TB2020 – Card 2 – Practice Makes Perfect

Title: Practice Makes Perfect (alternatively: The Collaring of Clint Barton)
Author: Saydria Wolfe
Fandom: MCU
Genre: Rule 63 (Clint Barton), BDSM AU
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Clint Barton
Warnings: Explicit Sex
Author’s Notes: I head canon that Bucky was a sub but after his time as the Winter Soldier he became a dom. I’m playing with that here. I did the opposite to Girl!Clint because I thought it would be interesting for them to have that in common. Boy!Clint is a straight up sub but I think Girl!Clint would be a domme, possibly a domme-presenting switch. Her time in Loki’s service changed that in this AU.
Challenge: Just Write Trope Bingo Card 2, Square: Rule 63
Beta: PN Ztivokreb
Word Count: 3,073
Summary: Clint took Bucky from a possible dominance fight to collaring fast enough to give a Super Soldier whiplash. He’d never been more grateful.



“You sure about this?” Bucky asked one more time. Even after everything he had gone through, maybe especially after everything he had gone through, meeting Steve’s team felt…huge.

“Of course!” Steve gave him a big smile. “You’ve been cleared by every possible source on the planet—”

Bucky conceded that with a nod. Even Wakanda and someone called the Sorcerer Supreme had cleared him, which had been super weird. The sorcerer, not Wakanda. He’d met the Black Panther before—albeit he was the grandfather of the current one—way back when Steve had led the Commandos into the African Theatre to stop Hydra’s shenanigans there.

“—we got people on the team that have been mind controlled. Ones that have been physically altered against their will. Ones that know exactly what it’s like to have no control over an extremely violent part of themselves…”

“I’ll fit right in,” Bucky muttered.

Steve beamed at him, the fluffy haired idiot.

“Alright,” Bucky sighed. “Let’s go.”

He hadn’t thought anything could intimidate him after seven decades in Hydra’s care but meeting Steve’s team—meeting his family—proved that assumption wrong.

There were several people standing around idly in the large conference room of the huge high tech tower Steve had brought him to.

“Bucky, meet Tony,” Steve introduced him to the first guy closest to the door. “His codename is Iron Man, and this is his building.”

“Tony Stark,” the man in question confirmed, holding out his hand.

Bucky took the offered hand and shook it. Stark was gorgeous. Not bulked out like Steve but trim and fit and well groomed. A dom-presenting switch unless Bucky was completely off his guess and he had to wonder how that all worked when Steve who was a pure dom was clearly in love with the guy.

“You know Sam Wilson,” Steve said as he moved them on to the next guy. “Codename: Falcon.”

“You don’t look too bad without the raccoon eyes,” Wilson teased as they shook hands formally.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “How many times do I have to apologize for kicking you off a helicarrier?”

“Oh, that’s forgiven,” Wilson promised. “It’s the pulling my wing off like I was a bug that I’m holding a grudge over.”

“Keep holding,” Bucky said with a laugh.

“Here we have Wanda and Pietro Maximoff—Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.”

Bucky tensed and didn’t offer a hand for them to shake. He noted that the twins didn’t either.

Steve laid a hand on his shoulder. “They weren’t Hydra,” Steve promised. “Not voluntarily. Their memories had been altered by the Mind Stone. Thor and Strange were able to pull the programming from them. They’ve still recovering, just like you.”

That made him relax a bit, but he was still wary and he gave them a nod that they returned.

He recognized the next person in line from his past, actually. “Black Widow,” he greeted before Steve could stick his foot in it.

“One of them,” she agreed.

“The last one.”

“Perhaps.” She gave him an enigmatic smile. “Natasha Romanoff, now.”

Bucky nodded. “I will remember.”

“This is James Rhodes,” Steve moved him along. “War Machine, he leads the West Coast Avengers.”

“Wanted to make it clear you’re welcome in California anytime,” Rhodes said easily and clearly and Bucky’s chest eased. More options were a good thing to have. Something he hadn’t actually had before.

They shook hands.

“Also of the West Coast Avengers, Hope Van Dyne, codename: Wasp, and Scott Lang—”

They all turned as the door opened abruptly. A blonde woman stepped through and froze when she saw everyone was staring at her.

“Sorry I’m late?” she offered and Bucky could hear Steve sigh behind him.

“Clint, I told you to be here an hour early so you wouldn’t be late,” Steve said, sounding more amused than annoyed.

The new addition shrugged. “Yeah, but I knew you gave me the wrong time, so I ignored it.”

Steve pinched his nose. “Get your ass over here and meet Bucky.”

Clint rolled her eyes but obeyed. She stopped a few feet away from him and took him in. He watched her note the mark on the side of his neck, his pretty face, and his ragged clothes.

He had a moment to wonder if he was going to have to kill a member of Steve’s little family for trying to force his submission when she sank down to her knees at his feet and tilted her head. She just presented her neck to him for collaring like it was nothing.

“Uh….” he had no idea what to say. Her purple tank top clearly displayed the Master’s Cuff tattooed on her right bicep for all the world to see. And she was asking him—a man marked as a submissive—for a collar.

She slit her eyes open and shot him an amused look. “I know what it’s like for mind control to hit you with a dynamic shift. Walk around a couple months with me on a leash and everyone will know exactly what you are. No murder or dominance fights necessary.”

He just blinked stupidly at her. Did doms in the Future walk around with collars and leashes just in case? Was a thing he should have been prepared for?

“You don’t have to fuck me, or anything.” She frowned at him, straightening her head. “I can do without for a few months.”

She looked uncertain—of her welcome or that he might want her, he wasn’t sure. Either way, it was not a look he wanted to see on her.

“Oh, I’m definitely going to fuck you,” he promised as he pulled off his belt. He was a little appalled that it was all he had to offer such a beautiful woman but she didn’t seem to care as he looped the webbed nylon under her golden hair and clipped it closed around her neck.

He tugged upward on the loose end and she stood gracefully. Her entire focus was on him—as it should be for his leashed sub—and he was hard pressed not to bend her over the table right then. He didn’t, they had negotiations to attend to before he could do that. And there were introductions to finish before they could negotiate. But it was hard.

Steve took him through the rest of the teams at a sprint.

He knew most of them from the various dossiers he’d been given by both Hydra and later SWORD so there were no surprises among them—which was good because he could not focus on the Avengers with his own brand new sub standing warm and attentive at his elbow.

“You will never wear sleeves again,” he ordered her as he followed the AI’s light strip back to his new bedroom. “Unless it’s required for a mission or survival.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed easily.

And that shouldn’t have been enough to make him hard, though it was. Honestly, he’d been hard since he had snapped the belt closed at her neck and her ready obedience was just making his pants situation worse.

But he didn’t think she would stay this obedient. If she would challenge Steve over Avengers matters, she would challenge him over anything. He figured she was just waiting for the ground rules before she challenged him. Which, considering who he had been, was smart.

He was looking forward to putting in the work on something that could be so personally rewarding.

He led her inside his room, locked the door after her, and leaned on it. “You’re Clint Barton.”

She nodded. “And you’re Bucky Barnes.”

“Tell me your kinks,” he ordered.

“You don’t want me to take care of that first?” She nodded to his crotch.

And he did, actually, but he was in charge and she needed to know it, so he repeated, “Your kinks.”

“I like…being used for my dom’s pleasure. I like it when people watch me being used for my dom’s pleasure. I like being dressed up or down and put on display where no one can touch. I wouldn’t say I’m a pet,” she hesitated. “Not full time, maybe? It’s—choices are hard, okay? I once had a dom punish me by sending me shopping with a time limit and minimum budget. It was heinous.”

“So you want me to make your choices for you?” Bucky asked.

Clint winced. “Most of the time?”

“We’ll set up a safeword just for that…domestic domination,” he decided.

“Sounds good.”

“Are there any limits on that that I should know of before we begin?”

She thought about it then glared. “If you try to make me quit Avenging, I will shoot you. And I won’t miss.”

Bucky snorted. “I can agree to that—outside of circumstances where you are sick or injured and a medical professional has benched you.”

“Fine,” she pouted.

“Anything else?”

“I like pain but not much of it? I like bloodplay but I don’t need it. I would say submission and exhibition are my main kinks.”

“Hard limits?”

“I’m something like seventy percent deaf—you can’t take my ears from me. Ever. And, related, I would say my sight is a soft limit.”

“That’s fair,” Bucky agreed because holy shit. Seventy percent deaf and still an Avenger. His girl was more impressive than he thought. “What else?”

Clint pursed her lips together. “Humiliation and cuckolding, actually. I don’t mind being shared to my dom’s friends, particularly with my dom watching but if it was done to humiliate my dom, I would lose my mind.”

“Soft limits?”

“Bondage,” Clint sighed. “It has a lot of negative associations for me and sometimes it’s just not okay. I also really like the discipline of maintaining a position myself…but of course that’s not always possible.

He tried to appreciate her delicate, non-demanding phrasing but hearing her talk about some general dom rather than just him was infuriating on a level he couldn’t articulate.

“I’m territorial,” he told her. “I don’t like other people touching what’s mine but if I can’t give you everything you need, I expect you to tell me.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I like the idea of taking you somewhere public and fucking you for everyone to see. I loved it when I was the sub, at least,” he admitted. “So, we’ll see how we can make it work for us.”

“As you will, master.”

“Sir is fine,” he said even as he shuddered in pleasure.

Clint sent him a smirk that said she had no intention of accepting his spoken preference. He hoped she’d at least hold on to master for special occasions.

“Your safeword is Zola.”

“Yes, sir,” she smiled at him. “My safeword is Zola.”

He popped the button on his pants and walked toward her. “On your knees.”

She went down eagerly and licked her lips when he slid the zipper down but otherwise didn’t react.

“Take me out and suck me,” he ordered.

She made a pleased sound and carefully pulled his cock free from his jeans. She held him as she licked him. Getting used to the taste, he knew, or perhaps she had been trained to always start with foreplay, but he didn’t have the patience for it.

He sunk a hand in her hair. She dropped her hands to his thighs and forced her shoulders to relax, giving him all control.

He groaned as he brought her mouth to the head of his cock. She opened her mouth as he pushed her down his length. She wiggled her tongue agreeably as he slid across it and settled down into a very nice suction as he hit the back of her throat.

He held her there until she groaned, and he nearly came.

He pulled her off just as slowly as he’d pushed her down and was rewarded with more tongue wiggling.

He pulled her free of him with a pop and watched her pant for breath. She gave him the pleading eyes to continue well before she was ready, and he was suddenly intimately aware of how much power he had had over a number of doms back before the war.

If he’d known it then, he’d have never been drafted.

If he’d known it then, he would have never had this now.

“I’m going to cover you in diamonds,” he swore to her. “Entirely. All of you in diamonds.”

“My favorite color is purple,” she told him with a bright smile.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

She laughed and it was too much for him. He put his cock right in her joyful hole. She immediately moaned and sucked him obediently.

He put his metal hand in her head, and she groaned. He held her still as he fucked her face. The pace he set was just short of brutal but the noises she was making were nothing like complaint or objection and he let himself have it.

“If you don’t like swallowing,” he panted. “You better tap out soon.”

His beautiful, wonderful, contrary new sub just sucked him harder, digging her nails into his �highs eagerly.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he let himself fall into the first non-self-stimulated orgasm he’d had since the war. “Fuck,” he repeated when he felt her swallow around his cock.

“Good girl,” he patted her hair as she licked him clean and put him away.

Clint shuttered and shyly buried her smile against his thigh. So, praise kink was a thing for her. He could work with that.

“When was your last lady’s physical?” he asked. He really should have asked before. It was foolishly arrogant that he hadn’t.

“A few months ago,” she answered with a confused frown.

“It had an STD panel?” he pressed.

“Oh,” she sat back from him. “Yeah, I’m clean.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Have you slept with anyone since then?”

“A few teammates,” she answered evasively.

Oh, he thought. So that was how Steve and Tony were making their relationship work, then, by sharing a sub they both wanted. He almost felt bad for taking her from them, but, well, it was their fault for not collaring her when they had the chance.

“I’m going to take you to the onsite clinic and you’re getting another physical and STD panel.” He had to be sure she was healthy before he got too invested. Not that he would abandon her if she had an STD or some physical weakness, but it would effect how much he would let himself indulge in everything she had to offer.

She made a face but stood at his gesture. “Yes, sir.”

Once he had her settled in a treatment room with a submissive doctor and nurse to attend her, he went looking for Steve. With JARVIS’s help, he found him in a workshop with Stark.

“Hey, Buck,” Steve greeted, looking a little tired. “Everything okay?”

“Didn’t expect you to leave your new sub so soon,” Stark offered.

Bucky conceded that with a nod. “She’s having a physical. I need to know how to get her a proper collar.”

“I can see that.” Steve nodded.

“No matter how hot the belt is, it’s not exactly dignified,” Stark agreed. “Nat and I…appropriated some of Hydras fundage for you.”

“You did what?” Bucky laughed.

“They owed you reparations.” Stark shrugged. “Now you’re almost as rich as me. You could get your girl a new collar everyday for a year and not spend all the interest on the accounts we set up for you.”

“Are there rules about public sex in the Tower?” Bucky asked curiously.

“Other than letting me know what room you’re in so I can watch?” Stark asked with a grin and Bucky laughed. “Not really. We don’t have any kids on the Avengers levels so I would keep it up here. And, of course, people can come and go as they like around here. It might be polite to tell people before you take your sub into a room they’re occupying and fuck the hell out of her.”

That was reasonable so Bucky just nodded. “How can I order her a collar?”

“You don’t want to take her shopping?” Steve asked in surprise. “Show her off a little?”

“Not while she’s wearing my belt around her neck.” Bucky snorted. “She doesn’t seem to mind it but I do. I need to be…respectable.”

“That’s valid,” Stark said before Steve could respond. “Grab that tablet and look around. JARVIS will pull you up some sites I like. He has her neck measurement, too.”

Bucky winced. “Sorry?”

“Don’t be,” Tony brushed off his apology. “Steve and I couldn’t agree and that left her feeling insecure. That’s on us. Just, do better.”

“I will,” Bucky promised, meaning it with everything in him.

Tony nodded once. “The collar I designed for her is on that tablet, too. I’d prefer it if you didn’t put her in something similar for at least a year.”

Since he didn’t want to hurt his host or Clint—and he wasn’t sure if she knew how close she had been to a very different collaring than the one she had gotten—it was an easy thing to agree to.

He found several that were both diamonds and amethysts—to keep his promise and meet her preferences. Then he eliminated anything under fifteen thousand dollars—if he was a multi-millionaire, his sub was going to look like it—and ordered the dozen he liked best. JARVIS filled out the banking info and delivery information for him after he filled in the engraving information the way he wanted it on each of the various sites.

“Sergeant Barnes, Agent Barton is almost done in Medical,” JARVIS warned him.

“Thank you, JARVIS.” Bucky stood from the stool he’d taken over and turned to Stark. “Can I take the tablet with me?”

“Sure,” Tony shrugged. “Don’t forget to order some fun stuff, while you’re at it.”

“Tony’s birthday is this weekend,” Steve added. “It’ll be well attended, if you’re looking for somewhere to formally debut your collaring.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Bucky agreed but ideas were already spinning in his head. Him in a solid black tuxedo, Clint’s leash around his wrist, the only color on his physical person. Her at his side wearing nothing but diamonds at neck, wrist, ankle and ears. Maybe a diamond studded belt to pretend at some sort of modesty. Pulling out his cock and ordering her to sit on it in the middle of a room full of VIPs.

Yeah, that was hot. They’d have to try it out with maybe an Avenger or two in attendance. Hesitation on the mount would ruin the tableau he wanted but it wasn’t like letting her crawl all over his body while naked was any kind of hardship and practice made perfect.



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  1. Whistles long and low…

    Hot. DAMN!!! 😀

  2. This is amazing, but somehow Girl Clint is Trans Clint in my view of this world no matter that you were clear about lady parts being involved. It’s as if the mind control that shifted his dynamic also shifted his gender identity, because somehow I’m not wrapping my head around an always-girl version of Clint. But in the same way Bucky admires Clint for being an Avenger despite being 70% deaf, adding Clint being a cis woman as well just blows my feeble mind when considering her skills and competency.. But I did identify with her preference to have decisions made for her, and was amused that Clint had been punished by a timed solo shopping trip with a spending minimum. And I’m glad that Bucky will be able to afford to keep Clint in the style Bucky feels his truly impressive submissive deserves. I also kinda feel sorry for Tony who felt vulnerable enough that he had to come out and ask Bucky not to use the collar design for Clint that was in a file on the StarkPad for at least a year.

    • Technically speaking, my Lady!Clint is trans becasue she’s genderfluid and that falls under the trans umbrella.

      I’ve read a couple fics where Clint is a trans man and I do want t play with that concept as well.

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