Consultation Series

Series Title: Consultation Series
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Genre: Rule 63 (Clint Barton)
Relationship: Clint Barton/Tony Stark
Word Count: 13,875
Complete: No




Marianne "Clint" by Blake Lively, Charles "Barney" by Daniel Craig, Laura by Emeraude Toubia


  1. On-site Consultation - Tony Stark tracks down the long-missing Hawkeye for an on-site consultation.
  2. Subversive Consultation - Mission(s) accomplished, the Avengers have a party.
  3. Consultation Bonus - For every action...
  4. Consultation Feedback - The Team finds out Clint is pregnant.
  5. Unfortunate Feedback - Thor finds out what happened.

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