Just Write Trope Bingo 2020


You can find the 2020 Trope Bingo on the Just Write Discord Server. The writing period is from June 1st to September 30th and the target word count is between one thousand and ten thousand words per prompt fill.

You know how Bingo works. Cover up the boxes in rows, columns, boxes, or do them all in a blackout. I'm focusing columns first with the goal of a blackout. We'll see how this goes.

  1. Isolated/Trapped: Here - When Nate and Morgan are trapped in an alternate universe by Dr. Doom, they have to make a decision—here or there?
  2. Enemies to Lovers: For Love - Hari Potter asked him for a favor. Blaise Zabini decided he would do it...for a chance. For love.
  3. Best Life: Paid in Full - Tywin Lannister lives his best life.
  4. Pretend Couple: Help! - I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody!
  1. Undercover: Son Undercover - When Lily Evans met Duke Potter she was charmed…but she was also suspicious. Very, very suspicious.
  2. Fix-it: Duke of Hogwarts - There hasn’t been a Duke of Hogwarts in more than three hundred years. James had never been more surprised than when his father informed Sirius and himself that they were going to the bank to meet him.
  3. Amnesia: R:AP it up - An unexpected accident kills Obadiah Stane and leaves Tony without his memories. His learning process teaches a great many people this little thing called consequences.
  4. Adulting: Northern Justice - The pen truly is mightier than the sword. OR how a single letter got Westeros it’s groove back.
  1. What Happens in Vegas: In Search - When Mike Banning comes online in the middle of the Kang’s attack on the White House, the consequences ripple across the country side in unexpected ways.
  2. Pregnancy: The Dog Father - How did they end up getting together via text message at the Vet’s office, Bucky would never know, but he had the feeling he would always be grateful.
  3. FREE!: The Pride of Lannister - Rocks fall, Jamie dies...then he wakes up again.
  4. Friends to Lovers: A Classy Lady - The middle of a Wizengamot trial was not the time or place Neville had pictured for telling Harry about their marriage contract—but that choice was rather taken out of his hands and needs must.
  1. Competence: Closer - Tony DiNozzo comes online as a sentinel when his partner/pretend mate’s life is threatened. Unfortunately, no one on his team believes him. Fortunately, help is closer than he could have imagined.
  2. Found Family/Family of Choice: Protecting Family - Clint does what she has to to protect her family. No matter the cost.
  3. Courtship: Come Together - Phil Coulson is a guide. Phil Coulson is asexual. No, he’s not broken. He’s just…different.
  4. Accidental Child Acquisition: One Spectacular Fuck Up - Starfleet sees a golden PR opportunity in the settling of New Vulcan. It is one spectacular fuck up.


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