Little Lion Man

Title: Little Lion Man
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Complete: No
Fandom: GoT/ASOIAF
Genre: Fix-it, Time travel
Relationships: Jaime Lannister/Lyanna Stark, background relationships (M/M, M/F)
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Major Character Death, Canon-level Violence, Dark Themes, The Citadel Conspiracy (Murder of men, women and children, non-consensual ending of pregnancies, instigation of wars), Minor Character Death, Discussion-Other Trigger Topics (Incest, slavery, rape, miscarriage)
Author Notes: See Notes Tab
Beta: PNZ
Word Count: 89,844
Summary: Ser Jaime Lannister died during the Battle for the Dawn. He did not stay dead. This was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.


  1. Casterly Rock - Tywin dies. Yay!!! Or is it?
  2. Winterfell - Jaime travels to meet his future wife and good-father.
  3. Harrenhal - The Tourney of Harrenhal

=p there is more, you'll have to read the story to see it.







  1. Thank you, Izzy, for your hard work. I truly appreciate all your time and hard work making my word-baby beautiful.
  2. I have edited this since it was posted on the Quantum Bang site. Mostly I tried to clear up the passage of time a bit.
  3. Loosely inspired by Divine Intervention by Eff the Dragonkiller. She wrote it for November Nano on Rough Trade.
  4. We are starting at the Second War for the Dawn and shooting back to before the Tourney of Harrenhal.
  5. On the Citadel Conspiracy, this is a huge fan theory in the GoT/ASOIAF fandom. We know from canon that the Citadel hates magic and is working to turn their world into a predictable, controllable realm of science. We are told that the Maesters are the ones that killed dragons in the first place. Maesters hold a great deal of power in keeps of all sizes across Westeros. All of the crimes I put them on the hook for are logical extrapolations of their goals and the tools they have to see those goals become reality.
  6. Yes, that includes murdering pregnant women and children. If you can’t deal, please read something else.


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