tBS – Awakening

Title: Awakening
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, OCs
Prompt: Fury
Tags: Sentinels and Guides are known, inspired by Jilly James’s Imperfect
Word Count: 566
Warning: No beta
Summary: Tony comes online in a fury.



“My team, my rules.” Gibbs answers him flatly, sitting back with his coffee and taking a nonchalant sip.

“The sister, the handler, of Kate’s murderer is sitting at her desk.”

“My team, my rules.” The Bastard repeats. He’s completely stone faced and calm. Kate’s been dead all of a week and Gibbs doesn’t even care.

Fury flash-fires over Tony’s brain causing something in him to snap and suddenly he doesn’t care either. “She profiled the team. You, me, Tim. Even Abby and Ducky. She picked Kate to die. She accounted for Ari’s crazy, for your guilt, for Shepard’s debt, and she picked Kate as the sacrifice. As her sacrifice to get her a place on this team.”

Gibbs shakes his head. “You don’t know that. You don’t know anything about her sacrifices.”

“What, killing her brother?”

“How do know that,” a startled voice says from beside them.

Tony looks up to see Ziva in her full Commando Barbie get up with Tim hovering like an eager little puppy in her shadow.

“I can work out the trajectory of a gunshot, Zivah.” Tony growls directly at the source of his ire.

And, you know what? Fuck it. He’s done here so he might as well make himself perfectly clear.

Tony marches over to Daddy’s Little Spy and gets right in her face. “You have no secrets from me. You are a threat to this team, to this agency, and to this country, and I will do whatever I have to to make that threat disappear so rethink what you’re doing here. What do you actually want? Freedom from Daddy or to be Daddy’s perfect little tool? Are you going to let him keep using you until he breaks you, too?”

Tony feels her fury spike and sees the wind up but the punch never lands. There’s a sense of movement. He’s pretty sure arms close around her middle and Ziva is bodily thrown away from him. Tony blinks, recognizing Balboa’s broad back as the sentinel hunkers into place between Tony and the Mossad poster girl.

Tim is on the ground bleeding from his head, held in place by the boot of a second sentinel, and there’s a third holding Gibbs at gunpoint behind his desk.

“Tony, are you back with us?” It’s Julianne, the only bonded guide currently assigned to Pumpkin Spice Headquarters.

“Julie?” He eventually manages to croak and a warm hand slips into his and he feels the… the blanket surrounding him, muffling and protecting his mind redouble.

“You okay?” She moves into him, cuddling into his chest. He can feel the heat of her sentinel Paula behind him. Paula’s furious too but not at Tony, not over the contact. Tony can’t quite decipher- “Hey, Tony, come back. I need you to stay with me. You don’t need to figure anything out. The Pride is here. We got you.”


“Yeah, Tony, the Pride. Your Pride. You just hit a super negative emotional plateau and came online. You’re ours now. Let us take care of you.”

But he was doing. Something. It was-

He puts his head on Julianne’s shoulder and Paula presses into his back, bringing her arms up and physically sheltering them both.

“That’s it, Tony, relax.” The guide scratches a comforting hand into the scruff of his neck. “Let’s get you to the Center. The Pride will finish this, don’t you worry.”



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  1. Oh yes! That was very good. Loved how the pride to care of McGee, Gibbs and Ziva. Of course they take of care Tony. He deserves it way more than our needy little spy.

  2. If you ever decide to right more on this one, I will be a very happy reader. Thank you for sharing! I just adore Tony!

  3. That was effin’ brilliant! What a twist. I have to go back and read it again.

    thank you

  4. Ahhh, Ziva gets what’s coming to her, and Tony in the S&G universe. EXCELLENT Fic!!! 🙂

  5. This is something I didn’t know I need until I’ve read it. For some one to just stand up against the others and take care of Tony. Kudos to you Miss Wolfe.

  6. Brilliant.
    Someone who was working against you very recently and involved in the death of a colleague suddenly joins your workplace and people are going to object strongly. I enjoyed Tony telling Ziva and the support from the Pride.

  7. Came to read this ‘prequel’ after reading the Rough Trade 2020 Sentinel story. Great start.

  8. Oh my god. How am I just finding this now?!? This was all kinds of perfect. Just all the kinds of perfect, ever. And really, Tony as the middle of a bonded sentinel/guide sandwich and all the fuzzy warm feels he’s feeling has got to be one of the best images an author has created with their words that I’ve come across. Seriously. Kudos this is just awesome. 😍😍

  9. Well done & really he needs the Pride. Nice to have people actually care for Tony.

  10. Words cannot express just how much I love this. It is infinitely satisfying to think of Tony getting into Ziva’s face and others backing him up. Love it!

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