Evil Author Day 2016

Banner by Chestnut_NOLA


A day of spite and cackling. There will be snippets of WIPs posted. No questions will be accepted and no demands will be met so just enjoy the tease =D

    • Untitled Marauder Fic – Harry Potter, How the story would (could?) have gone is Snape had actually loved Lily
    • Counterbalance – Kingsman, Soulmate AU Eggsy/Mycroft Holmes – I’m still piecing it together and filling in the blanks:
    • Oathbound – Harry Potter, Harry/Neville – Timeline remixed. Events of Y3 happening in Y6… kind of.
    • Untitled Teen Wolf Fic – Teen Wolf, Allison/Stiles/Derek- AU where Hunters are actually decent human beings. Retold from S1E1


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