This page is dedicated to all of the challenges I have completed. From Big Bangs to Rough Trades, in reverse chronological order!

  • June 2021 – Quantum Bang:
    • Breaking the Faith – My Site / QBB Site – Jon Snow/Margaery Tyrell – When Jon Snow died a traitor’s death for doing the right thing, the Seven had something to say about it—and a mission only he could complete.
  • June 2020 – Trope Bingo:
  • June 2020 – Quantum Bang:
    • Meant to Live – My Site / QBB site – Allison Argent/Stiles Stilinski – Allison had never been the type for do-overs, had never sought out second chances. She shot her arrow and reached for the next one—but then she got a do-over any way. When she woke up in her bed in San Fran after dying on an Oni’s blade in Beacon Hills, she knew exactly what she had to do and, so help her, she was going to do it.
    • Scars from Tomorrow – My Site / QBB site – Clint Barton/James “Bucky” Barnes – He was the last one anyone would pick to go back in time. He wasn’t smart like Tony, or noble like Cap, or just good like Sam. He was a killer, pure and simple. But with a plan like “kill Hydra, save the world” a killer was enough. And it would all start in Budapest.
  • August 2019 – Every Fandom Reverse Bang:
    • Touched – Tony Stark/Tony DiNozzo – Turns out meeting your soulmate is just the tip of the iceberg. Especially when your soulmate is involved with portals, aliens, and Tesla knows what else.
  • July 2019 – Rough Trade Reel End Challenge:
    • A Stark Reaction – pre-many ships – When SHIELDra decided it was a fine idea to arrest Steve Rogers for treason live on national television, there was only one thing they were ever going to get. A Stark Reaction.
  • June 2019 – Quantum Bang:
    • Remix #394 – Posted June 5 – Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark (past tense | present tense) After being murdered in a Siberian bunker by the Defective Soldiers that he had trained, Bucky Barnes had a choice. His choice could end the world, or save it.
    • Icebreaker – The Sequel, Posted June 10 – Bucky Barnes/Tony Stark (past tense | present tense) Two time-travelers sitting in a tree, (A-)V-E-N-G-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes Hydra, then comes babies in a baby carriage!
  • November 2018 – Rough Trade Not Quite Human AKA The Mutant Challenge:
    • Seeing Through to Your Soul – Tony Stark/Clint Barton – The Chitauri Invasion changes everything. Some changes are more personal than others.
  • April 2018 – Rough Trade Call it Magic AKA Harry Potter Challenge:
    • Wish Magic – Allison Argent/Harry Potter – Be careful what you wish for ‘cause you just might get it.
  • July 2015 – Rough Trade Little Black Dress Challenge:
    • Take the Plunge – Sentinel! James T. Kirk/Guide! Leonard “Bones” McCoy
    • Weapon of Mass Distraction – Gen – In response to a threat to the leader of his personal Tribe, Tony DiNozzo comes online.
  • November 2014 – My first Rough Trade! The Soulmate Challenge:
    • Wake Me Up – Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale – When the Hale House fire rocks the Sentinel/Guide Community on a global scale will the world recover in time to face their next big threat?

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