EAD ~ TT!Swishy

Title: Time Traveling Swishy
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: Naruto
Genre: AU, Time Travel
Relationship(s): Uchiha Shisui/Senju Tobirama
Content Rating: PG-13
Warnings: No Beta, Dark Themes
Word Count: 2,528
Summary: Things go wrong when Danzo attacks Shisui for his eyes amd he gets sent back to the Warring States Period.



“Woah!” He shouts as he tackles an Uchiha he doesn’t know out of the path of yellow light.

He ignores it as a voice off to one side that shouts “Senju!” Sounding for the world like a gored bull as he turns. As a shinobi of the same rank, in the same division, as Namikaze Minato, they sparred on occasion. It took one spar, one hit from Konoha’s Yellow Flash, to learn this trick and he manages to get his tanto up in time to catch the Thunder God user’s blade as it swings towards his back.

The Thunder God’s inventor, he mentally corrects himself as Senju Tobirama snarls in his face.

“Wow, you are-” He feels faint. He honestly feels faint. Probably from all the blood rushing away from his brain. “You are so hot! Just- I mean, wow!”

What?!?” The man that can only be Uchiha Izuna squawks indignantly even as Tobirama hops back and then hops back again, keeping his sword up and eyes wary.

“Look at him!” He orders his clansman as he flails one-handedly in Tobirama’s general direction. “He’s just. Damn. With the eyes. And the hair! Oh, and he’s scowling. Are you seeing this? Tell me you’re seeing this. No, you know what? You don’t get to see this.” He turns his tanto in not-quite vague threat towards his clansman. “Eyes off my man!”

Izuna puts his hands up and steps back.

Shisui focuses his attention directly back on the puzzled looking not-yet Nidaime and says very seriously. Well, sort of. Serious for him at least. “Marry me. I’ll murder Madara. In his sleep, if I have to. We’ll have a political marriage for dinner and peace before desert.”

Tobirama laughs.

Tobirama laughs.

He looks vaguely overwhelmed and he’s blushing ever so slightly. Everything is made of win. He’s totally going to marry this man. Shisui’s life is made.

“Who are you?!” Madara demands more than asks even as he reaches out to check his brother for, you know, stab wounds or something.

“Rude. Not even a thank you for the man that saved your brother? He would have died, you know! Totally rude. No wonder Danzo wants to murder us all.”

Madara glares at the one-eyed little pipsqueak that did, in fact, save his brother and repeats. “Who are you?”

The brat rolls his eye, shares what might be a commiserating look with the Senju, and answers, “Uchiha Shisui.”

“No, you aren’t,” Madara knows all the Uchiha, alright? He might not be the best at, you know, people but he’s a damn good clan head, as such he knows every member of his clan. “There is no Shisui in my clan.”

“Well, not yet,” The brat flaps his free hand negligently. “I think my grandfather’s, what? Nine, right now? Yeah, nine when Izuna died. Twenty five? I think, when the Nidaime Hokage died.”

“Hokage?” Hashirama asks, perking up as he lands by his little brother’s side.

In exactly the same instant that Tobirama makes an interested noise and asks, “Time Travel?”

“Yeah,” He answers Tobirama directly. “I’m from Konohagakure, the village those two idiots established.” He flaps the hand again, this time at Madara and Hashirama. “From, like 60-ish years in the future? It’s amazing. Though I think you fucked up with the whole police thing? Like, kinda? Not that we don’t need police or anything but assigning it to basically one clan sucks. And it causes isolation and ostracization of that clan. That kind of stuff causes civil wars, you know? Not cool, man. Not cool at all.”

“So we did make peace?” Hashirama asks, then he frowns. “Or we will?”

“For certain values of peace? After that one dies.” He gestures at Izuna, “Madara loses his shit but, uh, the other Uchiha kind of force him to comply with peace? Rather than escalate the violence like that one asked him to on his deathbed. Of course, a man that strong can fuck up any number of things when he sets his mind to it, if you what I mean? I’d rather do it properly this time, so marriage? To your little brother, I mean. I will be the best wife and have all his babies, I swear to the gods.”

Tobirama sighs in a way that’s basically a laugh and says, “I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way. Not with two men.”

There’s that blush on his cheeks again and Shisui is pretty sure this means no one’s ever expressed sexual interest in his husband before. And that’s a fucking crime. This blush is just so- so awesome. He’s going to make his husband blush everyday!

Just once a day though, and preferably just for him. No need to go overboard or anything.

“I will find a way,” Shisui promises him recklessly. “Everything’s possible with enough chakra and between us we have plenty of chakra.”

“You’re twelve!” Madara objects.

“Eighteen,” Shisui corrects. “I am totally an adult. “I’ve been a jounin for twelve years, ANBU for seven. I have more missions under my belt than any other ANBU but Hound himself. I can make my own life choices, thank you very much!” Then remembering that adulthood in this time, particularly within his clan, was more a question of Sharingan maturity rather than actual age -nevermind rank which totally isn’t even a thing yet- he activates first his Sharingan and then his Mangekyo.

“ANBU?” Tobirama asks again.

Shisui gets the feeling that in reality Tobirama is probably always too curious for everyone’s own good.

And maybe he should be more circumspect about, you know, the future but, it’s all void now anyway, isn’t it? “Black ops.” He explains. “Even if Konoha is the village built on teamwork and ‘bullshit friendship magic’, we’re still shinobi. We still get our hands dirty and ANBU get their hands the dirtiest of any ninja in the village.”

Tobirama looks, perhaps not unexpectedly, pleased and nods. “What animal were you?”

“Hummingbird,” He admits with a blush of his own. “So, marriage? Do I need to kill Madara?”

Tobirama makes a sound of amusement, looking around at those gathered.

Shisui looks around too and has to breathe carefully. There’s Senju Hashirama, of course. On Tobirama’s other side stands Senju Toka, one of the strongest kunoichi of the age. Of any age, really. In the distance he can see red hair approaching through the idly confused forces on both sides. Red hair that long can only be Uzumaki Mito. On either side of Madara stand Izuna and Inari, his like childhood hero.

“No,” is Tobirama’s verdict. “You’re correct that Madara is very strong and the Uchiha have flourished since he took over. If he can redirect that focus onto the village as a whole he would make a powerful ‘Hokage’, was it?”

Shisui blinks in surprise and glances over to his sort-of Clan Head. Madara is looking at Tobirama like he’s suddenly developed a second head. Shisui nods, pleased by this development. “It’s the best way to overcome the Curse of Hatred.” He tells his clansman. “My grandfather, my mother, and I all did it by devoting ourselves to the village as a whole. I’m sure you can do it too.”

Inari the clan’s most powerful kunoichi, fourth -in reality, probably more like second- in the clan despite Uchiha Tajima’s rampant sexism hums thoughtfully. “How do we know this isn’t a Senju trick? You like an Uchiha but you don’t sound like one. How can we trust you?”

“According to the Clan Annals, you’re pregnant -like, right now- with Izuna’s son. You won’t be able to tell for at least another two weeks but, in my timeline, when you did, you went straight to Madara so that he would know a part of his brother lives on and that he has an heir and all that. Only Izuna at that point is over a week dead – and it was a messy, painful death too – so Madara didn’t take the news well. You are actually the one that forced the Elders to do the peace thing. After Madara died, you were like the shadow Clan Head until your son was old enough to do it.”

The woman’s eyebrows that slid slowly up to her hairline take up residence there even as she smirks. “Alright. I am provisionally convinced, that sounds like what I would do.”

“Hashirama?” A voice like tinkling bells calls the entire group’s attention to Uzumaki Mito. “Is everything alright? And who is this?”

“My future husband.” Tobirama says amusedly. “Uchiha Shisui.”

“What happened to your eye?” She demands of him directly. “Why haven’t you seen a medic with the fighting stopped?”

“Uh, I mean, can they give me back my eye? It didn’t happen here or anything. My commander ambushed me in the Research Division and I don’t think he’s even alive yet? So it’s not like I can get it back.”

She looks at him thoroughly unimpressed before she turns to Tobirama. “Your husband, you said?”

“He’s proposed twice and I am currently inclined to agree.”

Mito-sama nods, pulls up her draping sleeve, and offers him her forearm. At her wrist and the bend of her elbow are scars that look like full mouth bites.

“Uh?” Shisui looks to his husband.

Silently the man just steps closer and bares his teeth. Shisui sighs. Why he needs to bite and possible scar a woman that’s not even an active kunoichi any more he has no idea but he’s done worse as the price of admission so he opens his mouth and bites into the meat of her forearm.

The surge of chakra is unexpected.

It makes him bite down harder but the woman doesn’t react, she just stands there staring at his face. It takes him a second to realize it but the world goes distant. It sort of grays out and when he blinks to get his focus back he blinks with both eyelids, even though he should only have one. For a moment he’s too shocked to think it through but. The world isn’t flat anymore, not in the way he was just starting to accept as reality and he has to pull back and touch his socket but he can see his fingers as they close in on his wound and, and- “That’s amazing!” He breathes, beaming at his future sister in-law with her blood still on his teeth. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn’t know that was a thing that could happen!”

Mito-sama blinks at him and turns to her husband looking a bit shellshocked and informs him. “It is a good thing more Uchiha do not smile or they’d have taken over the world already.” Causing Hashirama to openly laugh, though not unkindly, at his wife while Madara just snorts.

Shisui looks over at his husband, wounded. “Are you going to let them treat me like this?”

The man just rolls his eyes and Shisui tries not to swoon. Powerful, beautiful, and a little mean. Tobirama hits all his marks! Yes, he does. Shisui sighs happily.

And gleefully ignores the Look of Judgement Madara gives him.

Honestly though, the man has no room to talk. The obsession with pretty powerful people might as well a Clan condition. Point in case, Madara’s own obsession with Hashirama. Maybe after the wedding Shisui will get Mito to bring in a pretty Uzumaki kunoichi to kick Madara’s ass a few times and then ignore him. It would serve him right, the bastard.

A sigh, much like the one Itachi usually serves him, and a warm hand settles roughly on his shoulder.

“Come,” Madara says. “If we’re declaring peace, this requires a Clan meeting.”

Shisui squints at him. Does he really think anyone’s going to buy that?

Tobirama at least definitely doesn’t buy it given the way he huffs, rolls his eyes, and says, “You simply wish to interrogate him about his irrelevant future.”

“Irrelevant?” Izuna frowns.

“Yeah, irrelevant,” Shisui agrees. “I’m here, so it’s different. You are alive, so it’s different. Madara’s going to be the Shodaime Hokage, so it’s different. This timeline will continue to get more different from mine everyday. The people I knew that aren’t currently alive, might not ever be born.”

“And the ones you knew that are currently alive will be different from how you knew them,” Mito says, bringing one hand up to his cheek comfortingly.

Shisui lets his head rest comfortingly in her palm for just a moment ad gives a deep, heartfelt sigh before he steps back and nods his thanks. “Still, preparing the Clan for the future is a good idea. They all deserve to know how to overcome our Curse and stuff.”

“I prefer my bride remain in one piece,” Tobirama warns the surrounding Uchiha, somehow managing to look both approving and unimpressed at the same time.

“He’ll be fine,” Uchiha Inari says with a quick glare at the Destruction Brothers that currently lead their clan. Then she steps forward to link her arm with Shisui’s. “If we are to do this, we will do it properly. I require three days to arrange a Formal Introduction for you and my baby brother.”

Shisui raises both eyebrows at the woman and she narrows her eyes right back at him, daring him to argue.

So Shisui of course does the right thing. He turns to Madara and informs him. “You know, I think she should be clan head when you give it up to be Hokage. Like straight out, not the hand inside of an Izuna-shaped puppet.”

There’s a flush high on Madara’s cheeks. He shifts uncomfortably and glances at his little brother who looks more than a little, uh, infatuated just looking at Inari.

“Absolutely,” The younger brother agrees dreamily.

Madara rolls his eyes and grumbles, “I’ll think about it.” But Shisui knows this is more of an an Elder Council kind of decision? And, ironically, because of Tajima’s rampant and horrible sexism most of the surviving elders are women. That combined with the fact that she’s carrying Izuna’s child and will not doubt be his bride pretty much guarantees it. If someone actually brings it up to them. Which Shisui will because fuck Madara anyway.

“Do you agree the Nara may be our neutral arbiters in this situation?” Hashirama asks Madara. “To negotiate our peace treaty?”

“Yeah, fine,” Madara grumbles. He’s so off-center and unprepared Shisui almost feels bad for him.


“I will request their assistance for next week,” Hashirama says so innocently that even Shisui suspects a trap. “Perhaps my brother and his bride can confirm the date after their formal introduction.”

“I will send a messenger with the details,” Inari agrees.

Tobirama still looks disgruntled. Maybe it’s a possession thing? Or just an overprotective thing? Either way it’s unnecessary so Shisui just gives him a sloppy salute with the Hirashin kunai he totally lifted off the man from his weapons pouch without his notice while he watched Mito heal him and grins, “See you in three days!”

Tobirama huffs at him, but it’s not quite enough to cover the tiny smile as the Uchiha make for the trees.



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