A Song of Ice and Fire


Some will consider this blasphemy but I’m not actually a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire. I love the world but the books I can take or leave. I’ve seen GoT, own the official world books, read some of the books, but I’m more likely to drop characters from a different fandom or my own original characters into this world than I am to write actual ASoIaD/GoT fanfiction. Just so you know.


  • Breaking the Faith – Jon Snow/Margaery Tyrell – When Jon Snow died a traitor’s death for doing the right thing, the Seven had something to say about it—and a mission only he could complete.
  • Northern Justice – The pen truly is mightier than the sword. OR how a single letter got Westeros it’s groove back.
  • Paid in Full – Tywin Lannister lives his best life.
  • The Pride of Lannister – Rocks fall, Jamie dies…then he wakes up again.

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