The Bound Series

Title: Bound Series
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Content Rating: Mature
Relationship(s): Many
Warnings: Violence. Death. Magic. Betrayal. Recovery. Probably eventually sex? Harry has PTSD. Albus Dumbledore is a dark mother fucker. Lord!Harry. Lord!Neville.
Summary: Secrets come out and there are consequences for everything.

Bound Banner by Darius Mitchell



Author's Note: Okay so the concept is "What is the magical meaning/significance that Harry uses Neville's name to board the Knight Bus?" Now the idea of a lot of the consequences/meanings of this situation I came up with happening to a 13 year old were actually really repugnant so I changed up the timeline.

Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone still happened but it spread out over Year 1 and Year 2 because the Centaur did their fucking jobs as Protectors of the Forest and killed Quirrell-mort when he was caught sucking off a Unicorn. Voldie's wraith stayed in the Forest inhabiting squirrels and staying off the centauri radar until just before Year 2 when Snape went into to Forest to collect potion ingredients.

Blah, blah, blah. Snape is cleverer and more resourceful than Quirrell and a better Host but he still ends up dying Quirrell's cannon death at the end of Harry's Second Year.

Third Year things are very different because Draco is no longer being influenced by Hater-in-Chief Snape and he's mourning the guy. He and Harry make friends and eventually pull their besties Blaise and Hermione into it. Ron loses his shit over the new friendship and because he's a hateful little fucker that doesn't understand loss, he loses Harry's friendship.

Fourth Year Ginny cheats on Blaise and makes him cry. This is unacceptable and Draco sends her a cursed Diary anonymously for Christmas... oops.

Fifth Year the Chamber of Secrets happens.

Our story starts during the summer between Fifth and Sixth Year.

  • Oathbound - An alternate explanation for why Harry used Neville’s name to get on the Knight Bus and all of the consequences.
  • Rebound
  • Binding the Table
  • Tournament Bound

As with other projects, I have posted extensively on Facebook in regards to the cast. You can find the Album here. Be aware there will be spoilers.

Several wonderful people have contributed art and banners to this verse:

  • Banners by Myztic Myan Moon
  • Art by Myztic Myan Moon
  • Banner by Etched Radius
  • Art by Etched Radius

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