tBS – Mine

Title: Mine
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: SG:A
Prompt: Fury
Genre: Slash, McShep
Word Count: 579
Warning: No beta
Summary: Elizabeth fucked up and there are consequences.

“What did you do?” Elizabeth hisses furiously in his face.

McKay just blinks at her, trying to remember the rules of polite society that John has tried valiantly to pound into his head. “What do you mean, Elizabeth?”

“We had our talk,” She spits. “And suddenly my Expedition is in the hands of- of- a Navy Admiral?!? With an FBI Agent as his second?”

“I’m sure he’s very qualified. Both of them, really-”

“You did this. I don’t know what you did but you did this. And you!”

Okay, seriously, that’s enough. He’s been polite so John can’t even get mad at him now, right? “No, you did this.” He corrects her. “You spent a half hour yesterday telling me in great detail how I was going to distance myself from John Sheppard or you would leave me -a mission essential member of the Expedition- behind on Earth because you want to fuck my husband. It just so happens that right after our little talk, I had a meeting with General O’Neill and when he asked me if I thought I could trust you, I told him no.” When her jaw drops and her face pales dramatically, he gives her the most unimpressed face he can manage. “It’s true and you’ve proven it three times in the last two days alone.

“I might have also pointed out that as a school teacher and a solo-act negotiator you don’t have the necessary experience to be senior administrator of such a large, high pressure Expedition.”

“I was the one that pointed out we were likely to meet a hostile force and the Expedition should be militarized.” John says from where he’s leaning in the doorway behind Elizabeth.

He’s pretty sure eavesdropping and butting into other people’s conversations are no-nos on the list John gave him so McKay just raises a disbelieving eyebrow. John raises an eyebrow right back and saunters into the room, ignoring Elizabeth completely.

“She wants to sleep with me?”

Rodney nods, helpless not to. He’s never been able to lie to his husband, not even before they started dating.

John looks at the woman. Gives her a quick, dismissive once over and shakes his head, “Not even with a rubber dick, lady.”

Elizabeth sputters but John ignores her artfully and offers Rodney his hand. “Come on, Mer. Hotch and the Admiral want to take us to lunch and, I believe, security is on it’s way to escort Dr. Weir to her exit interview.”

“Cool,” Rodney agrees, gamely taking his husband’s hand. “Is the General going? Because if not we can hit O’Malley’s. You have not had a steak until you’ve had one from O’Malley’s.”

John laughs. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and for half a heartbeat Rodney feels bad for Elizabeth to have missed this. Okay, maybe a quarter of a heartbeat. “Why can’t the General go to O’Malley’s?”

“It’s a long story, involving lying Tok’ra who lies and malfunctioning alien equipment but SG-1 is banned for life. Ask Jackson if you want the actual true story.”

John just nods and leads Rodney to the door, he knows his husband well enough to see that his soldier is getting him out of the line of fire and he tilts his head at the other man curiously.

“Oh, and Dr. Weir. In a few hours when you’re wondering what went wrong and thinking about doing something stupid, remember Dr. Rodney Mckay-Sheppard is mine and, yes, we are some of those Sheppards.”



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  1. Oh swoon. Those two already married and Hotch going to Atlantis? Best thing ever.

  2. So much us hinted at in this one!

    Another great story!

  3. I love this every time I read it, and I can just hear the inflection in John’s voice… “we’re some of THOSE Sheppards.” *cackle*

  4. Wonderful.
    Elizabeth had never been any kind of explorer and you have to assume a lot to think a negotiator was top priority when travelling to the unknown!

  5. So much fun to read!

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