On-site Consultation

Title: On-site Consultation
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Series: Consultation
Series Order: 1
Fandom: MCU
Genre: Rule 63 (Clint Barton)
Relationship: pre-Clint Barton/Tony Stark
Warnings: Hint of past non-con, Discussion of Mind Control
Word Count: 1,008
Summary: Tony Stark tracks down the long-missing Hawkeye for an on-site consultation.


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“Here goes nothing,” Tony muttered softly to himself as he parked the car.

“Good luck, Sir,” JARVIS offered softly as he shut down the car.

He climbed out and stared around the place. A farm. Hawkeye—Barton, whatever you wanted to call her—had stuck around for two months after the Chitauri Invasion before she’d quit SHIELD and vanished to a fucking farm. An actual functioning farm with plants growing and chickens pecking and…were those rabbits?

The screen door opened and a wet dream leaned in the door frame to glare at him. Hawkeye herself, short and curvier than he remembered but still fit. Her blonde hair was half falling out of the bun and her white t-shirt was falling off one shoulder leaving no doubt in his mind about her lack of a bra. “I’m not standing in your wedding,” she said without even a hello. “I don’t care if I’m the shortest, I’m not flower girl material.”

Tony snorted. “Who am I supposed to be marrying?”

“Depends on which tabloid you read,” she grinned. “Potts, Banner, Nat. My money’s on Rogers though. He kinda had that look like he wanted to put something in your mouth so you couldn’t run it.”

“You would know that look,” he grinned. “Probably better than me.”

She snorted and took a single step back into the house. “You need something?”

“I heard you’re the It Girl for bringing in mind-controlled Russian assassins.” He said as he made his way around his car and up her porch.

“Found another Black Widow for your boyband?”

“A Winter Soldier, actually.”

She shot him a look of disbelief and shook her head. “Come on, I’ll get you some coffee before I send you home empty handed.”

“His real name is James Buchanan Barnes,” he forged on rather than taking her soft no. “But he doesn’t know that any more. Or, well, he might but they like to make sure he can’t act on it, if you follow me.”

“James Buch— Bucky? Bucky Barnes?”

“Yeah, you know, Cap’s best friend and One True Love.”

“Didn’t see that one coming,” she muttered as she poured them both some coffee. “Who had him? Brainwashed him?”

“Hydra. Still have him, actually. SHIELD is infected clear through and we need to get him out of their hands before we blow the whole thing open.”

Barton cursed to herself. “Sorry, I don’t do that anymore.”

“Look,” he tried, “he’s innocent—it kills me to say it but he is. He’s a good man that has been tortured and used against his will. We can’t let them keep him. We have to get him back, just like with did with y—”

“Don’t,” she cut him off, her voice was low and dangerous. “Fucking don’t even.”

“Barton, please.”

“I got my own concerns, Stark, I can’t get involved.”

“The team is tearing itself apart on this. We can’t let Hydra keep him, we can’t just kill him, and we can’t out Hydra while they have him. Don’t you get it? We need to get him back soon or there will be no Avengers for the next alien invasion.”

“You don’t get it.” She walked through the tiny kitchen and slid the far door open.

It might have, in another life, been a dining room. Now, it was filled with kids toys and clunky plastic equipment Tony couldn’t name.

“PJ,” Barton called out. “Come here, someone came to meet you.”

“Momma?” a surprised and very young voice questioned. A tiny body that matched the young voice toddled its way around the corner and right into Barton’s waiting arms. Tony couldn’t even guess the boy’s age. It could be anywhere from two to ten but, since he had to guess, he’d say four.

Judging by the ridgey blue skin along his hairline and his one red eye, one blue eye, the kid had to be born after the Chitauri Invasion. If he wasn’t Loki’s son, Tony would eat the car he drove out here. Without sauce.

“Phillip James Barton, meet Anthony Edward Stark. Tony, this is my son, PJ.”


“Clint,” she corrected. “I, uh— Its what my parents would have named me if I was a boy. And. Its always fit me better anyway.”

“Are you a boy?” he asked gently. ‘Cause he didn’t care, he just wanted to get their pronouns right.

“No. Well, sometimes? I don’t know. I don’t care about my pronouns and I don’t want a dick but boobs are a hassle and my name is Clint.”

“Fair enough.” He shot a mournful glance at the coffee cup she never handed him and turned for the door. “I’ll tell the others you said hello but were unavailable. If you’re ever in New York, swing by the Tower. You know we got room and Nat misses the hell out of you. And sad Nat scares the newbies like whoa.”

“Where are you going?” Clint demanded.

He turned back to her. “What do you—? You said no!”

“What if there is another alien invasion? I need the Avengers to defend the Earth, my kid lives here. I can’t fight off an alien horde by myself.”

“But you said—”

“Bah!” She shoved PJ into his arms. “I’ll consult. Run training, make you assholes play nice. Once we have a system and you can be adults with out a live-in babysitter, we’ll come back to the farm. Give me a minute to pack some things.” Clint thundered her way up the stairs. “You better not have given away my floor! And you better pay some asshole to harvest my tomatoes! I worked hard on those bastards, I’m going to eat them out of spite!”

Tony laughed helplessly to himself and tucked his head against the half-alien baby’s shoulder. Natasha had been right, he had been the right one for this job. He owed her a fucking beach house in Hawaii.

PJ promptly smeared whatever colorful goop had been on his hands in Tony’s hair and he didn’t even care. This…was going to be interesting.



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