Subversive Consultation

Title: Subversive Consultation
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Series: Consultation
Series Order: 2
Fandom: MCU
Genre: Rule 63 (Clint Barton)
Relationship: Clint Barton/Tony Stark
Warnings: Hint of past non-con, SEX!
Author Note: Sequel to On-site Consultation. Apparently, this is becoming a series…and the reward that’s getting me through my RT. #SorryNotSorry
Word Count: 1,894
Summary: Mission(s) accomplished, the Avengers have a party.


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“What kind of person has a Sokovian Witch on speed dial?” Tony asked as he slid onto the bar stool beside Clint. “Seriously, how did this happen?”

“You know how I am about strays.” Clint snorted and signaled Nat for another drink.

“Yeah, you go for people. Most people go for dogs.”

“I’d love a dog,” she sighed. “You’re just bitchy because my recruits are better than yours.”

“Are not!” He protested.

“Okay, I’ll grant you Dr. Strange is competent. An asshole? Yes. More limited than my witchy-witch? Yes, still competent. But Ant-Man? Ant-Man? What kinda yutz goes by the name Ant-Man?”

“Not like I named him,” Tony grumbled and she laughed.

“Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver,” she said with a smirk, just to rub it in.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Still doesn’t tell me how you know them.”

She leaned into him. “I got them and their parents out during the Sokovian Civil War of…’92?” She frowned and thought about it, then nodded. “Yeah, ’92. Settled them in a safe house in south Germany. Helped find them trainers when they started manifesting. Their parents still live in the house I gave them, actually, but about three years ago they decided that their powers meant they had to go back and help the land of their birth.”

“Well,” Tony considered that. “Sokovia’s at peace for the first time in twenty something years so they must have done good.”

“Yeah, they’re good kids. Brave as balls.” She glanced over to where Steve and Bucky were curled up on the couch together, making moon-eyes and occasionally kissing. “Creative beyond anything I could imagine.”

“Honestly, I think she got lucky with the Remember spell.”

Clint grinned at him. “Me too.” She signaled Nat for another drink and the Widow grabbed the pitcher of Special Mix she had made specifically for Clint. He’d heard Sam and Scott arguing about what was in it earlier, how strong it had to be as Black Widow Special. Tony was pretty sure it was just strawberry lemonade.

“I’ll have what she’s having,” he told Nat.

Nat huffed but looked amused as she poured him a glass. Yeah, totally strawberry lemonade.

“You got PJ tonight, right?” Clint asked.

Nat raised an eyebrow at her. “Why do you think I’m behind the bar, not out there?”

“Good,” Clint grinned. “Cause I got StarkControl and I’m ready to test it out!” She flexed her right bicep and pointed to the place the birth control implant Pepper had been the inspiration for would have been injected.

Natasha shot him a look. “I hear its the best on the market.”

“I’m pretty thrilled with the no period for six months thing,” Clint grinned. “And I got it three weeks ago so I should be good to go.”

“Target?” Natasha asked as he discretely checked his phone.

JARVIS very helpfully verified that yes, she had the implant; yes, it had been placed properly by StarkMedical personnel; and yes, it had been one week beyond the prescribed two weeks for full effectiveness.

Clint eyed him thoughtfully. He didn’t know what his face was doing but she turned away from the bar and offered, “don’t need birth control to sleep with Maria so that’s a pass. Scott’s a hard no.”

Nat laughed.

“Cap’s bisexual, but taken and Bucky don’t swing that way,” Clint finished.

“Sam,” Nat offered, shooting a grin at Tony. “I heard he’s single.”

“Just broke up with his counselor girlfriend,” Clint confirmed. “Hmm, I don’t mind being a rebound as long as I know what I’m going into up front.”

“He kinda looks like your ex though.”

“Charles?” Clint questioned. “Yeah. It’s unfortunate.”

“I heard Tony’s single,” Tony offered because, seriously? He was right in front of them!

“Is he? I heard he was all about his girl FRIDAY.”

“They are strictly platonic soulmates,” he promised.

“Well, does he have any character references?” Clint asked seriously.

“Yeah, is he any good in bed?” Nat seconded.

Tony stared at them both. They looked so serious about it… Then Clint started laughing and Nat broke right with her.

“You assholes,” he reached out to push Clint off her stool but she caught his arm and used it to pull herself into his space. She was a comforting weight against his chest. Solid, warm, and tall enough that he wouldn’t have to bend much to kiss her.

“Alright,” she decided. “I’ll let you convince me.”

He gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. “Let’s get out of here.”

She winked at Nat. “Don’t wait up.”

Nat said something sassy back but he didn’t even care. He tugged Clint along with him out of the party. He’d been wanting this for weeks—since Clint had benched Steve from training for disobeying orders and proved herself a fair team trainer, to be exact—and now, here it was. He was going to have her all to himself all night.

“I, uh,” Clint cleared her throat when they were in the elevator. “I’d rather not do any rear entry, if you know what I mean. It’s been, you know, years and, uh—”

“You don’t have to explain,” he promised her because she looked like she was about to be sick. He kind of assumed this was about the…making of her son but she didn’t owe him that story, so. “If you wanna talk about it, that’s cool, I’m here for it. But if you want you can just tell me what you don’t want and we can have some fun.”

She blew out a relieved breath. “Okay, nothing from behind and no name calling. Like, bad names. No whore. No slut. No, none of that.”

“I’m rather partial to sweetheart,” he admitted honestly.

She snorted, “I can handle sweetheart.”

The elevator doors opened and he lead her into his penthouse toward the bedroom. “I also like baby. Darling. The occasional sugarlips.”

She grabbed him, spun him, pushed him up against the door of his bedroom and said, “shut up,” but she was laughing as she kissed him so he considered that a win.

He put his hands on her hips and focused on kissing her back. Kissing Clint Barton was a revelation. It was like flying. He didn’t even know how to explain it but she tasted amazing despite the lemonade they’d both had.

She brought one of her legs up to his hips and he grabbed her thigh to support it. When he pulled, she gave a little jump and wrapped her legs around his middle. He carried her through the door and pushed her up against the wall. She threw her head back with a very good sound and he took the opportunity to tour her neck and shoulders with his mouth.

The straps of her little purple dress were little more than a single string of white gemstones. Combined with the depth of the dress’s v-neck and her well documented distaste for bras outside of strapping in for combat duty, it was no surprise to find nothing but skin when he moved that one little string of gems.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he muttered as he cupped her breast and brought his mouth to it.

“God, Tony!” She writhed against him as he sucked. “Use your teeth.” She didn’t have the ask him twice. He squeezed the other breast through her dress, if she liked it rough… “Fuck, yeah. Tony. Please!” She yanked on his hair.

He pulled back to look at her. “You need something, sweetheart?”

“You cock in my hole. Like, now.”

Wordlessly, he encouraged her to drop her feet to the floor. “On the bed,” he ordered. “Leave the shoes.”

He palmed himself as her watched her saunter over to his big bed, he wanted her so bad. She glanced over her shoulder coquettishly at him and pushed the second strap off of her other shoulder. The whole dress fell into a puddle at her feet, leaving her in her ridiculously tall heels and a a tiny scrap of lace that really shouldn’t count as underwear.

“Keep the tie,” she told him as she sat down on his bed.

He’d lost his jacket hours ago so he kicked off his shoes and got to work taking the shirt off without losing the tie.

Clint boldly spread her legs and slid a hand up over her hip to cup her cunt. It was entirely distracting but he managed to get all the layers off in record time to kneel in front of her, wearing only the tie as requested. He slid his hands under her thighs to hand onto and she slid her panties to one side like she was giving him a peek.

So he kissed her there. He used his tongue, his mouth, his nose.

“Oh,” she gasped, sinking both hands in his hair. “Tony!”

He slid a finger inside her and she collapsed back onto the bed to arch. “God, Tony. Please, please.”

“What do you want, baby?” he asked as he slid a second finger inside.

“Fuck me. God, fuck me, please.”

“You still want it raw, sweetheart?” He asked because he had to check. He hadn’t even done that with Pepper despite funding the creation of a birth control that would make him comfortable with it. It had been a weird headspace for him to be in after years of being the king of safe sex but now it didn’t bother him a bit.

Tony decided not to poke at that thought too closely as he followed Clint up on to the bed.

“Yeah.” She shimmied out of her panties. “Let’s make a mess. For science, right?”

“Well, if it’s for science.” He grabbed her ankles in one hand and lifted.

Clint gasped with a grin, “Tony.”

He smirked and moved in so that her knees rested on one of his shoulder, “Whatcha think?”

“I think this is better than character references.” They both laughed. “Come on, give it to me.”

“So demanding,” he chided even as he lined himself up with her hole.

“Damn right, you better— Oh!” She fell silent as he rocked his way in, giving her a little bit and then taking it back. Then giving her a little more until he was all the way inside.

He has to wait there for just a moment. He just—needed to breathe while she adjusted or it was all going to be over before he was remotely ready for it. He ran his free hand up and down her sides a few times before he planted it beside her shoulder.

She was watching him, he pupils blown wide.

“Tony,” she said.

“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“Fuck me.”

So he did. He fucked her deep and steady without ever losing eye contact. It was intense, more intimate than he expected. She grabbed his tie, wrapped it around one fist, and used it to pull him down for a kiss.

He didn’t even make it all they way down to her before she was coming. He dropped her legs to one side and thrusts a few more times before he followed her over.

Clint was still panting when she pushed his upper body off of her. He pulled her in so they were more or less spooning.

“That was good,” she said.

“Wait until you see my next trick,” he promised and she laughed.




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  1. Well, that was hot. Seriously. Although now I really want the scene where Clint benches Steve for disobeying orders because that would be both badass and hilarious.

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