tBS – Free Falling

Title: Free Falling
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Darcy, Mjolinr, Thor
Prompt: Desperation
Word Count: 511
Warning: No beta
Summary: The standard issue S.H.I.E.L.D. battle onsie is not designed to maximize wind resistance. Suddenly this feels like a gross oversight.



She is going to die.

Despite the utter desperation trying to choke her, Darcy Lewis shouts “Help!” with all her might.

The standard issue S.H.I.E.L.D. battle onsie is not designed to maximize wind resistance. Suddenly this feels like a gross oversight. As she plummets through the air at terminal velocity.

Working on the helicarrier should come with a squirrel suit at the very least. Surely some Stark electromagnetic magic could make it not a complete burden on humanity when you’re not falling thousands of feet through the air. She’ll ask him at the next opportunity. Dad won’t mind as long as she gets the paperwork in before the design is actually patented and produced.

“Gotcha!” Iron Man shouts but misses the rescue swipe as something heavy and bitey lands in the middle of his back. War MAchine is already covered in a dozen of the nasty creatures and Thor is nowhere in sight.

He better be securing their goddamn geek. That’s the whole reason she took this tumble in the first place and if Thor fails to protect Jane, Darcy will fucking haunt him forever. Jane is too delicate for this shit, alright? That whole Dark Matter thing really fucked her up, full out war with alien goblin things is a No Go for Dr. Jane.

“Aw, Christ. HELP!!” Darcy reaches upward. Someone’s got to be coming in with the swoop, right? It doesn’t even have to be a flying Avenger, a Hulk Battle Cuddle would do just fine! Maybe a Super Shield Divebomb, she’s not fucking picky!

There’s a tingle in her palm like she put her whole hand in a socket. Seconds later there’s a slap fit to shatter mountains and Darcy’s hand closes around a warm wooden handle.

Then impact.

“Mew Mew,” Darcy can’t believe her eyes. She can’t believe her hands! She’s standing in the middle of a crater that she just made with her body. She’s wearing armor. She’s wearing Thor’s armor including a bonus helmet she’s pretty sure Mew Mew stole from Zechs fucking Marquise -seriously? Who let the sentient hammer watch anime?- and most importantly she’s whole.

She’s better than whole, she’s strong and there’s a fire like no other burning in her veins.

Thor touches down on one side of her and Iron Man drops Cap on the other. In the distance she can hear the Widow’s favorite jet coming in for a landing.

“Nice upgrade, Sparky!” Iron Man slaps her on the back but she can barely feel it. Like it’s just a little tap rather than the whole body staggering experience she knows it should be but-

Her eyes are fixed on Thor. Mew Mew is his. Surely he wants her back. Darcy holds the hammer up to him but he just smiles at her, kind despite the worry she can see in his eyes and pulls a big ass axe –Jarnbjorn, a voice whispers in her head- out of fuck knows where and takes a ready stance she’s never seen him use before.

“Shall we?”



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