EAD 2017 – Distraction AU ending w/McGarrett

Title: McGarrett AU ending
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: NCIS/H50
Characters: pre-Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett
Warnings: No beta
Summary: The start of one of the AU endings to Weapon of Mass Distraction



Tony keeps his emotional response strictly to himself through the entire flight from Norfolk to the USS Seahawk. It’s difficult because his training is so new and his upset is so extreme but projecting his feelings on an unwitting mundane is just unconscionable.

Thankfully you don’t lose everything every day. It’s really disgusting. Not only did he fail to bond a sentinel at that stupid and stressful Sentinel Presentation, now he’s kicked off his own team, kicked out of his own family, kicked out of his fucking coast!

And Gibbs wasn’t even in the meeting. He didn’t have to look Tony in the eye as he let it happen. though he did answer when Tony called him for an explanation.

“Tony. I can’t-” Gibbs has sounded so broken. Like it hurt so much to even talk to Tony sinc ehe rejected the sentinel. “Maybe. In a year?”

And Tony understood. Gibbs used him to stay balanced for years and now he can’t. The sentinel has to find his feet again without Tony around.

Tony huffs to himself. It’s all the worst parts of a break up for a relationship he didn’t even pick!

So now he’s going afloat. Officially, at least. Unofficially he’s been assigned to a counter terrorism task force. Hunting down terrorists and their enablers on a team made of all latent sentinels. Because the Navy thinks it has the right to pimp him out in the name of bringing their sentinels on line.

When they finally land on the Seahawk there are two men waiting for him both wearing the SEAL insignia, one a Chief Petty Officer and the other a Lieutenant Commander. And sitting behind the Lieutenant Commander, wearing the biggest, most self-satisfied grin that the little shit can is Tony’s spirit guide.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Lieutenant Commander is the first to pick Tony out of the disembarking. His not-yet sentinel approaches with a smile, his hand extended to shake. “You must be Special Agent DiNozzo.”

Tony returns the smile but slides his hands into his pockets to avoid temptation. “Lieutenant Commander,” He checks the guy’s name plate. “McGarrett.”

“Call me Steve.”

“Tony.” When Steve keeps his hand extended, refusing to take the hint Tony explains. “You’re a latent sentinel, sir. Guide etiquette precludes us shaking hands. We can discuss it in private later, if you like.”

Curiosity and physical lust float off the commander as he nods, “I’d like that.” With a nod and some unspoken order to the Chief with them, Steve starts to lead him off the deck.

The not-yet sentinel leads him through a few decks, up a few levels, and into a room empty of people but full of tables and chairs. Some sort of ward room. He closes the hatch and leans on it. “The Captain wants to speak with you.”

Tony looks around the room, just to make sure. No Captain. “Okay?”

“Guide Etiquette?” Steve asks.

“You’re a latent sentinel.” With a little push of his will, his wolf becomes visible where he is and has been at Steve’s side the entire time. “My spirit guide already recognizes you as my sentinel, so you coming online.”

“And shaking hands will?” Steve asks, slowly stalking closer.

“Speed things up.” Tony allows the sentinel to back him into the bulkhead. “Not necessarily shaking hands but physical contact.”

Steve stops less than an arm’s length away, well inside Tony’s personal space. “And you don’t want that? You don’t want your sentinel.”

“Of course I want it.” Steve grins at him and starts moving closer again. “But if you came online for me, the chances of us not bonding are practically non-existent. I don’t know about you but we just met and I’d like to know you a bit before bonding for life.”

Tony allows Steve to move right into his space and inhale just above the base of his neck. Strictly because the guy doesn’t touch him, of course.

“And there’s this manhunt to consider.” Steve pulls back and frowns at him. “If I brought you online and we bonded, do you think you could handle being locked on a ship with a newly bonded guide and no way to escape? With a few thousand sailors that will either hate me for being a stickler agent alfoat or want to fuck me because I’m a guide?”

Steve growls.

“Right.” Tony agrees. “They Navy will remove you from the mission to prevent feral homicide.

“And there’s no way I could become a SEAL, so there’s that to consider.”

Now Steve steps back, stone faced and sober. “What are you proposing?”

“If bonding me is unacceptable, I’ll need to be reassigned.” Steve’s face does something funny that looks painful. Like he’s having an aneurysm or something. “Okay, that’s a no. So bonding is a go?”

“Bonding is a go.” Steve confirms with a nod.

“Even if it costs you your place in the SEALs?”

“Even if it costs me my place in the Navy.” Steve says fiercely enough that he startles himself. After a moment’s thought Steve just nods, silently confirming his instinctual response. “Why can’t you join? You’re in great shape and age restrictions are waved for bonded pairs unless it’s deemed an ‘undue risk’ which is basically never.”

“Injuries.” He answers simply. “My knee and my lungs.”

Steve’s eyes sparkle briefly. “So you are that Anthony DiNozzo? The Buckeye football and basketball powerhouse?”

“I am that Anthony DiNozzo.” He confirms, a little grateful to not have to explain.

“And your lungs?”

“Booby trapped letter.” Tony answers, starting to feel trapped. “Weaponized form of Plague.”


“Antibiotic-resistant Pneumonic Plague.” Tony needs to leave. He needs to leave and hopefully talk to Face, like yesterday. “I need to report in to the Captain. Have the necessary files delivered to my duty station, alright?”

Tony bolts.


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