TB2020 – In Search

Title: In Search
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: NCIS, Olympus Has Fallen
Genre: Sentinels and Guides are Known AU, Fix-it, Episode Related (Dead Air), Episode Related (Olympus Has Fallen)
Relationships: Tony DiNozzo/Mike Banning, others
Warnings: Mentions of pedophilia, illegal drugs, and terrorism
Author’s Notes: 1.) I blame Angel N Darkness for this mess, and you should too. Or you can thank her, whatever floats your boat. 2.) I shifted the time frames for Olympus and Dead Air around so that they match a little better. Not a huge big deal because the loss of the cover of darkness wouldn’t be a hinderance for Sentinel!Mike Banning but I don’t want anyone thinking I messed something up. This was a deliberate choice.
Challenge: Just Write Trope Bingo, Square: What Happens in Vegas
Beta: PN Ztivokreb
Word Count: 3,553
Summary: When Mike Banning comes online in the middle of the Kang’s attack on the White House, the consequences ripple across the country side in unexpected ways.




He glanced up to see Director Vance standing on the landing above the bullpen. Vance was glaring at him with enough heat to melt a carrier hull, Gibbs was impressed.

“My office!” the director snapped, and turned on his heel before Gibbs could respond.

It was a bad sign that he had no idea what the director’s obvious temper could be about but that was more than Vance’s usual show ’em who’s boss intensity. His gut sank.

Gibbs grabbed his coffee and followed.

Vance activated the white noise generators the moment Gibbs closed the office door behind him. It wasn’t SCIF mode, but alarm bells started going off in his gut, regardless. Something was very wrong.

Gibbs nodded to the director and studied the pair standing in front of Vance’s desk.

A bonded pair, if their body language was anything to go by, and somewhat familiar, too. She was definitely the sentinel.

“This is Agent Gibbs,” Vance said to the pair. “He is Agent DiNozzo’s direct supervisor. Gibbs, the Alpha Primes of the East Coast, Emma and Patrick Sheppard.

…That would be why they were familiar. It was practically required for everyone in law enforcement to be familiar with their local SnG chain of command because Sentinels and Guides popped up everywhere in law enforcement work. It was all part of their mandate to protect the tribe.

“Something wrong?” Gibbs drawled.

“There is an ongoing empathic event,” the sentinel, Emma Sheppard, said shortly. “Thankfully only our community can feel it, but the primes have ordered every unbonded shaman accounted for. Agent DiNozzo is the only one that has not answered his phone.”

“Shaman?” Vance asked faintly.

“Yes, shaman,” Patrick answered, glaring at Vance.

“Of course, he didn’t answer his phone.” Gibbs snorted, as if DiNozzo would compromise the job. “He’s undercover.”

“Undercover?” Emma pressed.

“He’s posing as a home buyer in an upscale neighborhood. Quizzing residents to get their voice prints.”

“For what purpose?”

“We’re looking for a killer.” And then because he knew his usual reticent self would not go over well with an SnG pair, he added, “It might be related to domestic terrorism.”

The sentinel’s face went white.

“He’s not alone in the field,” Vance assured them quickly. “He has back up.”

“The other two agents on the team,” Gibbs concurred.

“Agent Gibbs, I suggest you call Agent DiNozzo’s backup immediately.”

“Why?” he demanded of the pair. “Whatever problem you’re having, it has nothing to do with my case! I don’t care who you are, I won’t let you interfere and get people killed!”

The sentinel took an aborted step forward, but her guide put his hand on her shoulder and she stilled.

“I’m sure you are aware of the ongoing attack on the White House,” Patrick Sheppard said gently.

Gibbs nodded. The Navy, Marines, National Guard, FBI, even ATF had been mobilized to deal with the threat but NCIS had been cut out of the loop except for individual agents that had been in the area when the attack had commenced. It was their job to support local police and maintain the peace.

At least partially because too many bodies in one place would be counterproductive and only increase the already massive body count, no matter how much in stuck in his craw.

“We have a man alive inside,” the male Sheppard explained. “The danger of the attack forced him online as a sentinel. The ongoing empathic event is a shaman-level guide keeping him on his feet and working to save the President. It is our duty as their extended pride to guard this guide and bring him closer to his sentinel to reduce the empathic strain he is under.

“Is your case more important than the life of the leader of the Tribe and a possible nuclear war with Korea, Agent Gibbs?”

No. No, it wasn’t. Gibbs sighed. “I’ll call my agents.”

Figuring McGee was the one most likely to have his phone in hand, he called the team geek.

“McGee,” the younger man answered.

“Gibbs,” he returned. “Status and location of Agent DiNozzo.”

There was silence on the other end. And then a stammering, “Well…uh, you see…boss… um, that is. We don’t know.”

Emma Sheppard hissed in fury.

Gibbs blinked several times trying to process that. Then he pulled the phone from his ear and put it on speaker since Emma Sheppard was clearly listening in anyway.

“Say that again, McGee.”

“Well, Boss, we don’t…know…the status and location of Tony. I mean, Agent DiNozzo.”

“And why don’t you know, McGee,” he asked very carefully.

“We—that is, Ziva and I, um. We. We got tired of listening to him, and we shut it off.”

“You’ve been out there three hours,” he said, almost like he thought McGee and Ziva’s response was reasonable. “How long were you listening for?”

“We don’t…know.”

“Because you were listening for so long?”

“Honestly, Boss, we turned it off after he left the car and crossed the street,” McGee confessed in a rush. “I am so sorry.”

“I sent him out there to talk and after less than five minutes, you got tired of doing your job which was listening to him do his job. Do I have that right, Agent McGee?”

“Yes, sir—uh! Boss.”

“Okay, McGee,” Gibbs said gently because of how much he wanted to throttle the younger man. “You stay where you are and keep doing what you’re doing. Both of you. Do not make me come looking for you.” And Gibbs hung up.

“Where?” Emma Sheppard demanded.

“Royal Woods,” Gibbs told her through grit teeth. His team. His fucking team!

“John,” Emma said conversationally and despite the white noise generators she tipped her head when she clearly got an answer. “Call your pride and have Peter call ours. We have a guide hunt to do.”

“This Ziva,” Patrick Sheppard looked him straight in the eye. “That wouldn’t be Ziva David, would it?”

“It would,” Gibbs confirmed.

“Did Tony not file a complaint with you about her?”

“He did.” Gibbs sighed and scrubbed a hand over his face. Of all the times to be wrong. “He said she was feeling hostile and deceptive and asked permission to do an active scan of her. I told him no and talked to her… She said he was just being a sore loser in that competition they are always in.”

“Tony? A sore loser?” Patrick Sheppard asked in shock. “Anthony DiNozzo?”

Gibbs nodded.

Since when?” Emma Sheppard demanded.

And she had a point. Sportsmanship might as well have been Tony’s middle name. He’d never held a loss against anyone that Gibbs could recall. Not even the loss of his professional sports career against the man that broke his leg. Gibbs wondered when he had forgotten that.

Patrick waved off Gibbs’ response and turned to Vance. “Did you or did you not receive a formal complaint from Guide DiNozzo about Ziva David?”

“I did,” Vance acknowledged. “But I assumed he had simply failed to get her to sleep with him and decided to ignore it.”

“You decided that a Pride Certified Complaint from a Shaman was—what, retaliation for a denial of sexual favors?” Patrick asked and Gibbs felt just as horrified as the man looked.

“He has a reputation for it,” Vance defended himself.

“With who?” Gibbs demanded. He had never heard thicker horseshit in his life.

“You realize that a Pride Certified Complaint means he opened his mind to an alpha guide that he has never met before and allowed that stranger to search his mind and verify his complaint had merit and was without bias?” Patrick asked. “And that it is a federal felony to ignore one? Especially from a shaman?”

“I didn’t know he was a shaman at the time,” Vance tried to defend.

“Of course, you didn’t!” Gibbs shouted, losing his cool. “Shamans are kept secret until they are bonded! Or did you forget that there are people out there that sell them?”

“This is not the point,” Emma Sheppard cut him and Vance off. “We need to find Agent DiNozzo three hours ago.

“Director Vance, I hope you enjoyed your career—because it is over.”

Emma Sheppard left the office with that and Gibbs followed her out. He was so fucking furious. And he couldn’t stay behind while they went to find his agent. If his blindness had killed Tony, it was his duty to look his corpse in the face.

And he just might have a bullet for the two that put Tony in the ground.


The prides gathered in the parking lot of a grocery store two miles from the entrance of Royal Woods.

None of them blinked an eye when he joined the supply line to receive his two sets of gloves and bulletproof vest with SnG emblazoned in white on the back.

He wasn’t an active sentinel, would never be now, as old as he was. His inner latent sentinel had retreated with the deaths of Shannon and Kelly and he’d always been somewhat relieved by that. He hadn’t come online with his wife—for the defense of his wife and child—so some part of him felt that he didn’t deserve to come online. He had isolated himself for his community and any chance of healing his inner sentinel and never regretted it.

Still, he was somewhat at a loss as to what he was supposed to do as a mundane on a Guide Hunt.

“For those of you who haven’t done this before, we will be breaking into four teams. Emma and I will lead Alpha Team. John and Rodney will lead Beta Team. David and Casey will lead Charlie Team. Steve and Sophie will lead Delta Team.

“Peter and Ronon will be acting as our communication hub.”

Gibbs glanced at the third Sheppard son. He was looking pale and tired. Last Gibbs knew, he had developed the guide version of narcolepsy, but no one would ever give out much information about it. He had to wonder what the enormous, very dangerous looking sentinel sticking close to the young guide’s side had to do with that.

“Call out or text them when you have cleared an area. They will coordinate us as necessary.

“When we find Agent DiNozzo, if he is unconscious or otherwise unable to respond you will not touch him unless his life is in immediate danger. Only Rodney and myself are authorized to touch Agent DiNozzo but if circumstances require that you touch him, you will put on both sets of gloves before you do. Nitrile, then neoprene. Blue, then green.

“Questions?” Guide Sheppard asked.

There were none.

“For those of you unfamiliar with Tony DiNozzo’s scent,” Emma Sheppard said, holding up an 8×10 glossy of Tony’s face. “He is the only son of my little sister. My identical twin. He will smell very much like one of my sons born to a different father.”

That…gave Gibbs pause. He knew Tony knew the Sheppards, but he had assumed they were his alphas, not his aunt and uncle.

“You have your assignments. Gibbs, you’re with me. Let’s go, people.”

They piled into several large SUVs and one guide green ambulance and drove to Royal Woods.

The SUVs broke off in different directions, heading to their assigned sectors, as they entered the housing development.

“We find Tony, then we deal with your assholes,” Emma told him from behind the wheel.

Gibbs utterly agreed with those priorities, so he just nodded.

They parked almost exactly where the ‘A’ had been marked on the map Peter Sheppard had passed around and exited the vehicle.

Emma Sheppard took a deep breath. “He’s nearby.”

“He’s the source of the event,” Patrick confirmed in turn and the bonded pair shared a look.

“Teldy, take the team house to house,” Emma ordered. “Cassidy, you’re with us.”

“Roger that,” both lady sentinels agreed, and the group split up.

Emma held out her hand and Patrick took it. It was a rather subtle grounding ritual, in Gibbs’ opinion. The sentinel set her feet a shoulder’s width apart and closed her eyes.

She turned slowly—homing in on Tony’s scent, Gibbs assumed. Eventually she was facing the same direction as her guide and husband.

The two glanced at each other, nodded, and took off.

Gibbs and Paula Cassidy and guide—he hadn’t been introduced—followed.

It took some doing, finding the right house. The fences were too tall to go over and they had to go around several times, to the sentinels’ clear frustration.

They left Section A altogether, skirted the edge of Section C, and finally came to a house in Section D, picking up Commander McGarrett and the youngest Sheppard, Sophie, as they stopped at a house.

While the rest of the team stared in concern at the house, Gibbs plowed forward to knock on the door.

It was answered quickly by a woman wearing a bright blue bikini and very little else. “Can I help you?” She smiled flirtatiously and batted her eyes at him.

“My name is Jethro Gibbs. I’m here with the local pride, responding to concerns about a guide in distress.”

The woman slumped. “About fucking time you got here,” she said in a completely different, nearly grave tone of voice.

When she stepped back, he noted the shotgun in the hand he had kept hidden being the door. “Well?” she demanded. “Get in here.”

Gibbs got in there. He was followed by the Sheppards, though he noted that Sophie was tapping away on her phone.

“I’m Agent Charlotte Dennison, ” the woman in the house introduced herself, “ATF.”

“Undercover?” Gibbs asked, surprised.

Dennison rolled her eyes. “There is something rotten in this neighborhood,” she confirmed.

“Domestic terrorists are like that,” he agreed.

She eyed him. “Strange that it was noticed by even…?”

“NCIS,” he answered before she had to fish any further. They made it around her couch and saw Tony laying on the floor with his eyes closed.

She had sheltered him, Gibbs noted. Placing Tony on the floor between the couch and the overturned coffee table. She’d even placed a blanket over Tony to obscure him or to emotionally comfort him, Gibbs couldn’t be sure, but he liked competent people and Dennison clearly was.

“How did he get here?” Emma Sheppard asked.

Dennison looked between Gibbs and Sentinel Sheppard, clearly decided who was in charge, and focused on the prime. “He came to my location earlier this morning. We flirted a bit and then he left. An hour later, he returned looking…flustered. I signaled my backup and invited him inside. I had barely closed the door when he staggered against the wall calling for a sentinel. I’m only a latent sensitive so I know he wasn’t calling out to me. I helped him over to the couch, but he was out of it before I even got him there.

“I closed the curtains, hid him as best I could, and started standing guard. I knew someone would come for him eventually.”

“We’re here now,” Emma assured the woman and turned to her daughter.

“John and Rodney are incoming. ETA four minutes. Peter and Ronon will get here first since they are in a vehicle,” Sophie told them. “Derek and Emily have found a pedophile ring and are tearing it to bits with the Kusanagis’ help. David and Cassie are handling clean up and seeing the ones that survive arrested. We also found a bomb in a freezer that I assume is related to the domestic terrorism thing and holy gods are there coke and guns in this neighborhood.”

“That’s what happens when Sentinels and Guides are deliberately kept out of a neighborhood.” Emma Sheppard pinched her nose. “ATF, I assume you want to take the bomb issue?”

“It’s not what I’m here for but it would be within my jurisdiction,” Dennison agreed. “So are the coke and guns. I’m part of a joint task force with the DEA.”

Dennison paused. “And I agree, it’s all a result of the lack of SnG presence in the neighborhood. Perhaps the terrorism is as well.”

“Probably,” Gibbs agreed. He knew it was a thing that happened, developers building subdivisions in a way to keep Sentinels out due to discomfort, but he hadn’t thought it could happen as close to DC as they were. “I’d like to call in another team from NCIS,” Gibbs told Dennison. “My team is out of commission. But there is a clear and present danger to at least the Navy, and we have jurisdiction, too.”

“As long as they can play well with others.” Dennison shrugged.

Balboa had a reputation for being a team player, so Gibbs just nodded. “I’ll make the call.”

“We’re going to arrest your idiot,” Emma Sheppard told him. “They are a threat to the Pride and at the very least derelict in their duty as agents but considering Tony’s concerns, it might be time to call the Inspector General.”

Gibbs initially balked at the very thought, but he forced that down and nodded. Clearly there were problems with his team he couldn’t see and couldn’t deal with. He owed it to Tony to step back and let someone else take a good long look at the issue.


Hours later, Gibbs was sitting on the back steps of the open SnG ambulance, watching the sun set in a sea of blood over the White House.

It had been a long, stressful day but he was comfortable in a way he had never expected. Being around an active pride made him feel safe in a way he had never experienced, and none of the SnGs had acted put off with him or his latent/dormant status.

“He’s waking up,” the oldest Sheppard son’s guide, Dr. Rodney McKay, announced and Gibbs turned in time to see approximately nothing, but he heard Tony groan heartily.

“How are you feeling, Tony?” Patrick Sheppard asked, leaning over his nephew.

“Like I got run over by a dump truck and then chased by a dementor,” Tony answered.

“Better than expected, then,” Patrick said with an almost sadistic cheer as he and Dr. McKay helped Tony sit up.

“Hey, Gibbs,” Tony greeted. “We get ‘em?”

“We did, Tony.” Gibbs had to swallow hard. “Thanks to the pride.”

“It’s what we do,” Tony said flippantly as he scooted to the end of the stretcher. “Where’s…?”

There was a snarl and a hand pulled Gibbs back away from the entrance to the truck. He followed the arm up to see the truly big one, Ronon Dex, keeping him out of the way as a very ragged looking Mike Banning stood in his previous place, staring up at Tony like he’d just seen god.

“Hey, Mike,” Tony greeted with a small smile. When Tony opened his arms, Banning collapsed into him with a relieved huff. “I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t actually stay in Vegas.”

Emma turned to look at her nephew in disbelief. “What?”

“That’s the guy?” Peter Sheppard asked. “The one that rocked your world when—”

“We don’t need details, gentlemen,” Patrick Sheppard interrupted.

“Maybe a few,” Emma Sheppard corrected, leveling a significant look at her husband.

“You remember? Five years ago?” Tony started, gently rubbing his sentinel’s back.

“When my eldest son and his guide ran away to Vegas rather than go through with the big society wedding they promised me?” Emma Sheppard finished, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, then,” Tony agreed.

“Regret nothing,” McKay interjected. “Except, perhaps, the quality of Spock’s costume when he officiated for us.”

Emma rolled her eyes and Gibbs had to press his lips together to keep from smiling.

“After…that, I went down to the hotel lobby for a drink,” Tony continued, ignoring his cousin in-bond. “I found a man there I knew I had to have and…we had some fun.”

“You knew he was yours?” Patrick Sheppard asked. “Even as a latent?”

“Yes,” Banning answered without removing his face from the base of Tony’s neck. “I had just joined the Presidential detail which requires SnG testing. I’d never allowed it before and my fiancé called everything off when it came out that I was a latent sentinel. I was in the bar, looking for something to take my mind off of it, and in he walked.” Banning pulled back enough to look into Tony’s eyes. “I had to have him. Lucky for me, he agreed.”

Tony chuckled, a deep throaty sound, and pressed his lips to his sentinel’s temple. “Don’t think you’re getting me again without a shower. And stitches. I’m not even a sentinel and I can smell your blood.”

“It was hard,” Banning admitted, something Gibbs would have never expected.

“Well, get up here,” Tony pulled away from Banning. “We have an iso suite at the closest SnG Center with our names on it.”

“You have the bonding house on the Sheppard property with your name on it,” Emma Sheppard corrected. “Where you will both receive medical treatment immediately.”

Tony groaned. “Not the Rut Hut!”

“Tony!” his aunt chided.

“Aren’t Peter and Ronon still using it?” Tony whined.


Tony turned to Banning immediately and saw something that put the softest look Gibbs had ever seen on his Senior Field Agent’s face. “Sentinel.

“Alright, aunt, get us to the Rut Hut!”



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Also, this family is foolishly attractive. What the Actual?



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