EAD ~ Foursome Fic

Title: Foursome Fic
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: Harry Potter, BBC Merlin, BBC Sherlock
Genre: AU
Relationship(s): Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour/Cedric Diggory/Viktor Krum
Content Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No Beta, Dark Themes, Harry’s 14 = its platonic
Word Count: 10,982
Summary: Two of the Elder Dragons decide to fuck wit the Triwizard Tournament. The results are.. unexpected.



“Uh, darling?”

The Lord of Magic whips around at the unexpected sound of his consort sounding so… nervous? “What did you do?”

The blue dragon doesn’t even bother to look offended. “I may have made a mistake.”

“What,” He repeats. “Did you do?”

“Well, the twins are watching the Human Viewer, watching your wife’s chosen, the Potter child? They were watching the Goblet thing and I might have complained about what happens? And they looked at each other… and started cackling.”

“Tooth and Claw,” He breathes. Love and Hate working together? Love and Hate cackling together. “This shit is why humans hate us.” He announces even as he starts tracing his children’s magic to see what the fuck they’ve done now.


Fleur Delacour does her best to maintain her decorum as she approaches Headmaster Dumbledore.

Smirking is acceptable, skipping is not.

Still, skipping seems like an entirely adequate response. Two of the three Tri-Wizard champions drawn and neither of them are fully human? That should show this racist, backward country a thing or two.

She hasn’t seen any never-actually-human students among the Hogwarts population but there are two werewolves she’s found and if one of them was chosen well that would be a non-human sweep! And if that happens? Xenophobes the world over, watch out! It’s statement time!

She enters a room made of yet more shiny white marble with dark cast iron fixtures and finds the half-dragon leaning against the mantle of a fireplace big enough to fit her entire bedstead at home.

“Viktor?” She can almost see the shadow of his wings standing tall from his shoulders as the half-Dragon turns to face her. She extends her hand, “Fleur Delacour.”

His mouth twists into what’s probably supposed to be a smile and shakes her hand-

Oh. Well. That’s rather unexpected, isn’t it? She’d seen soulmate magic ramping up as the ceremony progressed but she never would have guessed it was meant for her.

“Soul mates?” The Bulgarian boy growls.

She nods, she can already feel a fledgling connection between them though that could just be because they are still holding hands. Nope, that magic is just them. “Soul mates.” She agrees.

Viktor rolls his eyes and shakes his head but she can feel that he’s really quite pleased.

The door to the chamber squeals open and another boy wearing the gold and black accented version of the Hogwarts uniform joins them.

“Cedric Diggory,” He introduces himself with a dashing smile and offers her his hand.

She takes it and- again?!?

Fleur glances over to Viktor who is standing suddenly wary and alert.

“Fleur,” she says, shakily covering her lapse and completely ignoring the third champion’s confusion. “This is Viktor.”

Viktor shakes Cedric’s hand and now she can feel him in the bond

“What in the,” Cedric runs his hand through his hair and she can practically hear his mind whirring. “Soul mates?” He asks.

“Soul mates,” she confirms.

“Soul mates,” Viktor agrees.

Cedric leans back against one of the fireplace’s finely carved posts. “What does this even mean?”

The door creaks again. Finally, she can tell Madame Maxine and-

A little boy walks dazedly through the forest of trophies and Fleur feels Cedric’s stomach drop.

“Yes, what is it?” She asks impatiently. “Do you have a message? Do they want us back in the Hall?”

The boy for some reason goes even more pale. “No, I- I’m competing, I guess.”

Fleur doesn’t even know what to say. Four champions? One of them so small and young? He’s going to die! This must be a joke!

“Harry,” Cedric moves to the boy and claps a comforting hand gently on the back of the boy’s neck. Fleur feels the recognition flare through Cedric and looks at Viktor, finding he felt it too.

“What?” Little Harry. Harry Potter, Cedric mentally tells her, looks so confused and hurt.

“I’m Fleur.” She offers her hand. He takes it and yup, there he is.

“Viktor,” another handshake and Harry settles fully into their fledgling bond.

The boy reels internally so hard Fleur has to fight not to get sick all over the shiny white floor.

“Soul mates?” Their Harry asks, just above a whisper.

They hardly even get the chance to nod before they hear Madame Maxime and Highmaster Karkaroff shouting their way into the room. The three Headmasters and various Ministry officials stop at the sight of all four champion standing, seemingly united.

Dumbledore sighs at the lot of them and asks gently. “Harry, did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire?”

She places her hand on her soul mate’s back. He stands up straighter and answers with something that might almost be confidence, “No.”

“Of course he is lying!” Madame Maxime purrs furiously, though her eyes are watchful and concerned.

“It hardly matters, Headmistress.” She says in French before anyone can interject. “The four of us have formed a fledgling soul bond and therefore must be disqualified from the competition.”

Madame Maxime and one of the Ministry officials squawk and Dumbledore sighs again, rubbing his hand over her eyes.

“A soul bond?” Hogwarts’ Head asks. “The four of you?”

“That’s right.” Cedric physically moves so that he’s in front of but not quite blocking Harry from the officials’ view. “And it is an international crime against magic to put us into any sort of contention or separate us against our will or to do anything else that might damage our bond.”

“We can’t compete.” Viktor finishes, moving up to mirror Cedric on the other side.

The school heads, two professors, and two Ministry officials pull back and all start bickering at each other. As if there is anything they can do to change a soul bond, Fleur rolls her eyes at them and she doesn’t bother to be sly about it.

Professor McGonagall, the only professor worth knowing in the entire school as far as Fluer can tell, steps up to them with a gentle smile. “Congratulations, all four of you. This is a rare and amazing magical gift you’ve been given, I hope you do not squander it.”

They all nod to her, still mostly confused, but she just nods back.

“Dobby,” she calls and a house elf appears in a flash. “Show them to guest quarters, please. Suite Four should meet their needs nicely.”

“Yes, Professor Kitty!” The house elf stands at attention and honest to Gaia salutes. “Follow Dobby, pease! It be this way!”

They start to move past but McGonagall places a gentle hand on Harry’s shoulder. “You have plenty of time before curfew to make it to the suite but if you find that Hedwig needs exercise, Dobby will be sure to be helpful. Wouldn’t want you to get caught out after curfew after all.”

Harry just nods dazedly and follows Viktor out the door.

“Who is Hedwig?” She asks a floor later.

“Oh, what? Oh. Hedwig is my owl.” Fleur gets a mental scene of a snowy white owl flying to land on a little wrist wearing a falcon glove. “I don’t know why- I mean, what?”

“I think she was telling us to send a letter.” Cedric puts in, half turning to face them. “But what kind of letter? And to who?”

Fleur catches Viktor’s eye and they nod, already on the same page. “Leave it to us. We know what to do.”


When they enter the guest suite, Dobby turns to Harry, “There be four bedrooms for yous. I be bringing your things?”

At Fleur’s nod, Harry smiles at the little elf as best he can. “If you would, please.”

“I takes care of it right now.” And the little guy pops away with a snap.

“Sit,” Viktor Krum points them to the seating area in front of the fire. Then he walks around the area rugs drawing glowing symbols with his wand. Once they are surrounded by a glowing box of runes? Harry’s pretty sure those are runes, Viktor makes a few more gestures and mutters something. The box disappears and Viktor sits looking pleased.

“Wards?” Cedric asks.

“Privacy Wards,” Fleur confirms. “Fairly advanced ones.”

“First rule of Durmstrang,” Krum rumbles. “Protect your privacy, or whatever you say will be used against you.”

“So what now?” Cedric asks after a moment of silence.

“We are soul mates. We have been given a sacred, magical gift but we have to chose it.” Fleur declares. “The box is in front of you, wrapped and lovely, but you have to open it.”

“Do you have anything on what it means and how we do this?” Cedric asks. “I have an idea of what is before us but you seem to know more?”

“Veela all covet soul matings. It is our… species imperative? Yes, our imperative to search out our soul mate so yes we have extensive writings of the phenomenon. However, I am worried about Professor McGonagall’s implication that we will need outside help in order to protect ourselves.” Fleur looks directly at Harry and meets his lovely green gaze head on. “You should write your account manager. The goblins of the bank have strong feelings about soul bonds as well, they will no doubt be our best and strongest ally locally.”

“Account manager?” Harry asks confused. “I don’t have an account manager. I mean, I just have that one small vault.”

All three older teens freeze and look at each other.

Cedric clears his throat. “Uh, Harry. You’re the last Potter.”


“That makes you the defacto head of House Potter whether you have claimed the lordship or not.”

“I don’t have a lordship!”

“Yes, you do.” Viktor rumbles. Glancing at the other two, confused.

“Harry, you have one of the only internationally-recognized titles in the world.” Fleur informs him with a passion. “The Peverelles of France and Italy joined the Potter line of the Britain to end a war. The treaty established the ICW as we know it today. You are the last in a long line of famous people. Who is your Guardian? Why haven’t they told you this?”

“They- Uh-” Harry’s face goes white and the three teens get a flash of a horsey faced woman shouting and slapping Harry in the face. That gets stomped out and they get an image of a boulder of a man, shouting with spittle flying and advancing on Harry, clutching a belt like it’s a weapon. Again that’s stomped out and they get a flash of a smirking boy then Harry physically runs from them.

He stumbles into a bathroom and starts retching. Cedric follows immediately and starts trying to comfort their mate without touching him or distressing him further.

Fleur and Viktor sit there for several moments and listen furiously as Cedric promises Harry he’s safe and that they will never hurt him. Fleur doesn’t- she doesn’t know. What to do, what to think. Her soul mate has been physically and emotionally abused! Deprived of his heritage, deprived of the protection and human decency he deserves for just being alive, much less anything else! And there is so much else about him!

“My uncle is the Minister for Magic of Bulgaria.” Viktor says softly.

“Good. Write him immediately. And your father. My father is the ICW representative for France.” Fleur perks up. “My great aunt is the Veela Queen.”

Viktor’s eyes light up catching her thought instantly. “As your mate, Harry is now in the line of succession.”

“It makes him family. Which makes his affairs the personal purview of our Queen.” She agrees. “Dobby!” She cries just to see if the elf will answer.

“Yes, Miss Harry Potter’s Flower?” The elf asks as he wrings his ears and glances Harry Potter’s way.

“Where are my things, dear one?”

The elf twitters and blushes before turning to point. “I puts them in the Lady’s rooms. Mister Harry Potter Sir’s things be in the Lord’s rooms. Mister Harry Potter’s Ceddy and Mister Harry Potter’s Dragon be in the guest rooms left and right of the door. I bes leaving the Chaperone’s rooms for guests.”

“Thank you, dear one. That will be all for now.”

The blushes again disappears.

“That elf is bonded to Harry, isn’t he?” Viktor asks.

Fleur nods as she stands to find the Lady’s rooms. “He does seem to be rather the center of the elf’s universe, doesn’t he?”

When she returns, Cedric is closing the door to the Lord’s rooms. She can feel his distress churning in her gut. “Everything alright?”

“Dobby helped me put Harry to bed. He’s hit saturation.”

Fleur tilts her head in question as they rejoin Viktor in the conversation area.

Cedric huffs. “This is the day his parents died, Halloween. On top of that, on the same day, someone’s tried to kill him. He got picked from the Goblet to compete in the tournament. He’d never vocalize it but he is very aware that he is not prepared for this and that the tournament could quite easily kill him.”

“Then, suddenly he has soul mates.” She nods. Even without bonding that’s a full day.

“He doesn’t know what that means.” Cedric corrected. “He only has the muggle frame of reference.”

“So the first thing we need to do is educate him?” Viktor asks.

“No. We need to make sure he’s safe, make sure he feels safe, and guarantee he doesn’t have to compete in anyway. Then we spend the morning -all day tomorrow, if we have to- explaining to him what soul mates are and what we’ve done to help him.” Cedric runs a hand over his face. “My dad works for the Ministry but I don’t think he would be any help. He works for Magical Creature  Regulation and Control and he’s… militant. He’s really racist and he kind of hates Harry?

“He’s not a Death Eater,” He hastens to assure them. “He just… likes attention? And he seems to think Harry’s existence takes attention that I deserve from me and therefore attention he deserves from him? If that makes any sense?”

Viktor just nods.

Instinctively she knows they need to lighten the mood before the negativity impacts their bond, or worse -wakes Harry, so she tries. “You might want to see about getting yourself disowned. You know, in the name of getting your future self laid.”

That earns her a bark of surprised laughter from Cedric and a grin from Viktor.

“Oh, I’m sure if he could do it, this bonding would be enough to make my father disown me but the Diggory Family name and magic actually comes from my mother. We aren’t noble by any means but we are one of the oldest families in Britain.

“The magic requires a patriarch to carry on and we were almost completely wiped out by the war -only mum and granddad were left- so grandad contracted my mother to a Weasley since they always have boys. But anyway,” Cedric pointedly flashes the ring sitting pretty on his right hand. “I claimed my role as patriarch just before school started. We haven’t told my father because before I even started the ritual my mother requested a divorce.

“My mum hates my father. He doesn’t even live with us. He just trots me around every once in awhile to maintain the happy family fiction. And for attention, like I said.

“I’ve granted her the divorce so my headship and especially my bonding is none of his business. The paperwork should be done soon and the current plan is to remove him from the family magic at Yule so he won’t have the name or even look like us anymore.”

Fleur takes a moment to let the level of disdain and even fury for her mate’s biological father sink in. It doesn’t feel wrong or unsettled in him. In fact, to her it feels like it could go very deep, like a river running through his soul.

Not what she expected from the Hufflepuff reputation of goodness and light.

Though, honestly, it just makes him a better fit for her and Viktor.

“Don’t worry,” Fleur tells him, returning to the original subject at hand. “We have plenty of connections to help up here. They are international but perhaps that is what the situation needs?”

“You might be right, but I want us to agree on two things first.” Cedric tells them with enough authority to make it attractive rather than off putting.

“Those are?”

“First, we need to explain whatever we do to Harry before we allow anyone into or out of the suite. He is our soul mate and we want to protect him. I feel that on some level he probably understands that but we don’t want to smother him.”

“Especially because he’s used to being the protector.” She guesses.

Cedric considers that and then concedes with a nod.

“Don’t want to control him.” Viktor adds. He sounds almost bitter but his fame would give him the most insight into Harry’s situation. “He has too many controlling him already.”

Fleur and Cedric both nod at that. The strongest sense she got from Harry before he fell asleep was that he was falling or maybe drowning. They need to be the bedrock, his bedrock. They need to help him find his feet and stand tall.

“Second,” Cedric takes up the thread again. “No one gets to raise their voice at him. I don’t care who they are or what right they think they have. We get a lot of abused kids in Hufflepuff and that was definitely a trigger for him.”

Fleur doesn’t even try not to wince. “Especially from a woman, yes?”

The boys must have gotten a good look at that woman because they nod. Viktor looking sympathetic, Cedric looking resolved.

“Write your father,” Fleur orders Viktor. He nods and ambles off to his room for supplies while she picks up the fancy hand mirror she fetched from her room. “Memere.”

It’s only an hour time difference so, of course someone answers. Not the owner of the mirror, no. Her great aunt the queen would never answer her own mirror but Fleur’s first cousin once removed -the heir- is not so lucky.

“Is there something wrong, my flower?” Aphrodite Krasiv answers without looking up from her correspondence. At Fleur’s continued silence, she looks up, “Flower?”

“I’ve found my soul mate.”

Her cousin’s smile, not at all jealous even though she’s still looking for her own mate. The older woman looks legitimately happy for her. Honestly Fleur doesn’t know if it’s a talent or not. “Congratulations!”

“I actually have three soul mates.”

Something is dropped on the other side of the call and it’s loud enough to have Viktor running in to help. Fleur waves him off as her grand aunt leans over her daughter’s shoulder to see Fleur’s face.

“Three?” The Queen of the Veela looks shocked. “Four people in a single soul bond… that’s never happened before! We’ll see you at breakfast.”

“Wait, memere!” She calls as the woman reaches up to clear the mirror. “We need more from you than that!”

Hera Krasiv stops and raises an eyebrow. “We?”

“Of course, this is Cedric,” Fleur faces the mirror at the British man. He blushes and waves. “And this is Viktor.” Viktor nods respectfully.

“And who is your fourth? It must be quite someone if you have Viktor Krum as part of the run up.”

Fleur smiles at the only grandmother she’s ever known’s sardonic tone. “I’m afraid he’s had a very difficult day and we’ve already put him to bed.”

That earns her an unimpressed look for the ages.

“Harry Potter.”

The family side of the mirror dissolves into cursing.


“Harry,” A gentle hand darts to his shoulder briefly before running away. “Harry, wake up, will you?”

Harry opens his eyes to see Cedric Diggory leaning against one of his bed posts, dressed comfortably in jeans and a jumper.

Harry tries not to get embarrassed by the memory of the older student putting him to bed but then he remembers the whole soul mate thing and honestly doesn’t know if that makes things better or worse.

“What’s going on?”

“McGonagall excused us from classes today. We have a lot to talk about and some visitors coming to visit -Fleur and Viktor’s family mostly. You up for it?”

Not really but it’s not like it’s going to go away. “Yeah, give me a minute and I’ll be out.”

Cedric nods and leaves.

Harry doesn’t have any casual clothes he’d want to wear in front of, well, his soul mates’ family so he pulls on a pair of uniform pants and one of the sweaters Mrs. Weasley made him.

When he leaves his bedroom, all three of his mates are sitting around the long dining table in one side of the suite’s common room. They look to be laughing but he can’t hear anything so he figures Viktor must have put up another privacy ward.

Honestly, the idea that one of his mates knows so much about warding and stuff is really comforting so he’s not surprised to find himself offended at being accidentally excluded.

He steps up to the table, “Morning.”

“Good morning, ‘arry,” Fleur smiles as she focuses on him. “How are you feeling?”

“Uh,” he falters. “Confused.”

“The soul mate thing?” Cedric asks gently.

“Yeah, that.”

“I don’t know how much you know so how about I give you the highlights and we’ll get you books on the matter for your leisure?”

He smiles with relief at the quarter Veela. “Okay.”

“Soul mates are the highest magical Gift given to humanity the the Elder Dragons. The Elder Dragons are the deities most of magical kind outside -and many inside- Britain acknowledge.

“My people, the Veela, consider soul mates sacred. You recognize your soul mate, or in this case soul mates through touch. You can choose to ignore it but that’s extremely painful for everyone involved or you can accept it.

“Once you accept your soul mate you will form a bond. Friends, siblings, lovers. Your soul mate is everything you need, not that you can’t have other friends but soul mates are people you can trust beyond all others. Over time, if we all accept the gift, we will naturally prioritize each other over all other considerations.”

“Once we’ve accepted? So what about right now? We’ve just recognized it, right?”

“Right.” She nods decisively once and takes a moment to call Dobby to request breakfast for them. “At this point our bonds are tentative until we intentionally deepen them. They are fragile right now and it’s considered a crime against magic for anyone to do something that could damage them, like putting us in competition with each other.”

“So the Tournament?”

“There is a magical contract that requires us to participate but it would be illegal for us to go through with it. That’s why I called my Grand Aunt, she is the Queen of the Veela Empire and she has the clout to make anyone that thinks they can force us to compete,” That very thought gets a scowl. “Back off.”

“And your guys are okay with that? You all wanted to take part in the Tournament, right?”

“This is more important.” Viktor says simply and the other two nod their agreement.

“And we have to believe someone was trying to kill you, Harry,” Cedric says almost gently. “There’s no way you could have forced the Goblet to pick a fourth competitor. We talked about it and we have ideas about how it could have happened but they don’t even teach that magic at Hogwarts. On top of that, you said you didn’t put your name in. That means someone else did and people have died from this competition, so someone wants you dead.”

“Yeah, um, so Voldemort isn’t dead?” Harry confesses because that’s kind of important. His mates’ eyes show shock but none of them flinch and the arsehat’s name so that’s good. “I mean I fought him first year and a magical… thing working on his behalf second year so I know he’s not dead. He’s the only person I know of that wants me dead, so.”

“Quirrell,” Cedric realizes in a sigh. “That’s how Quirrell died.”

“Voldemort was possessing him. He was under the turban.”

“But how could Voldemort have gotten Harry into the Tournament?” Fleur asks and that’s.. kind of amazing.

He’s never had someone just believe him before. If this is the magic of soul mates he wants them to bond right now!

“Karkaroff was a Marked Death Eater.” Viktor says bluntly. “At school and on the ship he is quite proud of having served Voldemort. He doesn’t say anything where Dumbledore might hear but it is true.”

“And if he’s Marked he has to do Voldemort’s will.” Cedric runs a hand over his face. “And Snape? Karkaroff’s been trying to corner him since he showed up.”

Viktor shrugs but then how would he know?

“Any more questions about soul mates?” Fleur asks.

“Do you know any? Other than us?”

That earns him a smile though he doesn’t quite know why. “My grandmother soul-mated a human wizard. Unfortunately, my grandfather died before I was born and my grandmother followed shortly after but my mother is also soul-mated to a human wizard.”

“Will she be here?”

“I doubt we could keep her or the Queen away. As long as we are in this country, I don’t believe they would see us as safe. We might end up with armed guards for the duration.”

Harry is not opposed to that. Especially if his death would kill the three of them as Fleur’s comments about her grandparents seem to imply.

“I don’t think I would be opposed to leaving the country. Do you think we would be safer at Beauxbatons or Durmstrang?”

“Safest is tutoring at home.”

Fleur nods her agreement with Viktor’s statement. “Especially with the newness of our bond, separation for classes would probably be a bad idea but I would want to check with memere before I commit to that comment.”

“And there’s your title,” Cedric puts in. “Fleur said it’s recognized it France and Italy but what does that mean? Will it make leaving Britain easier or more difficult? What kind of rights does it give you? How will we all be impacted?”

“In any other country, we would already be considered married but Britain is quite backwards.” Fleur tells them almost imperiously. “Viktor and I aren’t British citizens though, so we might be considered married already by the ICW which beats local laws in member states, of which Britain is one.”

“You think that will matter?” Cedric asks.

“I think Lord Potter, Lady Potter and the two Consorts of Potter have more rights than four different students from three different schools.”

“More responsibilities.” The taciturn Bulgarian adds.

“Right,” Fleur nods and checks her watch. “Memere should be here soon. Madame Maxime promised to keep the idiots running the Tournament distracted and Professor McGonagall said she would show Memere her way here.”

Cedric smiles. “We should all live in fear of that friendship. If Maxine and McGonagall set their minds to it, they could take over the world.”

“Oh, easily,” Fleur laughs and there is a knock at their door.

Viktor answers with his wand drawn and Cedric tucked just around the edge of the archway. McGonagall enters with four blond women almost as lovely as Fleur and three armored goblins.

“Memere!” Fleur pops to her feet and rushes over the kiss the fierce white haired woman in the lead on each cheek.

“Flower, it’s good to see you so well. Will you introduce us?”

“Of course, memere, these are Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter, and Viktor Krum, my soul mates.” She gestures to each of them as she goes. “Guys, this is my grand aunt, Her Highness Queen Hera Kravnis. With her are her heir Aphrodite Kravnis and her younger twin sisters, Helen and Clytemnestra.”

“My companions are Ragnok the seventh of his name, High Chieftain of the Goblin Horde. Don’t call him a king, he doesn’t like it.” Hera tells them a little meanly. Harry can’t quite be sure but he thinks the goblin huffs at the veela and that might be a bit of a smile? But really he doesn’t know. “With him is his heir Ragnok the 8th and his younger son Ragnorock the first.

“Ragnok has some explaining to do, shall we be seated?”

They move to the seating area by the fire.

McGonagall transfigures several more chairs and another couch for the company before turning to Harry. “Would you like me to stay as your advocate?”

Which is somewhat boggling. She’s his Head of House and he’s rather fond of her but she’s never really advocated for him before? At least not that he’s seen.

Harry shakes his head. “I have three advocates, Professor.”

His mates beam at him.

McGonagall nods. “Then I’ll go backup Madame Maxime and Master Li.”

She leaves and Harry can’t help but frown.

Queen Hera chuckles. “I’m afraid my nephew in-law, Fleur’s father Ethan, has the ICW in a bit of a stir over this whole situation. He along with the representatives from Brazil and Australia are setting up the ground work in case intervention is necessary. The representative from China decided to come along and evaluate the situation for himself.”

Harry nods, not really sure what to say.

Hera gives him an understanding smile and prompts. “Chieftain?”

“Of course,” the largest of the three goblins says in a deep, craggy voice. He pauses for a moment, considering. “The best place I can see to begin is with an apology. Or perhaps an oath.” The goblin king puts one long nailed finger to his breast bone and declares, “I solemnly swear on my magic and the life of the Goblin Horde that I will tell Harry James Potter the full truth from this day until his last day.”

Harry watches shocked as a sweep of magic shoots from the Goblin’s ring and encircles him. It glows brightly for just a moment and then disappears without a trace.

Harry glances up to Cedric who nods to him. “An Unbreakable Vow.”

“Okay, why?” He can’t help but be bewildered.

Fortunately the goblin is unoffended. “Several things have been happening in my bank that never should have been able to happen. These things have had significant impact on creating the situation you currently find yourself in. They is my fault and because of that, as well as the depth and breadth of the breech myself and all of the Horde are in your debt.”

What the- “What happened?”

“Roughly 200 years ago there was a dragon pox epidemic. It killed many and orphaned many more. Specifically it left three Potter/Peverell children orphaned. When they Ministry appointed guardian came to the bank to see to his duties, he asked for the Potter Accounts and was given the Potter Accounts. The problem is that he was given only the Potter Accounts and the Peverell Accounts were left to the soul supervision of the account manager. He was soon killed and his clan appointed a new manager without approval of the Potters or myself.

“The clan of that unsupervised account manager used the Peverelle Accounts for their own gain.” Ragnok clarifies. “They controlled your interests, made investment decisions illegally using your family’s name and a number of distantly related witches and wizards to do their bidding. They also stole unrepentantly from the accounts since the early 1800s.

“When your parents died, that account manager put off the Ministry in regards to your father’s Will. To both divert my discovery of their actions and to allow them to absorb the Potter Accounts into their theft.”

“That’s why I went to the Dursley’s?”

“That’s why you went to the Dursley’s,” Ragnok nods. His face contains a fury that makes Harry wonder if he knows about- but why would he care? “That’s also why Sirius Black went to jail when your parents’ will would have cleared him of wrongdoing and seen Peter Pettigrew in Azkaban.”

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, Harry covers his face with a hand. A big hand pulls him against a strong chest and he allows Viktor to comfort him. A sweet smelling body leans into his other side as a third settles into place at his feet.

He allows himself to indulge for several moments before wiping his eyes and looking up at the Chieftain. He feels defiant about it so he doesn’t leave the comfort of his mates as he asks, “What are you going to do about it?”

“Perhaps most important to you, I’ve already sent the Will to the ICW to be executed. Your god father will be cleared, healed, and the Horde will see him returned to you. Peter Pettigrew’s crimes will be revealed to the world at large and we will hunt him ourselves if you wish it.

“On the bank level, every adult member of the clan that did this to you has been executed,” Ragnok says simply. “The children have been adopted to other clans and will be re-educated but never allowed to work with accounts as long as they live. The clan’s name has been declared both dead and taboo. It is the greatest shame we have as a people. The clan name can never be reused in any way and the clan can never be reestablished. Even speaking the clan’s name will strike the speaker dead. All of the Clan’s assets have been surrendered in their entirety to the Potter and Peverell accounts.

“Fortunately, they have done many canny and lucrative things in your name and with your money. Including establishing both Beauxbatons and Durmstrang and a dozen magical hospitals and several non-profit wilderness preserves -to offset estate taxes, of course. Combine that with the clan’s holdings and you are the richest single customer Gringotts has.

“But none of that changes what happened to you and your family. We are still in violation of contract and have been for 200 years. If this breech gets out to the general public not only will the Bank be destroyed, the Horde’s honor will be destroyed, and your family will suffer politically and socially for being so taken advantage of.”

“What are you going to do about it?” Harry repeats.

“That is quite up to you, my young lord. Thirty-nine adult goblins were directly involved in this fraud. As far as I’m concerned that’s thirty-nine life debts we owe you. There is also the matter of the three witches and four wizards involved in these crimes but the real question is, what do you want?”

The same thing he’s always wanted, really. “I want to feel safe.”

The goblin blinks at him. And then blinks again. “You will need to claim your title, my lord.”

Harry raises a questioning eyebrow.

“Once you have claimed your title, you can formally align your House with the Horde. We can then raise war wards on this castle and on any other residence in which you might decide to stay. We can tailor them any which way you like and no one will be able to say anything because no one has the right to tell a lord how he may protect his domain.”

“Can you design them to repel, say followers of Voldemort?” Cedric asks.

“Of course,” the Chieftain answers in a flat but earnest tone. “We can make them lethal, if Lord Potter wishes. And set them to just Marked followers or we can include those oathbound to him. There are approximately three dozen Marked Death Eaters that wandering about that of course have no business even being on Lord Potter’s property muchless breathing his air.”

“I don’t know anything about being a lord.” Harry voices the obvious objection.

“Aphrodite will teach you.” Hera volunteers as the woman stands and moves behind Harry’s couch, marking herself clearly as part of Harry’s retinue. “She’s already agreed to be your teacher and… handmaiden, I suppose, in the event that you need assistance in this area. She’s a future Queen and has been trained for it since birth. She also has an International Mastery in Wizarding Law, there isn’t a social situation you can’t get into that she can’t help you navigate.

“Though,” She adds offhandedly. “If you’re going to duel someone I would suggest taking the twins as your second.”

“We can also provide you with more,” Ragnok steps in again but pauses for a moment. “Traditional security. Ragnorock commands the Horde’s elite warriors. They handle my personal security and I feel it is entirely appropriate to extend their services to you once we are formally allied. They can go anywhere you can go, they can secure property or persons in your name, and they have magic and other abilities few, if any, Wizards can successfully counter.”

“You’re giving me an army.” Harry just has to clarify.

“I’m giving you an army,” Ragnok confirms. “They are prepared to come on duty the moment you accept your title.”

“Okay,” Harry looks up at Ragnorock. “Welcome aboard, I guess.”

The goblin nods and moves to stand behind Harry’s couch with Aphrodite. Aphrodite extends her hand to the goblin with wry grin. The goblin grins right back and takes her hand.

“Oh.” They both freeze and Fleur practically cackles.

“Congratulations, cousin!” His female mate cheers as her cousins echo her. “Guess now we can be sure the two of you will work well together.”

Harry glances at Queen Hera and winces. The others look over and see her frown.

Hera waves off the concern she can feel starting to build in her companions. “Oh, I’m just concerned about heirs.” She explains. “He’s king’s blood so it won’t affect Aphrodite’s inheritance but they won’t be able to have children. Right?” She looks at Ragnok. “Veela and Goblins aren’t compatible to reproduce, correct?”

“You are correct but blood adoption is perfectly legal, is it not?”

“It is,” The veela queen nods once and sits back, comforted. “Quite right. And there are always orphans looking for a good home.”

“With that settled,” Ragnok says, seemingly amused and holds out a leather covered ring box to Harry.

He accepts the box and opens in. Nestled in a satin cushion is a ring of gold that has the head of a lion carved in fine detail staring up at him with a large ruby clutched in his mouth.

Harry touches the ring and gets a jolt that goes straight to his soul. There’s no echoey sensation like when he met his mates but still a heavy hand on his soul, on his magic, weighing and judging the very core of him. There’s a flash of light and when his eyes clear the ring is sitting on his right hand.

“Hail Lord Harry of Houses Potter and Peverell,” Queen Hera and High Chieftain Ragnok say together, their younger companions repeat the refrain a beat behind.

“Okay. Uh, thank you.” Harry says. “Now what?”

“Now we update the wards.” Ragnok glances at his heir-son.

The goblin in question bows. “With your permission, Lord Potter.”

Harry nods and for some reason holds up his ring.

The goblin seems to expect it though because he just nods, touches the ring, and leaves. At the door, he shouts some orders. Harry hears people shuffle around out there and gets a view of a few humans joining Ragnok the Eighth, including Bill Weasley, before the door closes.

“If you wish,” Ragnok picks up again. “In the event the local government fails to execute the Will of a Peer, they can be bypassed and the Will can be executed by the ICW.”

“That way they can announce Sirius’ innocence to everybody.” Harry pauses and frowns. “It does say Sirius is innocent, doesn’t it?”

“It does indeed.”

“Good. Do it.”

“Now, perhaps we can discuss the soulbond?” Queen Hera asks in a tone that says they had better be ready to discuss the soulbond.

“Of course, your Highness.”

She smiles at him. “It would please me if you would call me ‘memere’ as Fleur does. All four of you.” They nod and she continues. “It is customary for us, the veela, to announce our soul matings in the paper in France. In the event of a three-person mating -which is how we have decided to handle your four-person mating- we get a front page spread in every country the bond mates are from, informing the reader thoroughly of what a soul bonding is and what it means. We also include the names and pictures of the bondmates.”

Harry swallows hard, his gut clenching.

“Now this is what the front of the Daily Prophet looks like right now.” She pulls a Prophet out of her bag. The front page is blank except for the daily Daily Prophet header and large text saying that an announcement is pending. “It will remain this way until all four of you read the proposed article and sign the master copy of your own free will.”

This time she pulls out a scroll and hands it directly to Harry. Without looking at it, he passes it to Fleur.

Fleur, for her part, accepts the scroll without comment and immediately starts to read. She’s smiling when she finishes and signs and Harry feels his gut begin relax. She passes it to Cedric next. Cedric signs it and passes it to Viktor. Viktor’s eyebrows raise a few times as he reads but in the end he’s nodding.

“You will make copies of the books you mention available to us?” He asks, as he takes the quill and signs.

“Of course, I brought four copies along because I wasn’t sure what Fleur already had.” One of the twin veela place four sets of three books on the coffee table between them.

Harry eyes the books as he takes the scroll from Viktor. “And once this is published we won’t have to go through with the Tournament?”

Queen Hera nods. “The ICW will guarantee it but if they should somehow fail, we have several contingency plans.”


The title of the piece is a Prophet-typical lurid:

Surprise rocks the Triwizard Tournament Champion Selection Ceremony!

Below that are pictures of the four of them, forming a box and all equal sized.

The actual article describes the events of the Selection Ceremony in a single paragraph. The rest of the page is then dedicated to defining and describing a soul bond, what it means for the people involved in the bond and the country or countries they live in. It then ends with a dire warning about the consequences of interfering with a bond.

“Do you think the warning should be, I don’t know, more detailed?” He asks.

“I don’t think so.” Hera raises both eyebrows at him. “We do want them to read the warning, after all. And normally we don’t include a warning in any form but we reconsidered that due to your and Viktor’s fame and how many people that might tempt into doing something stupid.”

“Okay,” Harry’s not convinced and he doesn’t try to hide it.

“Perhaps a single additional sentence?” Ragnok offers from where he’s perusing the article for himself. “About courting war with the Horde if someone were to damage these four or their bond in any way?”

“I suppose we could,” Hera holds out an imperious hand for the scroll and Ragnok hands it over. She extends the scroll a few inches and adds a few sentences.

When she’s done, she hands the corrected scroll directly to Harry who reads the sentence and grins. War with the Goblin Horde and the Veela Empire? Yeah, that’ll do. He signs the document. There’s a whoosh and they all see the article appear on the front page of the Prophet.

“I’ve taken the liberty of providing every student a copy of today’s paper.” Hera tells them delicately and Fleur honest to Merlin cackles.

Cerdic grins. “Any more business?”

Ragnok and Hera exchange looks. “Nothing pressing. I should go stick my foot in whatever stupidity your Ministry thinks it’s going to get up to.”

“And I should go check on the warding team.” Ragnok agrees.

“Good.” Cedric picks up a stack of books and hands one to Harry and one to Viktor. “We should relax and read so we can all talk about all of this from an informed standpoint.”

“I will brush up British Noble Protocols.” Aphrodite declares. “I know the international standard but somethings can vary from country to country.”

“I’m going to set up patrols of the grounds and see if we can find clues about who put Lord Potter’s name in the Goblet of Fire.” Ragnorock stands when his father does.

Harry wants to object but he really can’t. There is something he can do, though, “I want everyone to have guards.” Hera and Ragnok open their mouths to protest but Harry just raises an eyebrow. “We just declared our alliance and threatened war with all of Europe in the morning paper. Everyone should have guards.”

Queen Hera nods once in ascent. “Mixed groups would be wise. I’ll give you the twins and take two goblin guards.”

“Agreed,” Ragnok looks pointedly at Ragnorock who just grins and scampers for the door.

“What shall I do?” Fleur asks, looking between her three men with almost a pout. “I have already read the books and I do not wish to leave the suite.”

Uh, Harry looks to Cedric and Viktor. Cedric’s face looks blank and vaguely terrified as he chews on his bottom lip and Viktor’s face is screwed up like he’s thinking.

“Holidays?” He asks.

Cedric snaps and points at him. “We need somewhere to spend the summer. Somewhere big enough we can take our families along?”

“And we might need somewhere to retreat to.” Fleur agrees with a nod then focuses on Ragnok. “I’m going to need a property catalogue.”

“Of course, Lady Potter.” The goblin pulls a parchment and writes on it briefly. Then, on second thought, he writes some more and pockets the note. Seconds later he reaches into his other pants pocket and pulls out a pair of ledger-like books, way too big to actually fit inside his pocket, from his pocket. Together the books are as thick as Harry’s hand and they are both larger than legal-sized paper. The goblin places them on the coffee table in front of Fleur. “The Peverell and Potter Property catalogues. Dwelling places are first, followed by businesses. Types of businesses are indicated by the colored edging on the page.

“And,” He reaches back in his pocket and pulls out another pair of books. He floats them toward his new daughter in-law with a little grin. “The Noble Protocols for Britain, a historical record and current practices.”

Aphrodite accepts them with a nod, “Thank you, father,” and she moves off to the dining table.

“With your leave?”

Harry nods and Queen Hera and Ragnok leave, leaving Harry alone with his soulmates and, distantly, Aphrodite.

Fleur joins Cedric on the floor in front of the couch and they all sort of sprawl out so they can all touch each other as they read.

It is, basically, completely perfect.


Ragnorock hustles down the hallway as casually as he can.

One of his… investigative parties found the signs of something foul. Actually, they’ve found signs of several foul things. Magical castles especially ones so transitively inhabited as this one act as magnets for magical items of all kinds. But the difference here is that these things are being intricately concealed.

It’s close to an active classroom as well so they have to be particularly careful with how they clean out this section of Lord Potter’s castle.

He’s almost reached the team when he feels the new, stronger wards go up and his gut unclenches. Lord Potter’s security will be easier to manage n-

Shrieks sound from the classroom.

The door is thrown open and children -adults? They appear the same age as Lord Potter’s spouses, maybe? Human ages are so hard to determine.

The students come running, still shouting and panicking, out of the classroom.

Ragnorock fights through the flow of humanity into the classroom with one of the assigned Security patrols at his back. What they find is utterly unexpected. Mad-Eye Moody is sprawled on the floor between the teacher’s desk and the students’ desks, quite obviously dead.

Ragnorock shares a confused glance with the patrol’s leader, Griphook. The ward should only be lethal to people wearing the Dark Mark. Alastor Moody would never-


On a hunch, Ragnorock casts a revealing charm on the body. It shudders and shifts. The clothes become too big, his prosthetic leg gets pushed off his stump by a natural leg, and the eye Moody is famous for pops right out of the socket. A spell turns the body over and reveals it to be, “Barty Crouch, Junior.”

Immediately they all start casting on the room. There is so much wrong in the room it’s hard to contemplate but they do get a better fix on the foul thing he was called down to deal with in the first place.

“Document the body,” He orders the rest of the team as he and Griphook move up a small spiral of stairs and into what appears to be Crouch’s personal office. The room is so full of Moody’s various trinkets that it could be confused for a dragon’s hoard but in the back of the room, against the far wall, is a seven-level trunk.

“One Life sign confirmed.” Griphook tells him.

He can’t say he’s surprised. “Odds it’s not Moody?”

The two goblins share a sardonic look.

“He would have needed fresh hair for the polyjuice.”


“Get him out of there,” Ragnorock orders. “He’s an account holder.”


Seamus grits his teeth as Snape lays further into Ron Weasley’s hide.

The dunderhead speech has reached new heights -and lengths- because Ron chopped an ingredient wrong. Who knew slicing the bloody root lengthwise before chopping was such a problem?

Hermione, probably, but she partnered up with Neville today because of Ron’s behavior since Harry’s name came out of the Goblet.

Personally, Seamus can’t see how anyone could possibly be surprised -muchless upset- that Harry’s name was drawn. Seriously, have they not taken note of the Harry Potter Factor? It’s been three years now and something beyond crazy has happened to Harry every single year without having any help from Harry at all. Having the Tournament at Hogwarts while Harry is here is just asking for, well, for what happened to happen.

At least his name was drawn as a fourth Champion so a Seventh Year could have a chance.

Not that anyone other than Harry is realistically going to win. It’s the Harry Potter Factor. Honestly-

“And that will be 10 points from- ugh!”

Seamus looks up to see Snape collapse against Ron. His eyes are wide and empty. He doesn’t seem to be breathing. Seamus reaches out to shake the professor. He can’t be- He’s got to be asleep. Or something, right?

Before his hand touches the Black Bat of the Dungeons, the door is kicked open by what can only be a Weasley.

“Bill!” Hermione cries, relieved.

Yup, a Weasley.

Bill pulls Snape off of his little brother.

He knows a corpse when he sees one and, well. He really shouldn’t be surprised that this happened but it means that the Dark Mark is much stronger and more active than they thought it would be. So it follows that Harry has every reason to be concerned about his safety because not only does this mean Voldemort is not dead. It also means he’s stronger than he has been since he lost his first body. Only a physically and magically stronger Voldemort would impact the Dark Mark in this way.

“Everyone go to the Great Hall. Don’t talk to anyone. The DMLE will have questions.”


About an hour before dinner starts in the Great Hall, the Headmaster enters their Suite alone.

“Sir,” he greets.

“Ah, Lord Potter. Might I prevail upon you for some of your and your spouses’ time?”

With a glance at said spouses, Harry nods. “Of course, if you would be seated?” Because Harry is not getting up from where he’s cuddled with all three of his mates on the couch. He’s comfortable so the Headmaster should get comfortable too.

“Of course, Harry.” And the Headmaster not only sits but throws his legs over one of the arms of his chosen chair, obviously following Harry’s train of thought. “I’m afraid we’ve had a rather exciting day outside of this room and I confess I am not sure where to begin.” The man ponders for a second. “Ah, your Parents’ Will was read before the ICW. Unfortunately when they ordered Minister Fudge to call off the Dementors he still had hunting down an innocent man, he refused. So, of course, he was arrested. Control of the Ministry has been seized by the ICW, and all British seats on the Council have been suspended due to our gross human rights violations and inability to uphold the law.”

“You aren’t Supreme Mugwump anymore.”

“I am not Supreme Mugwump anymore,” the Headmaster confirms with a nod. “I am also not Chief Warlock any more as the Wizengamot is suspended while the ICW audits our Ministry.”



“In the castle, we had three wizards fall over dead and several students walk out of the school due to a school-wide repelling charm. The students remain unable to return. Since we cannot hold classes outside the school grounds, we are negotiating school transfers for the affected students.”

“Who?” Harry asks.

“The wizards were Severus Snape, Igor Karkaroff, and a man named Barty Crouch, Jr who had replaced my dear friend Alastor Moody by use of the polyjuice potion.”

“He must be the one who put Harry’s name in the Goblet, must he not?”

“That is our conclusion, Lady Potter. His father has of course been arrested for facilitating his escape from Azkaban and harboring a fugitive and will not ever be returning to the school.”

“And the students?” Harry asks, a strange dread settling in his gut. How many honest to god enemies did he have in the student body?

“Two from Durmstrang, a pair of siblings- they have been sent home and replacements are coming with the new chaperone their Deputy Headmaster has chosen. No one from Beauxbatons but sadly four students from Hogwarts, including Ronald Weasley.”

Harry’s world goes grey. Just, what? Ron is his best mate, how?

Harry opens his eyes to a world of black. He can feels all three of his mates clutching him tightly, sending him all the comfort and emotional support they can through their brand new bonds. It’s really nice but really not necessary. Okay, it’s not necessary any more.

“I’m okay, guys.”

The black moves away and Harry realizes it’s a wing. He follows the line of the wing back to Viktor. Viktor has a pair of scaly black wings like a dragon! And tall black horns the curl backwards over his head.


“I am demi-Dragon.” Viktor answers. He closes his eyes and the wings shimmer out of sight.

“I don’t know what that means.”

“I will explain later, yes? Headmaster has more to say.”

Harry looks at Dumbledore who nods at the unspoken question. “I am willing to wait as long as you need me to.”

Harry would really rather just move along and noodle on everything when he knows everything. “Whatever you have to say, just say it, sir.”

“Very well, the ICW has declared the four of you Protected Persons. As such we, of course, cannot allow you to compete in the Tournament. However, the magical contract must be fulfilled. Therefore we have decided to declare the four of you all winners and deactivate the Goblet. It will take two weeks for us to charge and reactivate the Goblet. Then we will have another week for students to put in their names and then we will hold another Champion Selection Ceremony.

“What I need from you tonight, is for the four of you to accept the Triwizard Trophy and the prize money in front of the Great Hall to end your magical contract.”

“Okay, and we can donate the prize back to the school for use in the next tournament,” Harry glances at his mates. “Right?”

“Brilliant idea, Harry.” Cedric says as he squeezes his shoulder.

Viktor and Fleur nod their agreement and Harry turns back to the Headmaster, “What else?”

“I took the liberty of having several of your friends tag along. I thought you might wish to catch up before dinner. They are out in the hall.”

“Wait, didn’t people die today? Is no one doing anything about that?”

Dumbledore pauses to contemplate his words before saying, “There is nothing to say, Harry. A lord has the right to defend his lands in anyway he sees fit. I admit, to my shame, that I had to be reminded of that fact but -when you combine that with what we have learned from studying each man’s Dark Mark- there is nothing to say or do. It is done.”

“Oh,” Harry settles back and smiles a little when Viktor’s wings show back up and drape over them like a particularly protective blanket.

The Headmaster observes them silently for several moments.

When Harry feels stronger, steady once more, he leans forward and Viktor disappears his wings again.

Taking that as the signal it is, the Headmaster stands and heads for the door. He opens it and several students enter. Hermione, Ginny, and the twins; three girls from Beauxbatons; two boys from Durmstrang; and a Slytherin girl and a Ravenclaw boy.

In silent agreement, the soul mates separate to join the little groupings of their friends.

“Harry,” Hermione immediately launches herself into a hug. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I- What happened with Ron?”

“He lost his damn mind.” Ginny says as she comes in for her hug. “No, really. As soon as we got back to the dorm last night he started telling everyone the foulest things-”

“He’s a git, Harry.” Fred advises, surprising Harry by coming in for a hug of his own.

“We never would have expected this from him,” George agrees. “You know he doesn’t speak for the rest of us, yeah?”

“Yes, of course, but- I guess I just don’t understand.”

“He’s jealous, Harry.” Ginny informs him. “Just like he always is.”

“He’s a foul, loathsome little cockroach.” Hermione agrees. “He told everyone you’re a liar and a cheat -even though he knows that’s not true- and then the announcement in the Prophet,” she trails off with a shake of her head.

“Gin’s right, he lost his mind.” Fred picks up again.

“Went off about how you know he wants Fleur and how your stole her on purpose.” Fred continues.

“Because you can deliberately choose your soul mate.” Is Fred’s scathing conclusion.

“Mum’s probably lost her mind too. Fair warning. She’s been talking about me being the future Lady Potter for years.”

“You didn’t want to be Lady Potter?” Hermione asks, honestly curious.

“I want to play professional Quidditch!” Ginny declares, aghast. “Lady Potter has to be a lady! I’d show up to a Ball with a black eye and shame Harry’s whole house.” Ginny has to stop when Hermione and the twins start laughing at her. “It would be a nightmare, honestly.”

“There is a ball coming up at Yule,” Viktor says, coming up behind Harry. “I understand third years aren’t allowed to come without a date.”

“Oh,” Ginny blushes. “I already have a date. He asked me this summer after we got our school letters so I could buy a dress.”

Viktor nods and looks at Hermione.

“Are you asking me to the Yule Ball?” Hermione asks to clarify.

“Yes, of course. You are a dear friend of my mate.”

“Okay, yes. At least I know you won’t try anything.”

“I should think not,” Fleur agrees and raises any eyebrow at Harry.

Taking the not subtle hint, he asks, “Will you go to the Yule Ball with me, Fleur Delacour?”

“Fleur Potter,” she corrects. “But, yes. Of course I will.”

“You’ll all need to wear tokens of House Potter,” Aphrodite interjects. “It is my duty to get you anything you might need, in case that changes your clothing choices.”

“Me too?” Hermione asks. Aphrodite nods and Hermione scrunches her nose. “Can I see one of these tokens?”

“I just commissioned them through the Bank, I should have them by the end of the week.”

Hermione nods and checks her watch. “We should get downstairs for dinner.”


“That was really kind of you to return the prize money and double it, Harry.” Hermione tells him as she walks with him and his mates back to their suite.

Harry shrugs. “I guess. I mean with everything that’s happened I feel kind of bad? All the drama has stolen the champion’s chance for fame or whatever so might as well give them more money, right?”

“I suppose.” Hermione nods. “What are your plans for tonight?” She asks the four of them.

“My mother has ordered the boys clothing,” Fleur answers. “So we’re going to have a bit of a fashion show and probably some lessons from Aphrodite.” She rolls her eyes when the boys groan. “It’s important to dress for our station! We have to be able to make the right impression.”

“And Veela definitely know a thing about making impressions.” Cedric just grins when their wife side eyes him. “You know it’s true and you’re proud of it so don’t even.”

She grumbles though Harry can feel the grin she’s hiding.

They reach their suite and bid Hermione good night. When they open the door they are treated to the sight of Aphrodite laughing her ass off with a mean, full out laugh.

Ragnorock says something Harry can’t quite hear and the two of them collapse together in a fit of giggles.

“Everything alright?” He asks, all four of them are a little afraid to get any closer before they know what’s going on.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” Aphrodite swipes at her face ineffectively as she tries and fails to sit up. “We were just talking about,” she hiccups. “About the full consequences of Right of Conquest.”

“What do you mean?” Cedric asks.

It takes a bit for the two adults in the room to sober up but once they do they all pile into the warded seating area and Aphrodite asks. “Harry, how many times has the House of Potter kicked Voldemort’s bum?”

“Oh, uh, three times?” He glances at his soul mates when they gasp. “Once when I was a baby, then with the Sorcerer’s Stone, and then in the Chamber of Secrets. Why?”

“Right of Conquest is a more powerful right in Britain than it is elsewhere.”

“No, that’s not accurate.” Ragnorock interjects. “The right is the right but the rites -R.I.T.E.S.- allowed to be performed in Britain because of the right -R.I.G.H.T.- are more expansive under the law.”

“But not right now,” Cedric counters. “Because we’re under ICW rule.”

“Yes right now because it’s the founding for the treaty that ended the last goblin rebellion in the Isles. If they void that law, we get to go back to kicking all their asses. Nobody wants that and you can bet the ICW is aware of it.” Ragnorock pauses to consider and the nods to himself. “Partially because dad reminded them.”

“What is the Right of Conquest?” Harry asks since he’s the only one that doesn’t seem to know.

“When magical people get in a fight, the loser owes the winner a debt.” Viktor explains. “Usually it is some sort of fee for damages but it can be some sort of service or a gift of property.

“Right,” Aphrodite picks up with a nod. “Usually the terms are negotiated before the duel and everything is settled by the families immediately afterward.

However, because Voldemort is a right cowardly bastard there was no formal duel any of the times he attacked your House and no formal settlement but there was still a fight, so there is still a debt. Three times. Three is a very magical number and, in this case, it means you can ask Magic to be your arbiter. You can perform a Rite that invokes the Purple Dragon and he will settle the affair once and for all.”

“Why would I want do that?”

“You could take all of Voldemort’s followers from him.” Fleur explains. “Anyone that has sworn themselves to him would then be sworn to you instead and they will be magically bound to help and serve you so they wouldn’t be a threat any more.”

“And you would take any Family Magic he has away from Voldemort. That could damage him and cut his personal power to something significantly less than what it was when he was in his prime.” Cedric adds.

“And any money or objects belonging to him would be yours if the Purple Dragon decides in your favor.” The goblin concludes. “How much trouble do you think he could cause with no assistance and no resources to get assistance?”

“That’s brilliant!” Harry grins. “How do we do it?”

“Most Rites require a fully mature Wizard with a familial conclave or coven to fulfill it but you are a very powerful young man.” Ragnorock seems to think about it. “I will get researchers at the Bank started on this immediately. We will find the best possible Rite for you to do soonest.”

The statement ends like a question so Harry nods. “Yes, please!”


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  8. I love it when I read something and look forward to liking it at the end and then discover I already liked it. I don’t remember reading it before, but I agree with myself that this is awesome. Even though this is just an EAD offering it already has fixed so much. You are fantastic!

  9. Oh, this is brilliant!

    I absolutely love it!

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