Evil Author Day 2020

I have gone through some huge changes in my writing style over the last year.

See, I participated in the Feeding Frenzy, which was a collaborative effort of a ridiculous number of truly talented authors. I wrote legs 17 and 24 of the relay. As happens in collaborative writing, we had a certain standard to write to in order to keep the project, you know, readable. Part of this standard was writing in past tense which was a pain in the ass for me but once I adapted to it I decided I liked it a little better than the present tense writing I had been doing, so. Changes.

I’m still stupidly all-in on the Quantum Bang. I delivered two novels for the Bang last year which I will put up on my website once I have them both properly re-tensified. I intend to deliver two more this year but Real Life this month has been hell on my writing time—as evidenced by me doing EAD late. I haven’t given up yet.

I also intend to participate in Rough Trade’s 2020 Year of the Sentinel. We’ll see how it goes. If I have to pick, I’m picking QB. Sorry, not sorry.

Last year, I did manage to post one of my potential QBs on EAD, which sucks because now I can’t use it for the Bang. So here’s one I have no intention of using for QB for real serious:

Hari Potter and the Chitauri Invasion – A threat to the mundane world is a threat to Avalon and not the kind of thing its Queen can let stand. If the mundane world has a problem with that, that’s the mundane world’s problem.

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