EAD Snippet ~ TW Untitled

Title: N/A
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Allison/Stiles/Derek
Summary: AU where Hunters are actually decent human beings. Retold from S1E1


A shadow passes in front of her SUV. Victoria Argent slams on the breaks.

Small. Male. Hobbling around at the speed of a human sprint.

Fucking werewolves.

“Did you see that?” Allison asks, incredulous, as she opens her door and sprints to the opposite edge of the highway. “That was a person! He was hurt!”

“Going that fast?” She questions her not-yet-a-hunter-daughter. “Had to be a deer. Maybe a mountain lion but it was too tall for that.”

“On two legs?” Her daughter shoots back as she wades into the tree line. “We’ve got to find him. He needs help.”

So much like her father. Victoria huffs, pulls her sidearm and follows her offspring. “Allison. Allison, wait!”

She finds her daughter frozen beside a tree stump larger than their dining room table. There is a blood trail on the tree stump. Fresh blood. The wolf must have run across it and Allison is correct that he is injured.

The question is; is it hunters or a pack dispute?

According to the Council there are no hunters active in this territory. But also according to the Council this area is packless out of respect and no little fear of the Hales, so there is really no telling.

“Allison!” Victoria chastises as her daughter swipes at one of the blood spots and examines as well as she can in the dark. Sniffing it and rubbing it back and forth on her thumb and two fingers. She can’t tell if her daughter is horrified or fascinated and that’s more than a little worrisome.

Movement inthe bushes. Is the wolf coming back?

Red eyes gleam.

The positioning is wrong for wolf form but the eyes are spread too far to be the little one from before.

Unless he’s fucking crazy and his shifted form reflects that.

A fucking alpha. A crazy ass alpha and all she has is two knives, a nin millimeter and her completely unarmed daughter.

Fucking fuck.

The alpha breaks the tree line of their little clearing with a snarl. He’s huge, moving more like a gorilla than either a wolf or a man, and there is dark drool – possibly blood- dripping form his jutting lower jaw.

He stops just on the other side of the tree stump from them. Way too close for comfort. Much too close for safety.

He roars and charges.

She shoots.

He’s fast but she keeps shooting for center mass until the gun clicks empty.

It doesn’t faze him in the least. He’s not slowing down and he’s headed right for Allison. Allison starts to run but she’s too slow. Too human.

“No!” She shouts. She’s echoed by a new roar.

A beta. A comparatively tiny beta with murder blue eyes t-bones the Alpha, throwing him off course.

Victoria grips her daughter’s hand as soon as she can reach. She pulls one of her knives with the other hand and Allison divests her of the other.

the beta back flips out of the brush, landing on the stump between the Alpha and the Argent women. His shirt is torn and he’s bleeding but he’s standing.

Betrayer.” She can barely make out the word hidden in the Alpha’s gutteral growl.

“Not Betrayer.” The Beta says. “Not yours. Never yours. You killed my alpha.”

“Betrayer!” Is repeated more loudly.

The Alpha starts to press the attack again but the both wolves freeze, staring toward the highway. They hear something, see something. Something threatening. Victoria stills too, wondering what else could be coming.

The Alpha breaks the tableau after what feels like an hour but was probably less than a minute. He turns almost casually towards the trees in the direction the injured beta went and lopes off with a parting growl.

Their Beta-defender turns from his place on the stump. “The police are coming.”

He’s in half-form. The infamous beta shift. There is a gracefulness to his features, a beauty that most of his kind lack.

This is a born wolf. No bite survivor ever attains such a… naturalness to their wolf.

“You saved me.” Allison tells him.

Something almost amused plays across his cold lupine features. “I wasn’t alone.” his eyes flick over to Victoria and back to Allison.

“Still.” She seconds her daughter. “He would have killed us both without you.”

“I have to go.” He tells them as the bounce of running flashlights gets brighter. The Beta turns to neither follow the alpha nor bother the police.

“Derek.” Victoria calls to stop him.

It’s a chance. He could take her knowing his name as a threat or she could simply be wrong abou this identity. But she doesn’t think he will or that she is. Only two born wolves belong to this territory. Would dare enter this territory. Only one of those two is male. and that’s Derek, Derek Hale.

He stops on the edge of the woods, glaring.

“My name is Victoria Argent, Second to the Argent Matriarch, my mother.” She rushes out while she has his attention. His claws pop out and he gives her a warning growl when she moves to step closer. “We know what my sister in-law did to you. All of it. How she broke the Code and hunted your family.” His growls grow louder with every word she says. “Kate’s been executed for her crimes.” Allison gasps behind her because they haven’t had the chance to tell her yet. Unfortunate. “We are here to make amends to you and your sister, Laura.”

“Laura’s dead.”

Laura’s dead. Alpha’s dead. “Laura was your alpha?”

He nods.

“That thing killed your sister?”

He nods again.

“We’ll help you kill him” She promises. “An secure the territory. Anything else and I have to talk to the council.”

He sneers like he’s about to tell her where to go but then his eyes flick to Allison and he doesn’t say anything.

“How can I get a hold of you?” Victoria prompts. “So we can get to work.”

He’s quiet for long enough that she’s afraid the police will send him packing before he answers.

“There’s a dinner in town.” He finally answers. “Sixth and Elm. Be there, both of you. Sunset, tomorrow.”

And he’s gone.


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  2. Addicting at the first drop.

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