tBS – Perversely Pleased

Title: Perversely Pleased
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Jack O’Neill, Teal’c, Daniel Jackson
Prompt: Lint
Word Count: 627
Warning: No beta, Sentinel and Guides are Known, Canon Level Violence
Author’s Note: On the radio show they talked about Awakening by TheTenthMuse where the author brings up the idea that the Guide should be older than the Sentinel for various reasons. The idea makes so much sense I just had to poke at it.
Summary: A stick up goes poorly, but not for Jack.



“Hands in the air! Nobody move!”

Jack manfully bites back the urge to complain about contradictory orders as he raises his hands in the air but doesn’t otherwise move. T simply raises an eyebrow from where he was crouching to inspect the legs on the desk Jack was thinking about buying and complies also without otherwise moving.

Three perps, wild eyed and shaking, clutching the kind of hardware that really shouldn’t be available outside a military base move around the room. They demand wallets and watches. They are not organized, show no signs of real training and he and T could totally take them, but.

But they are in a civilian filled furniture shop.

It’s crowded with both people and junk and civilians are stupid around violence. If they do anything someone might get hurt.

One of the stupid tweekers makes his way over to them and finally spots T still holding the same crouch. Jack’s thighs burn in sympathy.

“Whoa!” The guy jerks back, finger dropping on the trigger.

Fesr spikes in Jack’s belly. Not for himself. He’s been held at gunpoint probably a hundred times on Earth itself. The fear is for Teal’c. You’d have to be brain dead not to see his buddy for the threat he really, truly is and this guy is high as a kite and already displaying a tendency to violence.

“Your friend instructed us not to move,” T reminds the little asshole calmly.

The deep, steady power of his voice seems to ground the guy a bit and he nods, “Okay, yeah. Stand up.”

Teal’c obeys, slowly so as not to startle the guy. By the time he stops unfolding the guy’s eyes are saucers again and Jack’s fear redoubles. More than that it crashes on his mind like a wave on the shore leaving his mind full and warm and liquid.

He knows what’s going on, of course. He’s had all the latent guide training classes there are. First in boot, then college, then OTS, and a few years ago when Sandburg revamped the process. He knows, okay?

It’s just not supposed to be happening.

He’s way too old for this, years past the oldest recorded onlining, two weeks out from the promotion to O-7 and command of the Mountain. Why is this happening now?

The answer, of course, reaches up and snaps the little tweaker’s neck with all the casual power of a man flicking lint off his sleeve. Then he turns and breaks the ring leader’s nose with the palm of his hand and killing him instantly before he to snarl at the group’s Speaker.

The asshole, finally showing some survival instinct, throws down his gun as he flees the premises.

The Sentinel snarls and moves to give chase but Jack can’t let that happen.

“No, Danny, stay here.” Wild blue eyes land on him and he holds the sentinel’s gaze without flinching. “You need to stay here, Danny. You need to protect your Guide.”

Danny moves closer to him, his head tilting this way and that like a bird of prey. “Guide.”

The question in him is so faint that Jack only really gets it from their tentative empathic connection.

“Your guide,” Jack confirms. “Me. If you want me.”

Danny snarls at him, infuriated by his doubt. “You. Guide.”

“Okay.” Jack opens his arms, asking for a hug. “You going to claim me?”

Danny stumbles forward and all but throws himself into Jack’s arms. He’s trembling and heat is just pouring off him, there is a desperate ache in his voice when he says, “Guide.”

Conversely, or perhaps perversely, that one word, that one tone, eases all Jack’s doubts and stops his fears. He smiles and closes his eyes, dizzyingly pleased as he says, “Sentinel.”



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  1. Very interesting premise and a nifty little story! I liked the description of Teal’c unfolding. I had a family member who was 6’7″ and unfolding is an excellent choice of words.

    thank you

  2. I may have just re-read this and um, screamed like a bird of prey at the end. And ummm, may have scared the shizzle out of my cats, but it was worth it. Sweet Circe but I love this!!! 🙂

  3. Lovely.
    Teal’c unfolding would be scary, but of course they underestimated Daniel.

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