories as to why and I will share with you the one my colleagues and I ascribe to with you in a few moments. There are several things we do know; facts that should be shared before we delve into theory.

First of all, scent. It’s something that has always been part of humanity when it comes to things like picking a mate but now it is even more important to us. Our bodies are better equipped to receive scent-data and our brains are more equipped to process it. Where before scent was a luxury, just another cosmetic we could throw on our bodies, now it is a vital piece of interpersonal interaction that is not to be messed with.

Don’t believe me? Put on cologne and approach your best friend. You might want to warn them in advance, though, or it will get violent very quickly.

Other changes are more readily apparent. Those that had rashes have increased muscle mass but under most circumstances are very much mentally and emotionally the same as they were before. Those of us that experienced the cramps are more… supple is the word that springs to mind.

Personally, I am far more flexible than I have ever been and I am physically lighter. I weigh less but I can still lift the same weight as I did before the Fever. Again this is generally speaking under most circumstances.

Now, what about other circumstances?


What follows is a very personal account that I expect you to respect it or stop reading -not just for me but for all of the estimated half of the population that will experience something similar.


Three days after my fever broke, I was fully recovered. Feeling more energy than I had in quite a while, I made dinner from our supplies in the flat. Sherlock came home from a day as part of a cleanup crew and promptly went up to shower before coming down and joining me for a meal.

Things were tense.

An actual meal together is a very rare occurrence for us as flat mates. Normally, I eat and he sits there and reads the paper or complains about something but it’s comfortable. This time, though, there was an awareness that we’d never had between us.

A sexual awareness.

You have to understand, before this I identified as a heteroromantic heterosexual cis male and Sherlock was a demiromantic asexual cis male. A feeling of sexual attraction, of a mutual physical desire between us was so completely foreign as to be blasphemous but it was there.

The moment he touched me, I was thrown into a desperate estrus and I had to have him or I felt I would die.

My anal passage self-lubricated and his penis grew a knot.

Ovulation was spontaneous and copulation was enthusiastic. For nine days.

Further, when my best friend and the Detective’s brother showed up on day three to check on us, they experienced the same. My friend being the one that had cramps and self-lubrication. Brother being the one that had rash and a knotting penis.

I have permission to confirm two pregnancies. Two male pregnancies.


6.) What Does it Mean?!?

There are several theories. And remember guys, these are theories.

The one most of my colleagues ascribe to is the Holmes Theory. Yes, as in Sherlock Holmes the Consulting Detective.

The Holmes Theory is that due to our recent losses -between the V-Wave, the Head Explosives, and the Fever, approximately 90% of Earth’s population including almost everyone over 50 or under 21 and the vast majority females in the remaining age group- humanity has found a new way to continue itself.

Simply, a mutation or adaptation to ensure the species survives.

Holmes Theory refers to the rashy-knotters as “Alphas” and the cramping-lubricators as “Omegas.” I’m not a fan of these designations, or secondary genders, because I feel there is an inherent inequality in the terminology and I’m not okay with that.

There is no denying, however, that I -a so-called Omega- went into heat once a suitable Alpha entered my space and that a pregnancy has been achieved.

There is also no denying that we have seen this pattern repeated several times over the last few weeks with several different pairs.

(A warning, for your own safety, if you see a pair heat-coupling give them plenty of room. Both halves of the pair will not take kindly to interruption or interference or even just crowding. Sharing the building with my best friend and my mate’s brother -men that I have in the past trusted and will in the future trust with my very life- was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Only when we were as separated as we could manage -by an entire level and three locked doors- were any of us able to tone down the aggression and finish out our heats.)

We are currently using standard human pregnancies to benchmark mine and the other pregnancies that we have confirmed but we honestly have no idea what to expect. Will my pregnancy be longer because humanity has just become a more complex organism? Or will my pregnancy be shorter because the next generation will simplify itself to meet the new parameters our species has unlocked?

I will keep you updated on my new pregnancy blog which you can find here.


So, that was a ton of information I just dumped on you. Here are the high points.

  • A man we all thought was a modern-day saint betrayed us all and ended the world as we knew it.
  • Humanity is evolving. It’s not just you. All of our bodies really have changed. You can go here for all the information we have accumulated on Omegas and here for everything we have on Alphas.
  • Click here for everything we have on heats and what happens when you meet your mate for the first time, including several detailed personal accounts with altered names to protect the authors’ privacy.
  • If you are worried about anything physically or psychologically going on with yourself or someone you know, seek medical assistance or contact the NHS helpline immediately.

Tell me what you think in the comments down below. I’m specifically interested in alternatives to “Alpha” and “Omega” and your feelings on those designations!




Author’s Note: So that’s kind of the Prologue/Introduction and Rules of a Verse I’m working on. One of my cheerleaders has asked if they can write in the verse so I figured I should get this out there so that it makes sense.

Basically I wanna poke at and overcome all the things that bother me in A/B/O verses and give Eggsy a Harem while I’m at it so *tahdah!!* Hope you enjoyed it.

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