TB2020 – Card 2 – Killer Restraint

Title: Killer Restraint
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: NCIS
Genre: Fix-it, AU: Sentinels and Guides are Known
Relationships: Tony DiNozzo/Ari Haswari
Warnings: D/s Overtones
Author’s Notes: For Fen who is both a terrible influence and a wonderful encouragement.
Challenge: Just Write Trope Bingo Card 2, Square: Competence
Beta: PN Ztivokreb
Word Count: 1814
Summary: Sometimes life throws you a curveball in the shape of a gorgeous and competent killer. Sometimes you owe life a fruit basket.



“Well,” Tony sighed as he took in the man standing at the window of his apartment. An apartment that was supposed to be empty, he would like to add. “Hello.”

The man turned to look at him. He looked sharp, predatory in the way of sentinels everywhere—but there was something hollow about it. If he was a sentinel, then he was a latent one. He smiled and it took the edge off the sharp edges. “Good evening.”

English was not his first language. Or if it was, the intruder hadn’t spoken it in a long time, Tony decided.

“There a reason you’re in my home?” Tony asked as he closed the door. This man wasn’t going to kill him, of that he was sure. But he still kept his firearm in the holster just in case.

“My sister hates you,” the man said blandly, completely throwing Tony for a loop. “She wants me to kill you so she can kill me and gain a foothold on Gibbs’ team.”

“That sounds…needlessly elaborate,” Tony decided.

The intruder hummed. “She is almost entirely useless,” he agreed. “Her only gift is that of the honeytrap. I had thought you must have turned her down at some point…but now I think it is something different.”

Honeytraps meant spies and Tony was suddenly tired of this entire conversation. “And what’s that?”

“You’re a latent and a sensitive.” Latent sensitives were considered borderline to the Sentinel-Guide community. Put in the right situation, or if he encountered the right partner, Tony could come online.

“Just like you,” Tony told the man flatly.

The intruder inclined his head. “As am I. One of the many things dear little Ziva lacks.”

“Sentinel?” Tony asked because even as tired as he was, he could put together two Latent sensitives plus alone, together plus private space, and come up with an attempt to come online together and bond. It would mean sleeping together but…Tony wasn’t entirely opposed.

The intruder was interesting to look at, if much too intense for Tony to be able to pull off the fun guy masks he used as diversions at work anymore.

“And you?” Intruder raised an eyebrow at him. Neither confirming or denying, technically, thought it felt like confirmation.

“As with anything, I could go either way.” Intruder guy looked impressed. Tony was less so. “What is your name?” he finally demanded.

“Haswari, Ari Haswari.”

Tony cracked a smile and decided to take it as a James Bond movie reference. “DiNozzo, Tony DiNozzo. Do you take your martinis shaken, not stirred?”

“Alcohol is too harsh for my pallet,” Ari Buzzkill Haswari answered. Then he smirked like he knew what Tony was thinking. “I am officially here as a Mossad double agent inside Hamas. My sister is my handler for Mossad. I believe you are familiar with my handler for the FBI? One Agent Tobias Fornell?”

That…didn’t track. “If you have an in at the FBI, why do you need one with NCIS?”

“I do not,” Haswari shook his head. “My younger sister does. Our shared father is…obsessed with your Agent Gibbs. She wishes to draw him in to please our shared father.

“She loves our father. I have never made that mistake.”

“If we do this, you’ll be part of NCIS,” Tony reminds the maybe-sentinel. “On Gibbs’ team.”

Ari made a face like a little boy ordered to eat his peas. “Must we?”

“I…have an offer for Homeland on the table,” Tony offered cautiously. “I wasn’t going to take it but—I’m not going to the CIA.” Because fuck those creepy bastards.

“I would not demand such from you.” Ari chuckled. “What would we do at Homeland?”

“Hunting,” Tony said. He really couldn’t be more specific than that. Morrow hadn’t been more specific than that, though the hints he had given had been tantalizing. “Security…for the homeland.” Ari shot him a flat look for the cheek, but Tony wasn’t bothered. “What is your background.”

“I’m a doctor,” Ari told him, almost joyfully. He must have loved being a doctor before…whatever happened to harden him. “Then my father had the hospital I worked at with my mother bombed—deliberately while I wasn’t in it.”

“Wow. And I thought I had a shitty father.”

Ari almost gave him a grin at that.

“So…biological warfare?” Tony tried.

“That is why I am here,” Ari agreed. “I am leading a Hamas cell in a biological attack on one of your military bases. It will fail, of course, but not in a way that will reflect at all upon me and move me further up the Hamas chain.

“I find I would rather not do that anymore.”

“Infiltrating Hamas for Mossad does not sound…healthy,” Tony offered, he was pretty sure that sort of thing ended when you died. And he hadn’t forgotten his sentinel mentioning his sister planning to kill him. And his father had killed his mother. Just how fucked up were his in-laws?

Eh, they’d all end up in GITMO if he had anything to say about it, so that hardly mattered.

“The normal ways out of it are not, no,” Ari agreed. “But I believe we have found an alternative.”

“I would rather not join the FBI,” Tony admitted. “The last…man I tried this with came online and he’s FBI.” And he had promptly bonded with a beautiful, bubbly, blonde that was so amazing Tony couldn’t dredge up any grumpy feelings over being left behind. That didn’t mean he wanted to risk working with either Ian Edgerton-Garcia or his wonderful wife Penelope.

Ari nodded, accepting that without discussion. It made something inside Tony relax.

“How do you feel about being tied up during sex?”

Ari laughed, loud and surprised. When he stopped, he shook his head, “You do not trust me.”

“Should I?” Tony wanted to know. “You are an admitted double agent. Or is it a triple agent, now?”

“I will never betray you, Anthony DiNozzo,” Ari said solemnly. “But if you would prefer to restrain me until we are bonded, you may.”

“Strip,” Tony ordered and, man, did it feel weird to be on this side of the power dynamic but there was nothing for it.

Ari shot him that infuriatingly knowing smirk that Tony found way too hot for his own good and pulled off his outer black jacket. His under layers were all shades of gray—unobtrusive and good for suburban sneaking.

Fucking spies, Tony tried not to be amused by the thought.

The number of weapons Air pulled off of his person was…bothersome. They lined his coffee table and most of them were unexpected. Not the two side arms or the five knives. Certainly not the garotte, but a syringe? Loaded with something that both made Tony want to ask and somewhat afraid to.

The pair of scalpels was kind of weird too.

Finally, Haswari was naked as the day he was born right there in the middle of Tony’s living room. He wasn’t even trying to hide himself—he was much too dignified for that.

“The bedroom,” Tony ordered, nodding to the correct door.

Ari walked right past him, didn’t even try to get close or grab him. He just opened the door and went to Tony’s bed.

“There are restraints in the bench,” Tony told him. He didn’t blush, though he was tempted.

It helped that Ari did not shoot him any strange looks. He just went to the upholstered leather bench at the end of Tony’s bed and pulled out a set of cuffs. Ari attached them to the head and footboards of the bed with a proficiency that made Tony more than a little hard. Then he climbed right on Tony’s bed and attached three of the four cuffs without a single hesitation.

“You will do the last one, I assume?” Ari wiggled the fingers on his last remaining free hand at Tony.

Wordlessly, Tony moved forward and secured his lover’s final appendage.

Ari shuddered but relaxed onto the duvet. The things Tony wanted to do to this man…thankfully sentinel-guide law had made all of them legal. Not that that had ever stopped him.

Tony stripped quickly, separating his clothes out on autopilot, not really thinking about anything but the meal that was waiting for him in his bed. “How do you want to do this?” he had to ask.

Ari raised an eyebrow and finally opened his eyes. “To simulate a bonding, the guide must be penetrated.” He sounded like a textbook.

Though a textbook had never sounded so strained. Tony should not be charmed.

“Do you want to go raw inside me?” Tony asked bluntly. “I don’t usually allow that.” He hadn’t with Ian and sometimes he wondered if that was where he had gone wrong.

Ari glared at him possessively. “I would allow nothing to come between us.”

Tony shuddered, pleased. “I’m going to stretch myself open on your cock,” he warned his sentinel. “Gotta get you fully hard first.”

The first taste of his sentinel was…amazing, Tony thought as he licked Ari’s cock from base to tip like popsicle. Hard but delicate, masculine but clean. He groaned as he took the head of him into his mouth and Ari echoed the feeling.

It had been too long since he’d been with a man. He preferred men but…not so recent associations had made him reluctant.

He felt those associations fall away as Ari strained against his bindings to thrust into Tony’s mouth. Soon there was no room for anything within him but Ari and Tony. Tony and Ari.

Reluctantly, Tony pulled away from his mate’s cock. He could feel Ari in his head as the other man huffed in equal parts relief and regret.

“I need to get your cock inside me.”

Ari nodded though Tony knew he wanted to argue that his cock had just been inside him.

Tony tried not to be thrilled. This was happening. It was really happening. He was coming online with Ari Haswari but they needed to seal their bond to keep themselves there.

He threw a leg over his sentinel and held his cock as he pushed back on it.

It felt so good, Tony had to groan. Ari echoed him. His pleasure, their pleasure, filled his mind as Ari’s cock filled his body.

“Fuck.” When he could breathe again, Tony rolled his hips. He couldn’t think. He didn’t want to, it felt too good. “Fuck, yes, god.”

Vaguely he heard the sound of breaking wood and opened his eyes to see Ari reaching for him, the posts of Tony’s headboard trailing from his restraints. Clearly Ari was online, with sentinel strength being so clearly in evidence.

Ari planted his hands and shifted his knees to change…angles or leverage. Tony wasn’t even sure. It was too good.

“My guide,” Ari groaned against him. “My love.”

Tony shuddered as they came. “My sentinel.”



  1. *cackles*

    OMG that was both awesome AND hysterical! Ari/Tony is new but I can dig it. lol. I love it! This may become a Thing. And the reference to Eli’s obsession with Gibbs made me laugh till I cried. lmao! FANTASTIC! Loved it boo! I’m STILL cackling omg. ❤️

  2. Wow. Really an interesting take on this pairing. Kind of like the way Tony has Ari secure himself on the bed. It’s hot as f**k. Thank you for writing and sharing this. ❤️

  3. I never would’ve thought of this pairing before but I certainly am now. lol 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  4. That was fantastic and so very hot! They are going to have soooo much fun together. Thanks for the new mind candy. Yum

  5. Unexpected pairing, but this was fantastic!

  6. Great story with an unusual pairing, but it works with this timing and Ari’s approach.
    They will be a force to be reckoned with, two determined, clever men with multiple skill sets and a strong bond.

  7. For me you can pair Tony with anybody, so I’m totally on board with this. And you’ve managed to make it brilliant! Ari getting in the way of Ziva’s plan to get Tony killed and get herself on the team is both awesome and fills me with hilarious pictures of her reaction when she meets her new BIL. This is just so good. Totally the sibling Tony should end up with!

    Thank you for sharing!

    • I was somewhat repulsed by the stated pairing in this story, but I spent half of yesterday reading Hellbells’ “Tony’s Little Black Book” crossovers and found I enjoyed a lot of that I never would have imagined. And yet I don’t think even they tried to pair Tony /Ari. I’m so incredibly impressed that you managed to make it look both reasonable and very, very hot at the same time.

      I especially appreciate learning that Tony keeps his own bondage equipment and an appropriate bed frame to anchor them, and the implication that he’s usually the one restrained. And I took note that he also seemed to imply that he is the S/G version of a switch but was willing to come online as a Guide to Ari’s Sentinel. The idea that latents can choose their future partners and manifest together makes so much more sense than meet n greets for the online and unbonded.

      Thank you so much for sharing this and providing me an interesting playground to speculate about for a while.

  8. Well, holy shit! This was such an unexpected pairing, but absolutely incredible. I love Ari basically giving both Eli and Ziva the finger here. These two together are going to cause so much trouble for absolutely everyone.

  9. Not that this wasn’t hot, but…no lube? Eeesh. That being said, it would change things significantly, and I would love to see Ziva’s expression as she sees all her plans go down the toilet like the shit they are.

    • There was definitely lube! Dry anal sounds like a form of torture. I was just writing in a rush and apparently left a line out, whoops.

  10. Hi! I remember having read the story years ago, and reread it just a couple weeks ago again. I couldn’t stop thinking about the pairing: on the surface, they shouldn’t work, and yet… and yet there is something compelling about them. And because i couldn’t stop thinking about them, i accidentally wrote half a ficlet of my own. Oops??

    Don’t worry – it is not an unauthorised sequel/prequel sort of situation. But NCIS/Sentinel canon being what it is, every fic in that fandom is bound to have some superficial similarities. And your ficlet did inspire mine, so if you squint, you could see some elements parallel to your story. Like Tony being Ari’s guide, them both going to Homeland and specifically, Ari liking being a doctor. Would you mind terribly me using those elements? If I ever end up posting it to AO3, i will credit you, of course.

    • I’m glad you like my fic and that it inspired you. I hope you have fun writing it and link me when you’re done. I would love to read it. As you said, this pairing shouldn’t work and yet. It is fascinating.

      It is the greatest compliment I can think of to be told something I wrote inspired someone so I thank you for it.

      It never occurred to me that you would try to sequel or prequel my short, so put that out of your head. Speaking as someone with anxiety, I want to be clear to you that I am not upset–I know those concerns can linger so again I say, it’s all good.

      As to the issue of credit, I don’t feel that any of the twists and turns I have used are long reaches from canon of the show and the fanon of sentinel/guide trope that is so pervasive, so I don’t see why you would need to credit me, but I would be tickled if you did.

      Go forth and write! I hope you have a blast.

  11. I had comments left on so I received ElleWelle’s post about the related work Saydria’s had inspired. I do hope that now permission has been assured that they will share the link here if and when they post it.

    I also took the opportunity to reread this story as well as following the link in the comments to Hellbells’ Toby/Ari story, and yep. I still adore this one and am still kinda meh about the other. It’s good, and plausible,and I love that Tony dropped his mask and let his real intelligence show. But Saydria has me invested in this pairing now so Hellbell’s ending wasn’t satisfying. It begs a sequel though, so I live in hope.

    Thanks for the nudge to return and immerse myself once again in this lovely little ‘verse!

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