Just Write Trope Bingo 2020 – Card 2


You can find the 2020 Trope Bingo on the Just Write Discord Server. The writing period is from June 1st to September 30th and the target word count is between one thousand and ten thousand words per prompt fill.

You know how Bingo works. Cover up the boxes in rows, columns, boxes, or do them all in a blackout. I'm focusing columns first with the goal of a blackout. We'll see how this goes.

Yeah, I'm doing a second card. I'm honestly thinking about asking for a third but I'm trying to be good.

  1. Canon Divergence: Guardians of Earth - Star Trek AOS—now with Immortals.
  2. Accidental Child Acquisition
  3. Bed Sharing
  4. Time Travel
  1. Competence: Killer Restraint - Sometimes life throws you a curveball in the shape of a gorgeous and competent killer. Sometimes you owe life a fruit basket.
  2. Fix-it: Talking to the Moon - Faced with an unpalatable choice, Clark does what his parents have always told him to do, he thinks for himself. Too bad Jonathan Kent won’t like his decisions.
  3. Inexplicable Babies
  4. What Happens in Vegas
  1. A Reckoning (AKA Come to Jesus)
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Secret Siblings
  4. Friends to Lovers
  1. Enemies to Lovers: To New Experiences - Being bonded at first touch was not something anyone ever expected to happen. A bonding at first touch between an empathic healer and a genetically enhanced soldier was even less expected and it would certainly lead to new experiences.
  2. Rule 63: Practice Makes Perfect - Clint took Bucky from a possible dominance fight to collaring fast enough to give a Super Soldier whiplash. He’d never been more grateful.
  3. Best Life
  4. Undercover

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